Illusion update Thursday 20 January 2022

Illusion 20 January 2022: Pooja returns home with Amma and over phone scolds someone to handover money cheque immediately to orphanage as they need it badly. Amma asks if she is hurt with Jay’s words. Pooja says after what she did with Mittals, it is obvious. Amma says her emotional attachment with Jay, Sonali, Kavya, Aarush, etc., was real though. Pooja says she does not know and walks in.

Jay tries to keep money in Kabir’s cupboard when Dhruv cathes him and alleging him as trying to steal money tries to slap him. Chanda interferes and in her usual style yells at Dhruv. Kabir walks in and interferes. Dhruv says Jay stole money. Kabir asks Jay to tell truth. Jay says he sold Kabir’s gifted watch. Chanda yells at Dhruv if he found out truth now. Dhruv walks away apologizing. Chanda takes money and tries to leave. Kabir takes it back and says he will return it to Jay. Chanda walks away sadly. Kabir returns money to Jay. Jay asks to keep it for house expenses, he had sold watch to find party with friends though. Kabir says he can keep it and promises to get him better watch soon.

Dhruv gets heavily inebriated. Bar owner says his bar is closing and gives him bill. Dhruv asks to note down as credit and he will pay for sure as he is PK Mittal’s son. Owner insists money and snatching his wallet sees it empty, trashes Dhruv royally. At home, Suman sees Kabir’s rough hands and realizes he is working as low level labor, asks why he is behind Pooja now. Kabir says he would have spared Pooja as she took revenge for papa’s mistake, but she became arrogant, so he wants to snatch back everything from her. He asks about Dhruv. Dhruv returns home and collapses. Suman and Kabir get concerned.

Pooja scolds Chopra that their account book has only old client, so they should make new client. Chopra says he will invite Japanese people tomorrow at her home then to crack deal. Pooja agrees. She calls Kabir home. Kabir reaches. She wishes him happy birthday and says she has party at home and he needs to entertain guests as waiter for which he will get a good pay to support his family, even she used to work as waiter to support herself and Rani. Kabir as usual confronts her. Their verbal spat starts. He walks away. Rani says he went away. Pooja says he will return before party starts. After sometime, Pooja sees house decorated and scolds Chopra that client will like their work and not decoration, so he can remove everything. Client enters just then and greets in Hindi saying they learnt Hindi to entertain their clients.

Kabir wearing waiter’s dress returns to Pooja’s house. Pooja says he is late and asks to serve guests now. Kabir serves juice addressing each guest by name. Pooja says he is Kabir Mittal and she gave him job to help him with some money. Kabir says during his home party, he used to stand behind table and serve guests, he likes serving guests, today he is getting even money. He taunts Chopra who warns to be in his limits. After sometime, Pooja praises Kabir’s work and gives him 10 rs tips. Kabir says soon she will be insulted before party ends and asks to just wait and watch. He addresses guests and says they must be loving Indian music, so now Pooja will sing and entertain them. Japanese clients say they love Indian music. Chopra asks Pooja to sing if she can

as clients are very important. Pooja sings Bachke Tu Rahna…song.. Clients praise her. Kabir says as a token of appreciation, he wants to give tips to pooja and returns her 10 rs via client. Pooja angrily walks into kitchen and breaks glasses. Kabir walks in and says he fulfilled his promised and she is insulted before party, soon he will snatch everything she snatched from his family.
At home, Suman serves breakfast to Dhruv and goes in to bring some more. Dhruv mixes alcohol in cool drinks. Chanda returns after grocery shopping and forcefully taking cool drinks bottle gulps whole bottle and starts acting weird. Family asks if she is drunk. Dhruv reveals he had mixed alcohol in cool drinks for him, but Chandra drank it. Family scolds him and Chanda as usual yells.

Pooja fumes in anger after Kabir insults her. Amma says Pooja will not calm down without taking revenge. Push pushes Kabir silently and makes him drop precious alcohol bottle, which falls on Chopra’s son’s shoes. Chopra’s son insults Kabir as waiter and orders to clean his shoes. Kabir twists his arm, and he shouts papaaa.. Chopra rescues him, and he says Kabir has iron power. After guests leave, pooja insists Kabir to pay for her costly liquor bottle and charging 25,000 Rs asks how will he repay debt and feed his family at the same time. Kabir stands tensed.

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