Illusion update Saturday 1 January 2022

Illusion 1 January 2022: Jhanvi is doing jogging?and remembers last night incident.. She goes further when car ?stop near her.. Car goes and she get call? from blackmailer if she is fine or not?? Blackmailer tell her that he was thinking to end matter by taking 11 lakhs??? but now she should give him 51 lakhs???.. Jhanvi shout just come infront of me for 51 sec? without mask? first!!! Blackmailer say do as i say otherwise anything can happen pooja…

Dhurv is talking? about elections when jhanvi reach home.. He get in tension seeing bandage? and check.. Jhanvi inform that she fell while doing jogging?, might be sharp ojbect hitted her.. Dhurv does her dressing again.. He ask if something troubling her?? Jhanvi deny saying I am fine.. Dhurv get conveince by saying if you are saying with seeing in my eyes, than everything is fine.. And say I love you, adding he is always by his side if she is in trouble, if done any mistake he shall forgive her and can even die for her …. Jhanvi get surprise? and emotional ?but hide and goes to make breakfast, when he stop her saying today Kabir is cooking…

Kabir take Suman inside kitchen and ask her to cook as he miss mom magic in food?.. Suman deny when he threaten her saying he will leave.. Suman hug him and say not to leave.. Kavya close kitchen door..Chanda see Kavya outside kitchen door. She try to enter inside kitchen when Kavya stop her.. Chanda ask which Anarkali is inside kitchen?? Kavya say Salim, and say Kabir is cooking breakfast? and have surprise for everyone.. Chanda say Mittal house prince writing history and try to go but slip.. Kavya say sorry but chanda say my back is hurt ?and goes… Kabir and Suman enjoy making breakfast inside kitchen with song in backgroud???? (sorry I didn’t get song, but it was based on Mother)

Ishani ask Jhanvi about bandage?, when she give her same ans that she fell while jogging? and inform that Kabir is making breakfast ?for everyone.. Ishani get happy and inform that she would have kept fast since night, if knew in advance… She ask for some money ??to buy dresses.. Jhanvi remember about blackmailer asking 51?? lakhs… Aarush come and give Jhanvi drawing stating her I love you Badimaa and kiss her cheeck and both Ishaani and Aarush make faces?? seeing each other.. Jhanvi make aarush sit on her lap and hug him while she is emotional.?. Ishaani hurt saying drawing is bad, but jhanvi scold her and say that she shall keep with her always… Aarush get happy?..

At dining table everyone praises breakfast? and PK mittal even praise Kabir.. But Kabir inform that food ?was cooked by Suman and bring her… PK get angry?? and say she mixed fish during pooja and can do anything to hurt me.. PK goes and say I am in danger, i can die also to himself.. Suman feel sad?, when everyone praise food and kabir say PK ego is much bigger, so leave him, we shall enjoy breakfast… Suman smiles ?and Jhanvi is angry annoyed.??.Kavya feed breakfast? to Aarush in room when Ishaani come and ask about Kabir.. Kavya say he is with Suman.. Ishaani tell him that kabir is sweet heart, he helped Suman.. Yesterday he helped him by holding me in arms all time.. If you haven’t came, he would have me mine, but say that she doesn’t mean that but she said as he care for me and goes…

Kavya inform kabir that ishaani came to meet him.. He ask why?? Kavya say may me she fell sick? again and get cure after you pick her in arms.. Kabir ask what does she mean?? Kavya say to herself I came in between!! Kabir ask speak loudly, i didn’t get single thing.. Kavya say nothing, meet ishaani otherwise she will fall sick? and you have to pick her in arms to take her to hospital.?.. And goes… Aarush take board and write Mom 1 and Kabir 0 in today’s fight.. Kabir ask fight?? What was the topic?? And say suddenly I feel that I am married, whats happening?? (laughter dose secene?????)

Kavya come down irritated. Jhanvi stop her and say thank you as due to her and Kabir, Suman was happy? after long time… Kavya get call? from lab and inform her that report ?will be ready by tomorrow.. Kavya say she shall come and take report.. Jhanvi ask which report???Jhanvi ask about report, when Kavya say its my regular check up reports.. Jhanvi show happiness ?while saying how she and Kabir is taking care of Suman.. Later Kavya think? did she do mistake by doubting on Jhanvi and doing medical test of medicine..PK scold Jhanvi and warn her not to let Suman inside kitchen again.. Manohar come with covering his head with mufflar.. PK ask about it?? He says he got sctraches and it will hurt with sunrays.. Jhanvi ask to show for medical check, he say he is fine.. PK ask about election campainage and praises the idea Jhanvi gave of washing feet, and ask for new ideas.. Jhanvi say door to door visit.. Dhurv doesn’t like the idea due to summer and hot weather and doubt may be he get attack.. Manohar say he might have danger at home as

well, but he can’t stay at home ?all time.. PK like the idea and decide to pursue it.. He ask jhanvi to accompany him..
Jhanvi ask him to talk something in private.. PK make Dhurv and Manohar out… Jhanvi cook story saying that her parents had land in Nainital, and she and Ishaani are here, they kept a man to look after after parents died, now he took over land, though she didn’t wanted her parents name come in court, but she has to go to Nainital to higher a lawyer, so that I can take that land back, as that is my investment for ishaani’s future.. PK ask her not to go as she is DIL of Mittal family, just give him money???? and buy land.. Jhanvi deny its huge amount, but PK take out cheque? book and ask amount.. She say Rs. 51 Lakhs???.. PK signs and ask her not to go Nanital, Call that man here.. He ask her too cook food?, he is hungry.. Manohar has listened all their talk and think? I have found golden egg giving Hen, now i can keep secret and ask for money?? all time…

Later Manohar goes inside Jhanvi room and search something.. Jhanvi is walking outside and think? this way I might know the blackmailer.. Jhanvi come inside her room and manohar is hidden in her cupboard.. Before Jhanvi see him, she get call? and goes due to poor network.. Manohar come come outside, and find Dhurv standing.. Dhurv ask why was he here?? Manohar say Jhanvi asked to give her saree in dry cleaning, so we were going to office, I thought to take saree as dry cleaner is on the way.. Dhurv say we shall drop saree later and ask him to go..Jhnavi come and say sorry to dhurv, as she asked him to go infront of PK as she didn’t wanted to talk infront of manohar.. Dhurv say its fine.. And ask her that if in future she need to send her saree for dry cleaner, ask him not manohar, though he is our old driver, but doesn’t look good when he come in our room in our absence… Jhanvi say I will be careful.

Later in kitchen, Jhanvi think ?why Manohar was in her room and why he lied that i told him to take her saree?? suddenly aarush football hit her.. Aarush say sorry and they both play football in kitchen… Jhanvi ask him to have kheer, but aarush say he like pizza more… Jhanvi promises to cook pizza? for him.. Manohar come and say have kheer aarush, jhanvi cook really tastly kheer.. And ask for kheer with PK as well as he is starving.. Jhanvi remember ?how blackmailer asked for kheer and she made scratch on blackmailer face.. She stop manohar and ask how he got hurt??? Manohar reply that family have wild cat?, it did this.. And say he means his family.. Jhanvi ask to have onitment, he say he is fine.. Jhanvi say be aware as pigeon? closed her eyes thought cat ?is gone, and cat? ate that pigeon?.. Manohar say I will be careful and goes… Jhanvi think? that why manohar is behaving wiered since many days..

Aarush praises Jhanvi infront of kavya saying she cook? my fvt food, play with me… Kavya smiles?.. Kabir ask for Suman medicines.. Kavya try to tell him about test but hesitate.. Kabir say you were angry? on Ishaani thing, and now getting hesitate, you are soo moody and goes.. Kavya is in confuse ??state..Kabir ask suman to have medicine?, she deny but have on his saying.. She ask if he is fine or not?? Kabir remember? how vyom told him that he is double agent.. He say to suman he is fine.. Suman smiles?.. Kabir in tense face??

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