If you were not there update Wednesday 28 June 2023

If you were not there 28 Wednesday 2023: Niyati sits beside Abhimanyu who reveals he is leaving the city, Niyati is shocked to hear this, she asks where is he going, he asks if she is planning to follow him, Niyati thinks she would have to make sure he stays until Manaroma aunti comes, Abhimanyu reveals that he could not leave without drinking the tea of Chotu as it has something which helps him, he even has to give him the loan which is due on him. Abhimanyu exclaims he will come back in a moment so mentions he could not have left without saying Goodbye to her, Niyati thinks how if he has not said Good bye then would surely meet her again, Niyati apologizes to him however he exclaims that one must not apologize if someone is leaving, Niyati tries to ex[plains that she just got mad so slapped him, Abhimanyu replies that his mother is the best person in this case as she never gets mad on him.

Abhimanyu is about to sit on his motorcycle, Niyati wonders what she must do since he is leaving and Manaroma aunti has not yet arrived, she requests Abhimanyu to drop her at her house. Manaroma arrives with her brother mentioning the location is of this market, Manaroma starts asking for her son when she reaches the stall of Chotu asking for her son, Chotu questions if she is asking about Abhimanyu and Niyati, Manaroma agrees so he explains they both left after drinking his tea, she wonders where they could have gone so tries calling Niyati however she is not answering which worries Manaroma who questions her brother.

Niyati is sitting with Abhimanyu on his bike, she thinks if Manaroma might have reached the market location, she asks him to stop because this is where she has called Saira, he agrees so says he is going to leave but Niyati acts as if she has hurt her ankle, he feels worried about her so tries to help her, he manages to catch her while she is falling, she then sits on the side when he starts checking as if she has hurt her ankle, then Niyati secretly sends the location, Manaroma requests her brother to hurry as Niyati has sent another location.

Niyati asks Abhimanyu why he is running away from his mother when he loves her so much so why does he not meet her straight away, Abhimanyu explains that there is something wrong with his mind so who knows what the condition might be and even if he remembers his mother or any other person in his life, he doesnot want anyone especially his mother to see him in such a condition which is why he is running away from her, but knows for sure that she will not leave looking for him. Niyati requests him to wait until Saira arrives, he asks why she not says that his mother is coming because he saw her texting them and knows she might have even sent the location, but she should tell his mother that he is leaving the city by bus and will tell his mother where he is going on the call.

Niyati is standing on the sidewalk when Manaroma arrives asking where Abhimanyu is, Niyati explains that he left, she then drives off to search for him with Manaroma. Abhimanyu is standing at the bus stop thinking this time he doesn’t feel like leaving his loved ones, he hears the announcement that the bus for Ahmedabad will be delayed by thirty minutes.Niyati is sitting in the car when she receives the call of Sulochana, who asks when she will come back, Niyati hesitantly replies she is searching for Abhimanyu, Sulochana in anger questions why she is wasting her life searching for that Mental person, Niyati requests her to calm down as she is with his family, this angers Sulochana even more, so Niyati is forced to end the call.

Sulochana in anger goes to her husband asking him to see what is going on, he explains it is really awful as the openers are not playing well and one got out with zero runs, Sulochana exclaims he should also worry about the life of her daughter as she first went with him to look for Abhimanyu and has now gone with his parents, he replies they should be proud to know how much their daughter cares for other, she explains this means they should not care for her, she doesnot know why he has not worry for her future life but knows they have to reveal the true one day, that truth because of which he doesnot want her to get married, he asks what is she talking about as they have talked about it before, Sulochana exclaims she feels worried for her each day, asking if he ever thought how she would feel when she comes to know they have hid such a big secret of her life, he replies that he knows exactly what he is doing and is sure he will find them, Sulochana asks what happened as he has been trying for the past twenty years, he in anger shouts assuring he will find them, Sulochana mentions this is what happens with her in this house because he always does what he desires and she does what she wants so now she will also do what she feels like and will reveal the entire truth to her, he requests Sulochana to not do this now because he promises her to give him one week, he will be able to find them and if he fails then will tell Niyati the entire truth.

Abhimanyu is sitting on the bench when Niyati comes with his mother and uncle, they start asking about him, Abhimanyu is sitting when he starts playing the instrument, he sees a child sitting beside her mother who is busy talking on the mobile, Abhimanyu recalls how he used to play with his mother and she would take care of him, he feels sad thinking about his past life.

The women is sitting when a man comes behind her, he tries to act as if he is not looking at them, he coming to the front picks the child and runs away, Abhimanyu shouts seeing him so rushes after him, the man tries to run away with all his might holding the child, meanwhile Niyati is asking for Abhimanyu, the mother of the child starts panicking after noticing that her child is missing, she even calls for him but no one knows where he has one.

Abhimanyu is chasing the person who has kidnapped the child, the person thinks he has out run anyone who might be following him, Niyati reaches the bag of Abhimanyu and thinks he is here for sure.LAbhimanyu asks if he desires to feed a child then should marry and not snatch someone else’s child, the kidnapper takes out a knife threatening to hit him, Abhimanyu exclaims the kidnapper doesnot know him, he manages to take the child and leaves with him. the mother is weeping when Abhimanyu brings her child, she praises him, he advises her to keep an eye on her son in the public place even if she si talking on the mobile. He asks her to bless his mother with long life, Abhimanyu turns but is shocked to see Manaroma standing behind him, he hesitantly calls her Maa. She is also weeping.

Abhimanyu turns, he is shocked to see his mother standing behind him, Niyati comes to stand in front of them both, he replies she is even more clever then CID as she found him, Niyati explains it is not right to run away as there is a cure to his illness and he would be cured, Abhimanyu explains he cannot live with the fake hope of surviving in a hospital bed, he takes his bag to leave when Niyati stops him, he turns to see she has held his hand, he tries to loosen it but she doesnot leave, Manaroma comes to push them apart, asking Niyati to let him leave she says that he can go wherever he wants without caring for his mother and uncle but he should never dare to call her as if he keeps running away then she will take her own life, Abhimanyu asks her to never talk about dying in front of him as living with them all is dangerous for them all, just a few months ago he tried killing Karan bhai, his uncle tries to explain it was an accident, Abhimanyu exclaims his life is that accident and it is the truth.

Manaroma is not able to control herself, she falls after feeling dizzy, they all rush to help her but the goons try to pull Abhimanyu away, he keeps on calling for his mother but is not able to reach her, the kidnapper asks his men to break his arms and legs as he was trying to act as a hero, Abhimanyu doesnot fight back exclaiming his mother got ill because of them, his uncle tries to push the goons away, but they even start beating him, all of them have ganged up on Abhimanyu, Niyati is not able to bear the sight so tries to defend Abhimanyu with all her might however one of them pushes her so she hits the stall, he sees that she is hurt so gets unconscious, his hands start shivering, Abhimanyu wakes up filled with rage, he is being held by so many people but even they are not able to contain him, Niyati thinks he might be suffering another attack, Abhimanyu hits them all, she rushes to Manaroma who tries to stop Abhimanyu, Niyati stops her mentioning this is the side of Abhimanyu because of which he is running away from them all. Manaroma requests her to stop him otherwise he will kill them all, Niyati rushes to the medical store asking for an injection but the shop owner exclaims she needs a medical prescription for it but Niyati shows her nurse card, she rushes to Abhimanyu who is even beating the police personal, she manages to inject him, he however turns in anger holding her neck, she signals Manaroma to stay back, meanwhile Abhimanyu falls unconscious on the ground after being dizzy, Manaroma starts crying.

In the night Niyati is taking care of Abhimanyu while he is sleeping on the hospital bed, Abhimanyu calls for Niyati, she also calls him, he asks if it is truly her, she asks him to relax, he mentions she finally managed to bring him to the hospital where he never wanted to come, Niyati tries to ask him to relax, she taking his hand tries to console him.

Niyati is trying to gt an auto walking on the roadside, Dr Aanad dropping the car offers to give her a lift but she refuses, he exclaims she is super Niyati who doesnot take the help of anyone but it is better to sit beside someone who considers them as a friend, she sits with him when he exclaims she must worry about herself because she has done all she can for him, Niyati asks how does he know when he mentions he is her friend, she asks what is his diagnosis about Abhimanyu, he replies that it is just a diagnosis but they will know for sure tomorrow after the results come, she mentions that she will come but he says she should come on her usual time as she was just tasked with finding him and from now on he will handle the case, she is really inexperienced for such cases. Abhimanyu drops her mentioning he cares a lot for her, she thanks him for the lift when he explains they should relive the old memories and should have the pani puri, he explains it is his treat, she agrees.

Niyati rings the bell, her mother opening the door questions why did she hurt herself so much, Niyati entering explains that there is nothing to be worried about as it was just a small attack, she enters when her father notices the injury on her neck, Niyati replies that it was because Abhimanyu lost the consciousness and in that attack she got hurt, she however explain that he is not a bad guy but actually ill, however Sulochana says she doesnot need to go near that mental person, even her father agrees mentioning her life is not worth more then her life, he asks her to go and freshen up because they will eat together.

In the morning Niyati is entering the hospital with Saira when she mentions even her father took the class of the new proposal which came, Niyati advises her to take the decision by herself, when Saira question where she would find a proposal in the hospital. Niyati is shocked to see that everyone is running here and there in the hospital, she asks Pooja what has happened so Pooja replies that the new patient which came last night has gotten violent and thrashing everything that comes in her path, Niyati rushes to the room of Abhimanyu where she is shocked to see him thrashing the entire room, she is shocked to see that he is in chains and constantly demanding to be released, Manaroma asks why have they kept him bonded, Dr Aanad replies that he is a really frustrated patient so they cannot risk him running out of the hospital for which it was necessary to lock him, Niyati mentions they should have first tried to talk with him, the doctor replies that he is not connecting with anyone when Niyati replies he did with her and she feels they can manage to get through to him, she is allowed to try her path because if she is successful then it would give them a new way for the treatment otherwise they will try the usual treatment procedure but Dr Anand refuses, he warns her of what might happen but Niyati rushes inside when Abhimanyu injures yet another ward boy, she calmly goes to him while he is sitting on the bed, Dr Aanad is really worried about her safety.

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