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If you were not there 10 July 2023: Kinkar reveals that now the entire truth has come out, she must think would she be able to start a new life with Aanad after knowing the truth, Niyati turns to Ram asking him what has he done to her, she is left at a two sided, she exclaims that she doesn’t know anything she needs to do, because she has to marry Aanad in three hours and now he is telling her she got married at the age of five, she questions why did he not seem it was necessary to tell her this news, Niyati leaves them crying, Sulochana goes after her.

Mr Panday tries to stop her when Ram stops her, exclaiming that he will never forget Kichu for ruining the life of his daughter, Ram also runs after her while Mr Pandey is left standing alone, he also gets frustrated.Niyati locks the door from inside, Mr Panday asks Manaroma to see that Ram is the one who made the mistake but is trying to impose it on him, he will also see how Ram manages to stop him, he tries to leave but is stopped by Manaroma, Niyati standing against the door is thinking about what Mr Pandey said that she has already been married with Abhimanyu, he will not allow Ram to get her married once again, she sits against the door thinking of how she would have played with Abhimanyu and then got married with him.

Niyati is just weeping thinking that Abhimanyu said they would meet again because it is Niyati because of which they meet. She is just thinking how he was madly in love with her, even wanted her to be in his life, she thinks how Saira questioned her if she doesn’t see the love which Abhimanyu has for her, she hears the call of Sulochana who is along with Ram pleading her to open the door because the barrat is about to arrive in three hours and she must not do anything that can ruin her life.

Mr Panday requests Manaroma to allow him because he needs to talk with Niyati, Manaroma questions who has given him the right to play with the life of Niyati when Mr Panday exclaims that the marriage of Niyati and Abhimanyu was decided by their mother which he along with Ram and everyone accepted, and if they don’t stop her then it is going to ruin everything, Manaroma exclaims they would not cause any more problems in the marriage of Niyati because if Abhimanyu finds out the truth that his love is actually his real wife then it would cause a lot of problems as he will never stop, she pleads with them both to not tell anyone the truth.

Sulochana and Ram are constantly requesting Niyati to open the door, Ram asks if she is also not going to open the door for him, Niyati stands to open it, they both enter when he asks if she would also think he is wrong, he asks what could he had told her that she got married to his friends son at the age of five and one incident separated both families, they both tried finding each other but were not able to, he says that revealing the truth at that time meant she would also suffer the same pressure which they were going through the last twenty years, and when the truth finally came out it was so scary that he did not want her to face it, he holding his hands requests her to marry Aanad as he is the right choice for her, Sulochana is also crying when Niyati holding his hands puts them down mentioning she is not able to forget him, she has been trying a lot but every time he comes in front of her, she mentions he jumped on a tree to get the umbrella he gifted her, she exclaims Ram doesn’t even know what Abhimanyu has done so that she gets married without any problem, she says he has inflicted himself with so much pain in the last three days that she cannot even comprehend someone would go to this extent for love, and now she has found out that the patient is actually her husband.

Abhimanyu wakes up in the bed calling Niyati, Saira enters the room, he asks he felt that Niyati has called him so asks if she also came here, Saira replies why would she come because she doesn’t even know about this and today is her wedding, Abhimanyu thinks who would even let her come today, he tries to stand requesting to go at the wedding but Saira exclaims that he is suffering from high fever, however Abhimanyu exclaims that today Niyati is getting married and he wants to see her enter her new life as a friend, they both walk out of the hospital as he convinces Saira to be his friend.

Ram is with Niyati who sits down, he receives a call from Lata Didi who explains they are going to leave in one and half hour, she asks if everything is fine when Ram assures them to come with the Barat as they are ready, Ram asks her what does she mean because she is about to get married as they cannot cancel the wedding, Ram says he would not in his life send her with Abhimanyu as he will not repeat the same mistake he made twenty years ago, Ram exclaims he for the first time asked for something from her so she cannot turn back now, Niyati exclaims that after finding such a big truth she cannot move ahead in life, she exclaims she doesnot know what she will do in the future as how can she marry Aanad in two hours, and live with him. Ram mentions that incidents happen in their lives, but it is their duty to move on and she must also think of Abhimanyu just as an incident, once she will get busy in her life then will forget each and everything, Niyati tries to talk with him however he is adamant saying that this wedding will happen, if she cancels this wedding then she doesn’t even know what he will do with himself, Niyati and Sulochana gets tensed when he leaves asking Sulochana to convince her daughter, Niyati tries to ask Sulochana when she says that before Niyati, she felt like a mother with Abhimanyu, when she first saw him at her engagement she saw how well they both look together, but behind the innocent smile there is a dangerous person whom she got to know about at her Haldi function, when he threatened to kill her, she knows her feelings but Niyati should also know the fear of her father, when he was her patient then was not able to control her so how would she be able to control him as her husband which is why she agrees with her father, as they cannot push her in a well, so it is for the better that she should get married with Aanad.

Sulochana brings the turban to Niyati explaining that this doesnot only belong to her father but is also his honour, he has always thought about her happiness for which he is willing to do anything possible but today he is worried for her, he knows that Abhimanyu would become her responsibility more than her husband. Which is why she should marry Aanad and this save the reputation of this family and her father, Niyati is looking at her in shock, she recalls how Ram threatened to do something really bad to him if she refuses to marry Aanad, Niyati is forced to take the turban in her hand for the sake of her family, Sulochana is crying Infront of her, she leaves Niyati in the room.

In the night Ram is scolding the worker questioning why he has not placed the counter of the salad, the decorator replies that he ordered them to place it just before the arrival of the Barrat, Sulochana comes to him questioning what is he doing since he knows their daughter will do anything to ruin their honour, Abhimanyu enters the venue with Saira, he wishes both Ram and Sulochana aunti, exclaiming they should not be worried since he has arrived and will take care of everything, Saira exclaims she is going to meet Niyati but Abhimanyu exclaims that she should stop being the bestfriend and help Pandit jee with the setting as there is still a lot of work which is left, Ram exclaims they should not tolerate him even after all that has happened, Sulochana insists he let everything work as it is because it doesnot seem as if Abhimanyu knows the truth, if anything happens then he should forget the marriage.

Abhimanyu and Saira are completing the work, she going to him says that the weather has taken a turn for the worse but Abhimanyu exclaims that it has only changed and whenever something good is to happen in his life there is always rain, just as when he first met Niyati and today when she is getting married to Aanad, some ladies come to him explaining they have the jewellery for Niyati, they ask if he can give it to Niyati, he agrees.

Abhimanyu is climbing the stairs, he walks into the room after taking a deep breath, Abhimanyu starts saying that she will look really good in this dress and jewellery, he says Aanad would get unconscious after seeing her, he starts packing the dress exclaiming that she must get ready as even Aaand would have left with the Barat, he questions why is she not getting ready but Niyati doesnot move, he asks what has happened when she says he will not understand, Abhimanyu replies she is telling the truth since she knows about his mental condition, he tries to insist that she get ready, Niyati touches his hand while trying to take the dress, she immediately puts it away questioning if he has a fever, he replies that it is nothing to be worried about since there is still a lot of work which is pending, however she forces him to sit down placing a thermometer in his mouth, she exclaims he has high fever but Abhimanyu doesnot seem worried at all, she then tries to force him to rest however he tries to leave, Niyati stops him by holding his hand, he thinks how in their first meeting he said they would surely meet again as it is the connection.
Niyati is still crying, he questions why she is crying as there is still a lot of time left for the Vidai. Niyati exclaims he has a fever and needs rest, she will not let him go anywhere especially in this condition, he asks what does she mean by this condition, he says he just has a light fever and that too because of the work, Saira also comes inside questioning what is he doing here, she asks if he has taken the medicine when he replies she herself gave him the medicine, Abhimanyu immediately leaves exclaiming that he has a lot of work.

Mr Panday questions Manaroma why is she trying to hurt her only son when she herself is the one who loves him the most, and they know he can only get better with the help of Niyati, Manaroma questions if the both of them can promise her that Abhimanyu would not hurt Niyati, as they have seen that he was willing to take his life along with Niyati so what will happen if he doesnot anything wrong, Kinkar tries to explain that he has seen Abhimanyu is happy when he is with Niyati but Manaroma questions if can assure that he will not try to harm her as they both have seen, Buzo starts barking, Mr Panday asks Kinkar to take him outside when he lets Buzo free from the leash, he immediately rushes outside from the house, Manaroma sitting down with Mr Panday asks him to not tell Abhimanyu the truth because once Niyati gets married they are going to take him far away from this city, and start his treatment as if they never met Ram and Sulochana, Mr Panday is forced to agree.

Abhimanyu sitting with the Pandit jee asks if everything is ready for the pooja, Pandit jee says that it is indeed but the only thing left is the ghee, Abhimanyu agrees to bring it and then even scolds one of the waiters for serving the juice in a tray.
Abhimanyu is standing when he hears the barking of Buzo, he whistles so Buzo comes rushing to him, Ram gets worried exclaiming the dog is going to ruin everything when Abhimanyu assures he would not harm anything, Buzo seeing Niyati rushes to her, Ram exclaims that he is going upstairs and might ruin everything, Abhimanyu replies that Buzo also knows Niyati, he is sure that his dog would not do anything, Niyati sits down with Buzo questioning what has happened, Abhimanyu coming exclaims they only desire love just as humans do, he asks her to go and get ready, Niyati stands to leave in nervousness.

Abhimanyu orders Buzo to sit down mentioning today is the wedding of Niyati so both of them should not create any problem, he orders him to sit there, Buzo is sitting when after some time he sees the photo of Abhimanyu and Niyati getting married, he takes it to Abhimanyu who is shocked after seeing it, he stands and is not able to comprehend what is in the photo.

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