Rajjo starlife update Thursday 27 July 2023

Rajjo 27 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun asking was it a drama, a lie, you knew about your mum, you knew I was so worried, even then you didn’t tell me, why did you cheat me. She says you would have not believed me, please help me in finding my mum. Chirag says we checked the house, we didn’t get any proof, it means you are falsely accusing him. Mannu kicks the havan structure. Rajjo hears the sound. She asks everyone to get quiet. She checks the havan structure. Pushkar says we won’t get quiet if she wants, is this a joke. Rajjo knocks and checks. She puts the water on the havan kund. Jhilmil says she did a bad omen again. Rajjo calls out Mannu. Mannu tries to make a sound. Rajjo says Mannu is here. She asks Mannu not to worry. She gets a hammer and breaks the structure.

Arjun and everyone look on. She drops the hammer. Arjun holds it. Rajjo says Mannu is inside this, I have to break it. Arjun says give it to me, leave it. He breaks the wooden structure. They both pull out the carpet and unroll it. They see Mannu.Rajjo hugs Mannu and unties her. Everyone is shocked. Pushkar worries. Rajjo feeds the water to Mannu. Mannu looks at Pushkar. Pratap says Arjun, we should call a doctor. Jhilmil asks why do you want to call the doctor, they both are acting, look at their faces, Mannu taught Rajjo to say this nonsense with us, they are playing a game. Mannu says Pushkar played a game with me, Rajjo is the proof, and he tried to kill me many times to hide this truth, he did my accident and then he threw me in the crocodile lake.

Rajjo says he confessed this to me, I had made a video. Pushkar calls them mad. Rajjo argues with Pushkar. Niharika defends him. Pushkar says I have no recording. Arjun says we will check if Rajjo is saying the truth. Madhu worries and asks Arjun not to do this. She says Mannu and Rajjo can’t be trusted, I won’t tolerate Pushkar’s insult in this house. Arjun says fine, Mannu is also our relative, how can we see her insult. Chirag asks Pushkar to let Arjun do it, if he is clean. Kalindi argues. Arjun asks what’s the problem, truth will come out if he is innocent. Niharika says its about insult and loss of faith. Chirag and Arjun check Pushkar. Arjun says we didn’t get anything, just wallet and phone. Rajjo says he has stolen the proof, I will find it. Arjun says we have already checked him. Kalindi asks Rajjo to stop insulting her dad. Everyone argues.

Madhu says Rajjo is wrong. Chirag says no, she isn’t wrong, she proved her word. Arjun asks Madhu to stop arguing. Jhilmil defends Pushkar. Pushkar shouts. Rajjo sees his neck and thinks how did he get this gold chain suddenly. She pulls the chain. Arjun shouts Rajjo. She says don’t shout, this is my mum’s truth. she shows the memory card. She says play it, you will know who is saying the truth. Pushkar says they are playing a game. Rajjo says you are playing a game, you had left that electric wire in the race to kill me, then you tried to drug me, you tried to kill me. She scolds him for cheating Mannu.

Jhilmil says amazing, Mannu had a relation with a married man, she is nice and he is a devil, right. Rajjo says its easy to blame a woman, he was married, ask him why did he have an affair, Mannu didn’t know he is married, else she would have not even seen him, you should be ashamed that you are supporting your evil brother, don’t you understand the difference between right and wrong. Niharika says I understand, why did you do wrong with all of us. Mannu says forgive me, I had hid a big truth from you, what could I tell you, that your dad is such a disgusting man, you are my daughter, I didn’t want you to get hurt, so I had hid this, but its fate, life got me in front of him, before I could say anything, you got married to Arjun, Kalindi became your Jethani, so I had hid this, forgive me, I didn’t intend to hurt you. Pushkar tries to go. Arjun says its not time to run but to get punished. He shows the police.

Pushkar says no, I won’t go to jail. He asks Niharika to save him. She asks him to stop it now. She says I have worshipping you always, you were my hero, you tried to kill Rajjo, I m ashamed to call you dad. Jhilmil asks her not to believe Rajjo. He asks Kalindi to say something. Kalindi cries. Chirag says please leave from here, our family had tolerated a lot because of you, you tried to kill Rajjo and Mannu, you should die of shame, please leave. Pushkar gets arrested. Jhilmil says he is innocent, do something, stop him. Rajjo recalls her childhood. She says stop.

Rajjo saying whatever you did with my mum, why did you do that, you have no value for anyone’s life. Pushkar scolds her. He says Mannu also stepped towards me, she knew that I m married, she is lying, she had trapped me, she knew I have power and money, she is a big player. He insults Mannu. Rajjo slaps him. She says if you say a word against my mum, who are you to blame anyone. She scolds him. Chirag asks inspector to take Pushkar. Inspector asks whose name shall I put in FIR. Rajjo tells her name. Inspector asks her mum and dad’s name. Rajjo says I m Mannu’s daughter, leave the father’s name empty, I don’t want to link my name with Pushkar. Pushkar is taken away. Arjun goes to Rajjo. She goes. Arjun breaks things and gets angry. Rajjo also breaks things in anger.

They both cry. Mannu consoles Rajjo. Arjun falls down. Chirag comes to handle Arjun. He asks Arjun to breathe. He says it’s a panic attack, think of your good moments with Rajjo, I will get medicines. He gives the medicines to Arjun. He says nothing will happen, calm down, everything is fine. Arjun gets stable. Mannu apologizes to Rajjo.

She says I had to hide this from you. Rajjo says you had tolerated this alone, he tried to kill you, I will also refuse to every relation related to him. She hugs Mannu. Mannu says Arjun and your relation will have a new start now, everything will be fine. They get an envelope there. Mannu gets shocked seeing the divorce papers. Arjun says Rajjo can never forgive me for this. Chirag says humans make mistakes, don’t curse yourself, you have true love for her, nobody can change it, she will get angry but never break your heart, go now, trust your love. Mannu says its Arjun and your divorce notice. Rajjo cries and says he didn’t trust me, he wants me to leave me. She sits crying. Mannu consoles her. Arjun says Rajjo always believed me, I didn’t believe her, I wish I had understood her. Mannu asks her not to lose hope. Rajjo asks what. Mannu says I will go to Neeltal, you stay here, can you stay without Arjun. Arjun says I can’t stay without Rajjo. Chirag says go to her and accept your mistake, apologize to her. Mannu says you both are connected by soul, you never believed his love. Rajjo says I trust him. Mannu asks how can you believe that he has sent this divorce papers to you, is your faith so weak. Arjun asks will she trust me. Chirag says yes, she loves you. Niharika says you have to try a little, Arjun, I mean she would be angry now.

Mannu asks Rajjo to think. Rajjo says I always believed Arjun, he never believed me, its love when one believes. Mannu says love is our strength and weakness also. She explains Rajjo. She says he can’t send you divorce papers. Rajjo asks why not, he did this before also. Mannu says your relation wasn’t strong before, you had also signed before. Rajjo says you mean someone else has sent this, why would anyone do this. Mannu says you also know that some family members will be happy if you leave, Jhilmil or Madhu can try this to create misunderstanding between you both.

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