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If you were not there 28 July 2023: Manaroma reveals she already told Niyati that she doesnot want to kill Munna but want to see his health deteoriating day by day, she advises Niyati to leave after making a good excuse if she desires to have a husband otherwise it is not a task for herself to kill Abhimanyu, Niyati is really shocked earing this when Manaroma leaves to go downstairs. Niyati is standing there heartbroken, not knowing what to do, she starts walking towards Abhimanyu with tears in her eyes, she recalls the first meeting with Abhimanyu while he is calmly sleeping not knowing what is going to happen, she is thinking about all the past memories which she has spent, she even hits a vase and sitting down wonders how can she reveal the truth and take matters for the better as on one side there is a mother who has made her own the enemy but then he is the son who loves his mother a lot so cannot even hear anything against her such that he suffered an attack, Niyati thinks how he got the attack when she revealed the truth, mentioning he is ready to give his life for Maa but how can she make him realize the truth about Maa, Niyati takes a hold of her emotions wiping off the tears.

Niyati takes off his shoes, making him wear the blanket, she sits beside him in the open skies.In the morning Niyati is still sleeping beside the bed when she is woken up, she immediately takes the name of Abhimanyu however is shocked to see Manaroma standing in front of her, she stands when Manaroma questions why she not left till now, since her son was not in his senses, but she was fine, she orders Niyati to leave before anyone from the family returns since she doesnot want anyone else between Abhimanyu and herself. Abhimanyu starts waking when she exclaims Niyati must hurry as he is regaining consciousness but Manaroma doesnot even listen to the request of Niyati, who thinks she cannot watch him in any sort of pain, Niyati turns to walk away slowly after which Abhimanyu wakes up, he immediately comes to hug her but then recalls that Niyati told him she is the real reason behind his condition, Abhimanyu asks about Niyati when he seeing the ruins ask if he was the one behind it questioning if he got another attack, Manaroma exclaims he doesnot know why he is in so much pain as he was not even able to spend some time with his wife, Abhimanyu assures nothing would happen to him when she is beside him, Manaroma questions why did he got the attack, Abhimanyu starts thinking if he got the attack because of what Niyati said, Manaroma explains he doesnot want to worry about it so much and go to get fresh since they even have to take care of all this mess. Abhimanyu hugs Manaroma when she questions if he once again fought with Niyati explaining that he must not do It since she is a really nice girl, she even threatens to get angry with him, but he assures she should not be so angry with him, he leaves to get fresh.

Niyati is walking in the room, she is really tensed about what she can do since if she doesnot leave then he would get hurt but also if she stays then it would also be a problem, Niyati thinks she would have to make a plan to stay here, Abhimanyu opens the door, he looks at her with anger and then turns to go to the bathroom, she stopping him asks if he would not even talk with his Niyati, he replies that he doesnot want to talk to her after what she said yesterday, he says she knows why he got the attack, Abhimanyu questions how can she blame his mother for such a heinous crime, saying his mother would never try to play with his mind, Abhimanyu going to the frame with his mother picks it up mentioning she doesnot know anything and he feels she cannot love him like his mother, he questions why did she have to use such words against his mother when he informed her that his life is surrounded by her and his mother, even then she said such a thing about her, Niyati reuqests him to at least listen to what she is tyring to say, he however replies he doesnot want to hear anything against his mother which she believes is the truth, he asks her to remove any doubt which she has against his mother, he starts walking towards the bathroom, Niyati tries to stop him when he frees his hand, because of which Niyati falls on the bed, he doesnot come back to help her but instead advises how she must not think wrong about his mother. Niyati exclaims he needs to talk in order to end this problem, since she is trying a lot to talk with him, he enters the bathroom explaining he doesnot want to talk with him, Niyati sits down on the bed wondering what she can do now.

The guards rush when the Panday family return, Gajender Panday steps out and while entering the house, Mami jee exclaims they had a lot of fun in the Farm house and Daya exclaims even the food was really good, Amma jee exclaims it is because she did not have to cook, Manaroma comes to greet them when Amma jee questions why did she come back so early, Manaroma helping her sit down exclaims she felt how can Niyati prepare the entire breakfast by herself but so she came to help her, Gajender coming close to Manaroma exclaims he doesnot know how can he ever repay her for all that she does for the family as she cares a lot for everyone, Mami and Daya also exclaim that Manaroma didi knows a lot about taking care of the family, Niyati seeing her walks down the stairs, Manaroma exclaims that Niyati desires to go back to Mumbai for a few days but then Gajender questions the reason, Manaroma exclaims that she desires to meet her parents and even they have to fulfil the ritual so Abhimanyu would go to bring her back within two or three days. Manaroma takes Niyati inside saying that she neds her help in the kitchen.

Niyati exclaims she will not leave Abhimanyu, Manaroma informs that she doesnot have any personal quarrel with her so she doesnot have to worry as even a way has been made for her to go back, she must rest assured as Abhimanyu would never come to pick her, and that she is adamant to ruin the life of Abhimanyu, she even warns Niyati to never try to reveal her truth to Abhimanyu since he will not believe her but might try to harm himself even more.

Manaroma warns Niyati to not thinks of revealing her truth to Abhimanyu since he will not believe her but this time might try to harm himself even more, she asks her to taste the pudding when Kamna comes informing Niyati that her tickets have been booked and she needs to leave after some time, Manaroma asks her to help Niyati in the packing. Kamna questions Niyati if she should pack these clothes but Niyati doesnot respond, Abhimanyu comes inside questioning what is going on, Kamna informs that Bhabhi is going to Mumbai, he doesnot say anything when he says that she first blamed his mother for such heinous crimes but then is threatening to leave him, she standing exclaims she just wants him to see the truth, he starts throwing her clothes in the suitcase mentioning that she has gotten so stubborn

that she doesnot want to even listen and who is she believing that said such evil things against his mother, Niyati standing mentions he promised to listen to everything that she says, he says that he would listen to only those things which are for his betterment but not hear anything against his mother, he explains she can leave if she feels like and he would not come to brings her back, she can only come back when she changes her mentality, he informs that her pack has been packed and there is a car waiting for her downstairs, she can leave if she feels like, he walks downstairs not even listening to anything that Niyati desires to say.
Amma and Daya are having the breakfast when Manaroma starts serving the tea, she even asks Abhimanyu to come and have breakfast but he refuses saying he is not hungry, she forcefully makes him eat it then places the bowel in his hand, he starts eating it, Niyati is walking down the stairs with the suitcase in her hand, Manaroma is delighted to see her leaving however Abhimanyu is really tensed, Niyati thinks that she has to find a way by which she can stay in this house, she purposefully falls from the stairs, everyone hearing her scream rushes to help her, Abhimanyu exclaims she cannot even walk properly when Niyati mentions she feels as if she has gotten a strain in her ankle, he says she has just her ankle but what would have happened if something happened to her, Abhimanyu realizes how she was blaming his mother, he leaves her hand, Amma jee questions why is he also scolding her when she has hurt herself, Mr Panday asks what is he thinking about since they need to take her to the sofa, Niyati see how he is not even looking towards her when she assures that she is going to mend her relation with him, Amma jee exclaims that she would not let her go like this, since there has been an ill incident when she was about to leave but Kinkar mentions her tickets have been booked however Amma jee says she doesnot care, she starts praying for the good relation when even Niyati starts praying looking at the Mandir but when she opens her eyes it is Manaroma standing in front of her.

Manaroma coming to Niyati asks if it is really hurting, she asks Abhimanyu to take Niyati to her room and also advises her to take care of her since this will also allow them to spend some time together, she asks Niyati to go in her room, Abhimanyu helping Niyati sit down on the bed turns to leave but she stops him, requesting him to sit with her for some time, he says he doesnot want to talk with her since she has hurt his feeling, Niyati questions how can things solve between them when they don’t talk, he says there is nothing to talk about since she is wrong, he suddenly changes the topic when Manaroma enters the room, she also scolds her questioning what is this behaviour as everyone is really worried and even her son just because of her so she was forced to come and even Abhimanyu did not have anything to eat, she assures she is going to help Niyati so she is goi9ng to start walking, when Manaroma tries to help Niyati she stops her and standing beside Manaroma exclaims that she has never lied in her life for any cause but just because of her she was forced to lie, Manaroma exclaims that she feels Niyati has taken her words just as a threat and doesnot care about her husbands wellbeing, she is now going to do something that Niyati has not even thought about in her life. Niyati replies that she is not going to give her a chance to do anything.

Manaroma walks down the stairs where everyone is sitting but after some time even Niyati comes running, they question why is he running like this because she has hurt her ankle, Niyati says that she is feeling better when Manaroma helped her, she tries to sit beside Abhimanyu however he doesnot even look towards her but leaves, she starts following him when Manaroma looks towards the clock.
Niyati sits down with Abhimanyu asking if he would not forgive her, he tries to leave when she informs she just used the name of Manaroma as a tool since she knew how much he loves her which is why she used her name, she requests him to forgive her, he after thinking a while mentions he is only going to forgive her since this is her first time but she must never do this ever again, Niyati assures she is not going to give him even a single chance to get angry with him, requesting that he smile just for her sake, she takes his hand mentioning she has apologized and he even forgave her, he must smile she doesnot like him when he is so serious, he starts smiling and says he is going to the garden for some time. Niyati thinks that she has won the battle since it is quarter past ten, she standing in front of the clock exclaims that the time has passed and even nothing wrong has happened, Amma jee questions what was about to happen, when Niyati replies that if nothing wrong happens it is also a good sign, Manaroma exclaims but the time has not passed, Niyati gets really tensed when the worker comes running revealing how she feels that Abhimanyu has suffered another attack, Niyati is really shocked after hearing about the attack.

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