Illusion update Friday 21 january 2022

Illusion 21 january 2022: Suman eagerly waits for Kabir and when returns asks why did Pooja call him. He asks her to relax as Pooja called all employees for a meeting and then they all went to factory, she is questioning as if she is factory owner. She massages his head and asks him to stop fighting with Pooja, they all will shift to another city. He says they will not. At pooja’s house, Chopra gives employee salary file to Pooja and praising her for handling Kabir well asks her to leave Kabir’s issue to him and his son Ranjit. Pooja warns him to not interfere between her and Kabir’s issues. She sees Chopra’s recommendation to decrease employees’ salaries to increase profit. Pooja asks what if she reduces it to zero. Chopra says employees will not work then.

Pooja asks if he has that much sense and says employees deserve salary for their hard work and in fact increase 1000 rs more. Chopra says they will incur losses. Pooja says it is none of his business and leaves. Ranjit says she does not know how to do business. Chopra says that is what he needs, soon he will take over Pooja’s business and asks her son if he can give client presentation tomorrow. Rajit says not to worry.Next morning, Pooja meets amma and informs her about client meeting and presentation and says she will build a shelter for orphanage with this profit and PK’s only garment business is profitable and rest are in losses. Amma says she is doing a good job. Pooja says she is nervous thinking of presentation.

Amma encourages her. Once amma leaves, Chopra with Ranjit enters with file and asks Pooja if she is nervous, Ranjit will give presentation. Pooja asks why he feels she is nervous and cannot give presentation and orders to get out.In machine area, Vijay fumes hearing Kabir being insulted by Pooja last night. Kabir say its okay. Chopra with Ranjit walks in and orders to get back to work. Vijay says machine is under repair. Chopra and Ranjit show their arrogance while Kabir teaches them a lesson as usual. Kabir then requests to meet Pooja. Pooja lets him in, and he requests to give him some time to pay his 25,000 rs fine. She says 30 seconds and asks him to leave as she has a client presentation. She walks towards board room when she feels dizzy and falls down. Kabir notices it. Chopra reminisces Ranjit mixing sleeping pill in Pooja’s soup.

Kabir sees Pooja feeling drowsy and falling on a sharp object, rushes to her and holds her just before she hits sharp object. He tries to wake her up. At home, Chanda over phone asks Dhruv to search drunkard Dhruv in each gutter and naala. Suman takes phone and asks Jay to search Dhruv soon, else they will inform Kabir after 1 hour. In factory, Kabir tries to wake up Pooja and taking her to her cabin asks her secretary to call doctor. Secretary starts flirting with him seeing his well-built body. Doctor comes and checking Pooja informs that she had something in her food, so she collapsed and will be alright soon. Secretary informs that clients are waiting for presentation and this deal is very important for them.

Clients wait for Pooja. Chopra says Pooja is late as she nervous regarding presentation, so his son Ranjit will give presentation. Ranjit nervously starts drama and shatters. Clients insist to call Pooja. Kabir enters and offers them Chinese bhel. Chopra yells at him to get out. Kabir with his wit handles Chopra and Ranjit and gives presentation which clients like a lot. Chopra stands jealous.Jay finds inebriated Dhruv in a bar injured and semiconscious and shouts who hit his brother. Bar owner says he as Dhruv did not pay. Jay pays whatever he has and takes Dhruv home. At home, Suman gets concerned seeing injured Dhruv. Chanda starts taunting Dhruv and her irritating drama starts.

Pooja wakes up and asks Chopra if clients are waiting for presentation. Chopra says Kabir gave presentation already and provokes her that he mixed sleeping pill in her soup and acted as saving her. He calls watchman as evidence. Pooja fumes hearing that and walks to Kabir to scold him. She gets client’s call who says he liked Kabir’s presentation and his Chinese bhel. Kabir says he heard what client said and is ready to accept a presenter’s job if Pooja insists. Pooja says client did not say that. Their nok jhok continues.

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