Illusion update Saturday 29 January 2022

Illusion 29 January 2022: Kabir breaks open door and searches Dhruv, but does not find him there. His informer calls him and informs that Dhruv has gone towards Pooja’s fashion show. Pooja’s fashion show starts and Ranjeet hosts the event. Models walk on ramp with Pooja’s company dresses. Pooja enters next. Ranjeet asks how did she get an idea to host fashion show. Chopra fumes that he cannot ask proper question. Ranjeet asks Pooja to describe about her mother.

Poooja emotionally starts her speech how she misses her mother, Amma is her Yashoda and her devika maa is in heaven, her feelings, etc., and says she gave tribute to her mother by asking models to ramp walk with their mothers. Everyone clap for her. Backstage, Chopra praises Pooja for her emotional speech. Ranjeet says she spoke without script. Chopra scolds him and asks Pooja to concentrate on her final show stopper event. Ranjeet asks what will happen at show stopper event. Chopra smirks and asks to just wait and watch.

Kabir heads towards fashion show venue. Suman gets a phone call and nervously asks Jay to take her to factory as Dhruv is heading towards fashion show venue to harm Pooja, she cannot let him repeat his mistake. Jay says let him inform Kabir. Suman asks not to. Jay and Sonali take her in taxi towards event venue. Next round starts and models walk on ramp followed by Pooja. Everyone clap. Ranjeet asks Chopra if Dhruv is coming here. Chopra says bomb will blast. Kabir sees cab driver driving car slowly, asks him to sit behind and himself drives car fast. Pooja getting ready for next show looks at her family pic and calling Rani asks if she is fine, she should take care of herself, hopes Dhruv doesn’t reach there. Crew member informs Pooja that she will be called during final round. Chopra tells Ranjeet that Pooja’s successful fashion show will fail.

Final round starts and after models Pooja walks in wearing beautiful gown as show stopper. Kabir reaches and asks someone where is Pooja who says Madam is on stage. He gets a call from someone who says Dhruv is going to kill Pooja by electrying a photoframe kept on stage. Pooja holding garland walks towards her parent’s photoframe. Kabir runs and pulls her down and thinks why nothing happened to photo frame. Chopra reminisces informing Kabir in changed voice. Pooja sees her parent’s photo frame broken and angrily slaps Kabir and shouts how low he will stoop, he came to spoil her fashion show.

Pooja slaps Kabir when he drops her parent’s photoframe trying to save her and shouts that he purposefully came to spoil her fashion show, she should have sent him to jail, earlier her brother kidnapped her and he helped his brother escape, she spared him thinking about his family, but she was wrong. She repeatedly slaps him. Chopra alleges that Kabir that his brother kidnapped madam and now he spoilt her fashion show, his family is a big criminal. Pooja shouts Kabir and his family in his life doesn’t exist in her life anymore and they dare shouldn’t come near her. She walks towards her car while reporters throng her asking to elaborate on her kidnapping statement. Chopra smirks saying Kabir came and fell in his trap.

Kabir sits senseless. Suman shakes him and asks to speak to her. Sonali and Jay also insist. Kabir reacts. Suman scolds him for trying to help Pooja and Pooja insulting and alleging him instead. On the other side, Pooja cries looking at her parent’s photo frame. Amma tries to console her and says she will get it reframed. Pooja continues crying. Next day, Chopra calls reporters and informs Pooja that reporters want to meet her. Pooja says she does not want to meet anyone. Chanda sees video where Pooja is slapping Kabir and says Pooja taught a nice lesson to Kabir.Amma asks Pooja to attend office as she didn’t step out of house since 4 days. Pooja says she is thinking of visiting their family temple in Ujjain and perform pooja for her parents. Amma says that is a good idea. Pooja asks driver to get car ready. Driver speaks to someone over phone and says he will stop car as per their plan. Pooja gets into car and leaves. After some distance, driver says road is blocked, so she should attend nearby temple. Pooja calls Amma and says she does not want to attend that temple and will return home. Amma says one cannot return without visiting temple and she should visit that temple forgetting her past. Pooja reaches nearby temple and walks towards it reminiscing visiting that temple as child with her mother.

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