Illusion update Saturday 22 January 2022

Illusion 22 January 2022: Pooja over phone informs Amma whole incident happened regarding client presentation. Amma says client is backbone of business, so she should try not to lose client at any cost. Pooja practices how to convince Kabir to give client presentation again. She walks to Kabir in worker’s area and says she needs to speak. Kabir realizes she came to request him for client presentation and insists to speak in front of workers. Pooja angrily asks him to pay her champagne bottle’s 25000 rs by tomorrow or else lose job. Vijay asks how will Kabir baba pay 25000 rs till tomorrow. Pooja asks him to pay then and walks away. Kabir stands shocked.

Pooja then attends client meeting. Client insists to call Kabir. Chopra says Pooja will handle. Kabir walks in. Client greets him. Pooja thinks at last he came. Kabir hands over resignhation to her and walks away asking to handle clients alone. Client leaves saying no deal without Kabir and to meet him in his hotel.Jay while going to college notices his girlfriend with another boy and fumes. Sonali tries to explain him that his girlfriend has ditched him, but he is not ready to accept it.Pooja walks to Kabir’s house. Kabir enjoying breakfast says he know she would come and he knows client would have left insisting her to call him back. Pooja says yes. He says he will accompany her only if she requests and drive car herself. She agrees. They get into car. He sits behind. She gets angry. He says he already told. She requests him again. He agrees. They meet client and Kabir convinces client to sign contract. Client signs contract and asks Ranjit to click their pic with Kabir. Pooja unwantedly joins them and clicks pics.

Rani after hearing Pooja took Kabir’s help to crack deal angrily tells Amma that Didi should have used some other way or lose the deal instead of taking Kabir’s help. Amma says that deal was very important for Pooja as it is her first deal after taking over company and without that deal, they would be in deep losses. Pooja walks in with Chopra and Ranjit. Rani tries to speak, but Pooja angrily warns her to shut up for sometime. She informs Chopra that client wants consignment to be delivered within 48 hours, so he should make workers do double shift or whatever he can and get the consignment delivered on time. Chopra agrees. Rani apologizes Pooja and walks with her. Chopra asks Ranjit to lure her if he wants to take over this factory. Ranjit says he is trying to lure Pooja since long. Chopra say she meant Rani, Pooja is way beyond his reach and he is not that talented.

Kabir returns home and seeing Suman crying asks reason. She says she was watching emotional TV serial. He jokes and cheers her up. Jay meets his girlfriend in college and asks why she is ignoring him, he sent many message and even saw her with other boy. Girlfriends scolds him not to stalk her and walks away.Chopra informs workers to do double shift as they need to finish order within 48 hours. Workers agree. Kabir provokes workers that Pooja will get huge profit from this contract, but they will get peanuts, so they should demand salary hike. They all agree. Kabir walks into Pooja’s cabin and demands 10% salary hike, else nobody will work. Chopra yells, but Pooja requests him to let workers continue work, she will find some solution. He warns he will convince workers till evening and cannot guarantee after that. Once he leaves, Chopra says his son Ranjit will handle workers. Ranjit walks into worker’s area and warns them that they will not get salary hike and should continue working. Kabir frightens him and makes him run from there. Ranjit returns and says he had convinced workers, but Kabir interfered and brainwashed workers. Pooja scolds Ranjit for being useless. Drama continues..

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