Illusion update Sunday 30 January 2022


Illusion 30 January 2022: Pooja reaches temple and walks in asking driver to take out clothes bought for charity, she will do charity after pooja. Driver informs someone over phone that madam is going inside temple. Pooja reminisces as a child playing with her mother in this temple. She reaches near devi maa’s idol where Suman is seen in front giving black thread to panditji and saying her life is in turmoil and she does not mind submitting black thread to god. She prays god that she was taking wrong route trying to take revenge, but now she wants to get out of all her past and lead a new life.

Illusion 29 January 2022

Suman prays god that Pooja destroyed her family and god should punish her. Pooja prays god to keep her parents happy and in peace wherever they are. She then walks out of temple and sees an insane woman running holding 2 kids and telling these are her daughters Pooja and Rani. Mob try to beat her. She runs and saves her mother and says she is Pooja. Mother continues to panic. Pooja sings her mother’s childhood lullaby. Mother identifies her and asks where is Rani. Pooja says Rani is with her. Mother takes Pooja inside temple. Suman prays god that Pooja never should be happy in life and should face troubles. Mother sees havan fire and reminiscing her burning house panics.

Pooja tries to calm her mother, but mother should she is not her Pooja and runs. Pooja holds her. Driver says he will call ambulance. Mother hits Pooja, and mob try to hit her back. Pooja rescues her saying she is her mother and can do anything to her. Driver over phone informs Chopra to send ambulance. Chopra who is mastermind behind this asks him to take pooja in car. Pooja gets into ambulance with mother, but nurse asks her to step down as her mother may panic again seeing her and attack her. Pooja says she will follow in her car and herself drives car behind ambulance. Driver informs Chopra that Pooja took care herself. Chopra scolds him. Ranjeet taunts him that all his plan fail. Chopra says now see his masterstroke. Pooja follows ambulance and over phone emotionally informs Amma that maa is found. Amma says it is a miracle. Pooja asks why papa hid the fact that maa is alive and lied that she is dead.

A truck overtakes Pooja’s car and stops midway. Pooja scolds driver and overtakes truck, but gets tensed seeing ambulance disappeared. She searches it all over, but does not find it.Pooja in her car follows ambulance in which her mother is taken towards hospital when a truck blocks her way. Her driver sitting in truck informs Chopra that work is complete. She overtakes truck and does not find ambulance. She searches all around and worriedly informs amma that ambulance went missing. Amma asks her to reach hospital soon as ambulance must have reached there. Chopra celebrates with Ranjit and tells him that he will do something after which Pooja and Kabir will become each other’s arch enemies. Pooja reaches hospital and doesn’t find ambulance there, asks watchman if her mother is brought here. Watchman says no ambulance came here yet. Pooja panics.

Amma reaches next. Ambulance reaches and Pooja finds no one in ambulance, asks wardboys where is her mom. Wardboys say they had gone to deliver a deadbody. Amma asks her to calm down. Goons shift her mother from another ambulance.Pooja calls police and informs inspector about her mom going missing. Inspector asks driver to give his mobile. Driver nervously hesitates. Pooja insists. Inspector forcefully takes mobile and it fall down. Pooja picks it and checks call log when inspector gets a call that ambulance is found. They reach spot where Pooja sees nurse and asks where is her mother. Nurse says when they were reaching temple, someone stopped and making them unconscious took their ambulance away. Pooja continues panicking for her mother. Chopra on the other side gets a call from his aides that his plan failed and someone else took Pooja’s mother. He shouts in anger and says he wants Pooja’s wealth before she donates it to orphanage.

Pooja returns home and cries worried for her mother when Kabir calls her and informs that her mother is with him. Pooja pleads to return her mother and take whatever he wants in return. Their dialogue exchange continues. Kabir reminisces kidnapping Pooja’s mother with Sonali’s help. They both return home. Suman asks Kabir why he is away from home when he does not have any job. He says he got a job. Pooja walks in and pleads Kabir to return her mother and take whatever he wants. Suman shouts why did she come here, her mother is already dead. Pooja says her mother is alive. Suman sends her out and asks Kabir why is he becoming like Dhruv and where is Pooja’s mother as he could sense Pooja’s helpleness in her eyes. Kabir takes her to Pooja’s mother. Suman says she will inform Pooja right now to come and take back her mother. Kabir stops her and says he wants to take revenge from Pooja for trouble his family.

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