Illusion update Sunday 2 January 2022

Illusion 2 January 2022: Chanda come and ask Jhanvi to select sarees for her birthday.. Blackmailer call her and chanda put on speaker, he state her pooja.. Chanda say might be wrong number as she is Jhanvi.. Manohar think no one will be able to trace internet call.. He sit in car and keep his mobiles aside, PK taunt him even he has one number only.. Manohar say other for emergency only..Jhanvi talk to shail when he shows that her college has put her details on honor board.. Jhanvi ask to give details of entry register, and doubt why anyone cut name and write another.. She call on number from landline, when PK scold Manohar not to pick phone while driving.. He says its from your house and pick call.. Jhanvi hear his voice and find that its Manohar..

Illusion 1 January 2022

Servant inform Kavya that Shaurya has come to met him, Kavya greet him and they both talk.. Servant inform Kabir as well, and Kabir is stunted to know about his arrival.. Shaurya is about to tell something ro Kavya about Vyom, when Kabir intrupt, meet him and take him outside, and ask Kavya to bring refreshments..Kabir hold Shaurya and ask why he is here?? What is he going to tell Kavya?? And say sorry… Shaurya take ball and say during one cricket match you were at 99 and to save vyom, you lost your wicket, and right now you are doing same.. I am aware with my investigation that Vyom was double agent, even you know this and ran away.. Kabir say I didn’t ran, I am army officer, I will face consequences..

Shaurya ask to tell truth to Kavya, its her right to know Before other tell her!! Kabir ask him to stay quite and handle situation any how.. Shaurya say you and vyom were best friend, you always save him on his mistakes, but right now you are doing wrong..Kabir say he is army officer first, but can’t let Kavya and Aarush life at stake with this truth, that Vyom was double agent, he was traitor and threat for country…. Jhanvi has listened all their talk and get sad..

Shaurya warn Kabir that from now you will be responsible for happenings and goes..Kavya bring refreshments and ask why shaurya was here?? why he left?? She herself say that he might be there for giving medal to vyom for his bravery and shall send Aarush to take it.. Kabir get into cry and think I can’t tell you truth kavya!! Kavya say even you should get medal for bravery, and PK will be proud at you.. Kabir say he is different, he never wanted me to join army, so leave his talk and try to smile..

PK and Manohar arrive at that place where Shail was burried.. His police friend ask to dig.. He ask PK what do you have in mind about his last rituals!! Both smile… After digging they take out box and find a box.. PK slap his friend and open box, its kind of jack in box which punch pk with sound we fooled you, its good.. Making PK angry.. PK hold him at gun point, and say I made you commissioner and I was the one who can make you IG, now see what I do, and he again slap him.. He warn to either find that journalist or I shall with pause…. Before PK goes he tell that 1st slap was for empty coffin and 2nd slap was for as I don’t like this joke and kick jack.. It turned out that with Jack camera, Ishaani and Jhanvi was watching them live.. Ishaani says that if PK has shot that commissioner than he would have gone in jail..

Jhanvi say no, its not easy game, he need to face same harressment, same humuliation, same pain which our dad faced..PK losing all his aims on game and Jhanvi smiles seeing his state.. Later she questions his gestures and about shail cross questions?? PK ask how she know him better than anyone?? And smiles saying comissioner betrayed him, but soon shall catch that journalist and aim again which hit bulls eye… Jhanvi call shail and ask him to be alert, and see manohar, she inform him that she is going to meet blackmailer today, do arrange something for me..While going inside, Dhurv hold her in arm and tell about their first meet dinner tonight before marriage… Jhanvi say usually husband doesn’t remember all these things… Dhurv says he is different And she ask if they can go some other time, he agrees…

Chanda say sorry for their spoiling their romantic talk and take Jhanvi for while, dhurv sync her location with his mobile, stating now we will be always together…Kavya get call from lab that he has send reports at home, she scold him.. Downstairs Kabir recieve report and read them.. He shout at Kavya and take her out.. Kavya say sorry, but he say you had doubt on my family, that to on Jhanvi.. You are wrong.. Jhanvi come and ask Kabir to calm down, and praises Kavya thought, stating she is proud that Kavya did this, even knowing that family will hate her from core of heart, but even she did for Suman.. Adding that might be doctor had done somthing with medicines to earn money, its good that Kavya had this thought, which I hadn’t… Kavya say sorry to her.. Jhanvi remember how while playing with aarush she found about path lab recipt… Kabir leave in anger, when Kavya say sorry and both fall with eye lock and music….

Jhanvi goes inside stating you are fool kavya, I keep suman crazy with those medicines which are with me, not in Suman’s room.. I don’t want to hurt you or aarush, but don’t create hurdles for me, as I have kill other monsters…At night manohar goes to some place where he get message to find red suitcase.. He finds and think when did Jhanvi got cheque encash .. And open he find mouse trap with cheque and 11 rs.. He keep 11 rs, and is about to take cheque, when mouse trap hurt his hand with jhanvi keeping her high heels… Manohar shout in pain.. Jhanvi hush him and say now even my heart is shouting and singing in joy..


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