Illusion update Friday 31 December 2021

Illusion 31 December 2021: Ishani hold Kabir tightly and act sick?, when he ask Dhurv to call Jhanvi.. Dhurv call ?jhanvi and she tell that her car ?is broke down near some place, she shall reach there soon.. Dhurv offers help but she deny.. Later Dhurv reach that place but find no-one.. Jhanvi track down shail and try to get him out from coffin, suddenly Amma come and she too help her.. They both cry? seeing his state and take him to same hospital.. Dhurv meet Jhanvi and tell her that he reached that place but found nobody, Jhanvi cook story saying she took car ?to workshop with help of mechanic… Dhurv find dust on her clothes and hearing, she gain cook story that it might be due to workshop and goes to meet ishani.. Dhurv say today his heart doesn’t want to believe her… She is hiding something..

Illusion 30 December 2021

At home Suman attack Kavya stating that she saw confress video and scold her for giving her medicine.. Kavya try to calm her down when she throw vase on her.. Later Kavya calm her down, when suman tell her that she is not ill.. Kavya doubts on medicine and decide to get lab test done.. She goes to lab for test, but think? that she can’t doubt on goodness of Jhanvi, but later she think? about Suman and decide to get test done..Ishani hold kabir when Jhanvi arrive and doctor infrom that its case of food poisioning have light khichdi, Ishaani deny but Jhanvi show her eyes.. Kabir call? kavya and ask her to make khichdi of Ishaani, she say she isn’t at home and both have fight..

Dhurva get in tension thinking ?about whatever happened at pooja and tell kabir that he rememebered every thing little little and for sure that doctor Ashok was culprit and his daughters were almost of our ages.. Ishaani and Jhanvi listen to their conversation and get angry?.. Ishaani shout he wasn’t wrong, but Jhanvi cover up her act.. Dhurv telling that doctor had 2 daughters, one was Kabir’s age and other was his, her name was pooja, she was my friend.. Jhanvi and Ishaani faces ??are shown..In car? PK and His friend talk about Shail, and tell that someone is very near to PK who is doing all this.. Manohar think? that Jhanvi is setting dead logs and they aren’t aware.. PK friend add saying if we keep mirror very near,, nothing is clear but truth is hidden there only, and if 20 yrs ago truth come out we all be destroyed..

he has gut feeling that someone is very near to him who is doing all this.. Manohar think? if Jhanvi or Pooja is doing all this, let find out when we will meet at night.Jai and Saloni ask Chanda (their mom) about 20 yr ago incident, which she try to avoid by doing jokes, but PK arrive and tell Jai and Saloni that their curiosity is needed to answer, after all gravity was also invented out of curiosity.. He take Jai aside and tell him to ask Mom that why his father ran?? away?? Ask for your curiosity and pushes him.. Chanda get scared?.. He tell Jai and Saloni ask why their father ran?? away?? He shout at them these clothes??, shelter, food? and everything is due to me, if I can give, I can take back as well…kavya had listened all this…

Kavya goes out when Kabir, Ishaani, Dhruv and Jhanvi reach home.. Ishaani hold Kabir tightly, when Dhurv and Jhanvi ask to walk by her own, it was just panic attack.. She smiles ?seeing Kavya…Chanda cry?? hard, saloni and jai try to make her calm down.. Saloni say we never asked about father, as you played both roles perfectly.. Jai say PK taunt even his own blood, than why will he spare us??. Chanda say but he was right, we depend on him for every little thing.. Jai get angry?? and say why PK always taunt chanda and us about father, he knows chanda get sad?.. Saloni hush him and ask chanda to cry?? more, we shall cancel your birthday? planning.. Jai too say same thing.. Chanda wipe her tears and say my birthday planning do do, i shall do loud makeup and call my friends and get happy?? (just like child)

Ishaani get happy ?and tell Jhanvi that I was on top of world, Kabir is so strong and you should have seen Kavya face.. Jhanvi call her crazy and goes.. Ishani dances?? and act seeing Aarush.. Aarush give her get well soon card.. When she open she find fake lizard inside.. Aarush warn her saying next time maintain distance from Kabir, I shall not share him with anyone… And run??, ishani run behind him?…

Kabir come in his room and see Kavya setting clothes??.. He say sorry for his behaviour and say he was tense due to ishani behaviour, he again say sorry for what ishaani was doing.. Kavya say he doesn’t need to give any explainations to her its ok.. Kabir say it doesn’t seem everything ok… Kavaya ask did he said something?? He say nothing and ask where was she when I called? you?? Kavya get tense? and say shopping.. Kabir say ok.. Kavya say to herself sorry for lying, but I can’t tell you that I went for medical test of Suman medicines…

Amma is tense and feed shail.. Jhanvi to arrive and get sad.. Shail ask them to relex, he is fine, for truth this much happens.. Jhanvi scold him.. Amma ask Jhanvi to feed him and goes.. Jhanvi feed food? to Shail when he say he need time to find about those people.. Jhanvi say did I ask?? Shail but I read your face.. You can hide anything from Amma but not from me, so tell me what’s bothering you?? Jhanvi tell him that someone knows my name is Pooja, and tell him about blackmailing story.. Shail say that person is setting trap so don’t meet him…Jhanvi goes to meet that blackmailer wearing red suit and kheer as he asked her to do.. He held her captive.. He try to misbehave with her by touching her hairs and shoulder and says that he wanted to meet her alone from long time.. Jhanvi free herself and punch him.. They both have fight, and when Jhanvi try to unmask? him, he hurt her hand using tool and run away.. Jhanvi feel pain.


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