Illusion update Friday 28 January 2022

Illusion 28 January 2022: Dhruv walks towards unconscious Pooja and tries to hit her when Kabir stops him and warns not to do that. Pooja gets conscious and runs. Dhruv tries to run behind her, but Kabir stops him. Police reaches and Dhruv tries to escape. Kabir runs behind him. Ranjeet follows them and falls in dirt, calls Chopra who reaches with inspector, and tells them that Kabir and Dhruv had kidnapped Pooja and they both escaped. Kabir runs behind Dhruv, but he escapes in a speeding truck. Chopra takes Pooja home. Amma and Rani worried for her try to wake her up. Ranjeet boasts how he followed Kabir and found out place where he and Dhruv had kept Pooja as hostage.

Chopra says Kabir let his brother escape and until Dhruv is found, they should arrest Kabir first. Pooja wakes up reminiscing Dhruv torturing her. Rani says they should get Kabir arrest first. Pooja warns that she will not file complaint against Kabir. After sometime, Pooja gets a panic attack and digs ground reminiscing Dhruv torturing her. Rani with Amma rushes to her and says she will get Kabir arrested. Pooja warns dare not to and thinks she will not spare Kabir for sure.Kabir returns home and informs family what Dhruv did. Suman asks him to promise he will not get Dhruv arrested. Kabir says he cannot do that. Suman shouts and blames Pooja for Dhruv’s condition and yells at Kabir that he has become Pooja’s slave as Dhruv says.

At night, Pooja imagines Dhruv entering her room and strangulating her. In the morning, Chopra with Ranjeet enjoys breakfast at Pooja’s house and assures Amma that Pooja needs rest, so Ranjeet with take care of her business. Pooja walks in and asks details about fashion show arrangement. Chopra says he will finalize everything today and says they need to send someone to Mumbai to meet client. Rani says she will go and insists. Amma backs her. Pooja reaches factory where Suman barges on her and shouts to spare her family and dare not to think of harming Dhruv and if she really wants to, she should harm her and forcefully gives her brass lamp to hit. Chopra enters with security and tries to send her away. Kabir rushes in and takes her away. Chopra asks to call police. Pooja warns police will not come here.Suman yells at Pooja that she does not have a mother, so she doesn’t know what mother’s love is, if she wants to harm Dhruv, she should harm her instead. Kabir takes Suman from there from there.

Chopra says he will call police. Pooja walks away saying police will not come here. Kabir takes Suman out and consoles her. Suman cries that her Dhruv is in trouble and all because of Pooja’s betrayal.Kabir walks to Pooja. Chopra tries to stop him in vain. Kabir tells Pooja that what Dhruv did was wrong and he did not know mom would come and create ruckus here; he wanted to take revenge from her before, but now he realized they won’t get anything with this revenge saga, so he wants to go far away from here. He gives his resignation letter and walks away.Dadaji confronts Suman that what she did was wrong and her reaction will spoil Kabir’s image. Kabir walks in and says he clear his life’s biggest tension as he resigned from factory work and got another job. He continues that he is done with revenge saga and wants to go far away from Pooja’s life; he just wants to spend a quality time with his family and wants Dhruv to return home soon. Suansays whatever they think, Dhruv made a mistake because of Pooja. Dadaji asks to stop her wrong thinking again.

Chopra provokes Pooja that she did right by accepting Kabir’s resignation and she should send him to jail. Pooja says why he works more than he should and asks to give her fashion show’s update. Chopra says she does not look well still after her kidnap. Pooja says she should punish Dhruv and not herself or Kabir, she is going for lunch and needs all information about fashion show once she returns, she is not weak and he should remember it forever. Once she leaves, Ranjeet walks in and says there is no difference between dog’s tail and Chopra, he does not mind being insulted repeatedly. Chopra says soon he will take over Pooja’s business.Pooja returns home and imagines Suman yelling that she does not have a mother, so she doesn’t know what mother’s love is, an orphan cannot know a mother’s pain. She picks her mother’s burnt pic and cries why did she leave her, she gets very weak seeing Suman shields her children even after their wrongdoing, even she needs her shield, where did she go.

Inspector asks Kabir if Dhruv contacted them. Kabir says not yet. Suman yells at inspector that Pooja bought him and must have asked to kill Dhruv. Kabir tries to calm dher down. Inspector says as per his information, Dhruv has not gone far away and will try to attack Pooja again, he has alerted Pooja and even they should be alert.Pooja takes fashion show’s update from Chopra at night. Ranjeet murmurs in Chopra’s ears it is already late night. Pooja says she has a better idea. In the morning, Pooja tells client that all fashion show models will enter with their mothers. Amma says it is a good idea. Chopra says their show stopper Meena denied to participate. Pooja scolds why is he informing so late. Ranjeet says Pooja can be show stopper. Client likes this idea.. Amma tells Pooja she should do her and leave it to god. Pooja agrees. Client asks where is Kabir. Orphanage children meet Pooja. Amma says they are eager to see Pooja on stage, will she manage. Pooja says yes.Kabir’s informer informs him that he found where Dhruv is. Kabir thanks him and says where is Dhruv, he will ask Dhruv to surrender himself to police. He reaches a spot and breaking door enters house.

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