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If you were not there 11 July 2023: Sulochana opens the wardrobe from which she accidentally drops the photo of Niyati and Abhimanyu’ wedding, she tries to pick it up however it flies away because of the wind, Buzo takes it in his mouth rushing straight to Abhimanyu, he is stunned to see the photo.Some time earlier Niyati is getting ready for the wedding when Saira along with her friends exclaim, she is looking really beautiful and Aanad would surely get unconscious after seeing her, Abhimanyu coming asks where the envelopes of Shugun are, Saira exclaims they are in the room of Sulochana aunti, Abhimanyu is not able to take his eyes off her, he even praises her for her beauty, then leaves after hearing that the barrat has arrived.

Saira along with the friends of Niyati are also really impressed with the Barrat and exclaim Niyati has a really good fate as she is getting married to such a handsome person, the ask her to come and see the barrat herself since it is considered to be auspicious, the guests who have come with the barrat are really enjoying themselves, they are even dancing with all their strength, Aanad looks to Niyati who is standing at the window, but she is looking away and crying. The barrat is being showered with money, they are welcomed with a severe drum beating.

Aanad steps down from the horse, he walks to the door when Lata greets Sulochana, Ram also hugs Aanad after which Sulochana starts performing the arti while constantly looking at Abhimanyu, he also greets Aanad with a big smile. Sulochana is not at all smiling but even then they all welcome Aanad, she makes him eat the sweets, one of the guests exclaims that Aanad should make her mother in law do some effort otherwise he would have to always accept her orders, Lata exclaims he should make his mother in law do some effort, she manages to twist his nose, Ram asks about the chain, she exclaims she forgot it in the room so rushes back to bring it, Sulochana opens the wardrobe to take it out but accidentally drops the photo of Abhimanyu and Niyati getting married, she is not able to pick it up as it flies away to Buzo, who after seeing Abhimanyu picks it up in his mouth and runs away with it, Sulochana tries to follow him but is not able to catch him.

Ram is worried wondering why Sulochana has not come back till now, Ram is about to leave but Abhimanyu instead exclaims that he will go, Aanad doesn’t like his interference, Sulochana tries to stop Buzo who is running on the stairs, Abhimanyu stops Buzo exclaiming he told him to not misbehave, he sees the photo in which he is getting married to Niyati, Abhimanyu is not able to believe his eyes, he starts getting confused so is just constantly gazing at the photo while Sulochana is really tensed, he looks at her with tears in his eyes when she herself is not able to say anything, she starts walking towards him but is not able to look at him in the eyes, she tries to walk past him when he after stopping her calls her as Choti Maa, she is not able to take a breath, Ram is talking with the guests when he calls Sulochana but wonders what has happened.

Sulochana thinks what has happened since there is the barrat standing while on the other hand Abhimanyu has found out he has been married to Niyati, she doesn’t know what will happen now, Ram exclaims whenever she says she is going to keep it safe it means that no one would be able to find it, Ram once again calls Sulochana to hurry up since everyone is waiting, Abhimanyu asks Sulochana if he has been married to Niyati when they were children.

Sulochana walks to Ram, thinking what will happen now since Abhimanyu has found out the truth, Lata Didi asks what the need was however Ram replies it is a gift and makes Aanad wear the gold necklace. They start clapping.Abhimanyu is not able to believe it so calls Manaroma who is also eagerly waiting for his call, she asks when he is coming back home when he says that he has found out a photo in which he is sitting with Niyati dressed as bride and he is the groom, he asks what is the truth behind it, Mr Panday exclaims that he told them Abhimanyu would find out the truth really soon, he takes the mobile from Manaroma jee, and is eager to tell the entire truth even when she tries to stop him, Mr Panday starts revealing the entire truth of how he and Niyati were always together so they all including Ram got them married, he is revealing the entire story when Kinkar brings the car.

Mr Panday exclaims that Ram is trying to get Niyati married when she is his wife, but this is a sign from Bhagwan as he got to know the truth before the ritual, Kinkar exclaims they are coming to him and Niyati is his wife, Mr Panday says he was not able to be a good father but now would make sure that his son never loses, Manaroma takes the mobile from them requesting Abhimanyu to not cause any disturbance in the wedding of Niyati now that he knows the truth. They are coming to him.

Ram and Sulochana welcome Aanad to the venue and are walking with him when Abhimanyu is walking towards them with the photo in his hand recalling the first meeting he had with Niyati and how he said that it is Niyati because of which they meet, Abhimanyu stops Aanad in his path, which really angers him, Abhimanyu is also looking him in the eye which worries Ram. Abhimanyu places the photo in his pocket then places his hand over the turban of Aanad.

Abhimanyu standing in front of Aanad looks at him with immense anger, he then places the photo in his pocket and places his hands around the turban, before looking towards Sulochana who signals him to not for this, he starts correcting and so that Aanad looks perfectly fine, he explains it got twisted so he fixed it, he exclaims that now Aanad would look the most handsome, he asks for the sweets then offers Aanad he however says he has already eaten it but Abhimanyu makes him eat it, he then advises how they should take a selfie, so calls everyone to smile.

The Pandit jee asks them to call the Groom, Abhimanyu exclaims that he is already here, they all are about to sit down when Abhimanyu mentions all of his blessings are with both Aanad and Niyati, after the pooja ends the Pandit jee advise them to call the bride meanwhile they perform the rest of the rituals, Abhimanyu asks Sulochana to go and call Niyati, he also leaves as he is not able to bear it.

Sulochana walking into the room asks the girls to leave and enjoy the function, she asks Niyati if they can go downstairs since he rituals have started, Abhimanyu entering the room asks Sulochana to go as he is going to bring Niyati, he turns to look t her while she is siting like a statue, he is standing next to her, she looks towards him when he praises her with a smile, asking if they should leave since the groom is waiting, she asks for some time but Abhimanyu exclaims that no one has a time since everyone is in a hurry, the guests desire to eat the food, Aanad is waiting to marry her and even the Pandit jee desires the wedding should end so he can go back home, even he desires this since then he would go back to his family. Niyati standing mentions he would not be able to understand, Abhimanyu questions how he would be able to understand since he is not mentally fit, Niyati replies she doesnot want to listen to him, everything is not that simple, she cannot refuse the truth because she knows the truth, that he is just acting normal in front of her while in secret was taking the shock therapy, he asks if Saira told her, Niyati mentions she herself saw him, when she questions how can he do it to her.

Abhimanyu mentions is this not enough for her because he is perfectly fine for the past three days so knows the treatment is working, Niyati exclaims that no one is listening to her, Aanad has his own thoughts when even her parents do not listen to her, she cannot behave like this, he doesnot know what she is going through, he always says they have a connection so he cannot even think about their connection, Abhiumanyu pulling her close exclaims he knows the entire truth, Abhimanyu takes out the photo mentioning he is mad but can even then understand some things, he tears the photo saying he was mad to think this was the connection of their fate but in realty is a game played in their childhood with the fate, she should forget it all. Niyati gets shocked to hear that he is saying she should forget him, he says her father is doing what is perfectly right for her and she must marry Aanad, he knows he is her past but the person sitting downstairs Aanad is her future, he loved her and will always keep loving her but that is his problem, he cannot ruin her life for him, Abhimanyu while laughing exclaims he read it somewhere that it is not love which one always attains, but rather sometimes for their love they must forget it, she should forget all the burdens of their past as her new life is waiting for her at the door, so she should take his hand.

Abhimanyu holding her hand exclaims she should go to the Mandap, he while pulling he starts walking downstairs, Niyati doesnot see anyone except hi, she is constantly thinking about his irritating behaviour, how he would always do what he desired without thinking about the consequence, Abhimanyu on the other hand is walking straight without any emotion, he brings Niyati to the Mandap showing her the way, she is staring at him while he is just looking down, he even lets go of her hand, she starts weeping while staring at Abhimanyu, she is forced to walk when Ram calls her to come and sit, she with immense hesitation sits beside Aanad who is really happy that he is getting married to her, Sulochana with fear looks to Ram, Abhimanyu sits beside Sulochana mentioning that he promised Ram to do all the work of the wedding, he has now completed the last work of Niyati’s wedding, he exclaims he is now going to take their leave and will come to have the ladoo, he apologizes to Ram even on behalf of his father. Abhimanyu then going to Aanad exclaims he is really lucky to have Niyati as his wife, he advises Aanad to take care of his friend, then says Goodbye to Niyati which worries her. Abhimanyu whistles so Buzo comes running to him, he then turns to leave the wedding with his dog, Niyati is just crying.

Abhimanyu walks out of the wedding while wiping off his tears, the entire family is sitting when Ram asks the Pandit jee to start the wedding rituals, Pandit jee advises them to follow the rules, Niyati is thinking how Abhimanyu said Goodbye to her.Mr Panday reaches the wedding with Kinkar and Manaroma, they both start searching in different directions, Manaroma thinks that this means Abhimanyu doesnot know the truth.

Niyati is sitting in the Mandap when the Pandit jee asks them to put the oil in the Havan kun, she is constantly thinking about how Abhimanyu said that he knows the entire truth, also recalling the truth which Mr Panday revealed that she has already been married to Abhimanyu with all the rituals. She immediately stands up from the Mandap which worries everyone.

Niyati stands uo from the Mandap, Ram says she should stand when the Pandit jee asks her to, she however is about to leave when Aanad asks where is she going, she says she is going to find Abhimanyu so rushes out of the venue.Some time earlier the pandit jee asks the father of the bride to perform the ritual, Niyati is sitting thinking how Abhimanyu said that it is a mistake made in their childhood by their parents which should be forgotten, Ram finally performs the ritual but Niyati is thinking that Abhimanyu himself ended the relationship which existed between them ,s eh recalls how Saira said she doesnot know if he would ever be able to remain normal, Niyati in all that con fusion stands up, Ram says she should only stand when the Pandit jee asks her to, she however tries to walk away when Ram stops her, everyone is shocked about what is going on, Mr Panday says that he was not able to find Abhimanyu, he stops Manaroma jee.

Niyati says that she has to find Abhimanyu, Ram asks if she has gotten mad, Aanad taking her hand says she should sit in the Mandap as they are getting married, no one here cares about him, Niyati says that she cares about him, she doesnot know what would happen if he does something to himself, Ram questions what sort of behaviour is this because she is getting married however Niyati mentions she should not have let Abhimanyu leave, Niyati runs out of the venue, Ram and Aanad try to stop her, Mr Panday stops Ram saying she would go because it is her right.

Niyati is running on the road trying to find Abhimanyu, she stops an auto while trying to search Abhimanyu.Lata did comes asking what is going on because first Niyati ran away and now these people, Mr Panday exclaims they have not been introduced properly, he is the father of Abhimanyu, the reason both his son and Niyati keep meeting is because their fate are connected since their childhood, both of them have been married to each other, everyone is shocked to hear this, Lata Didi asks Ram what is going on because if Niyati had been married then why did Ram hide such a big truth from them, Aanad exclaims that he knew the entire truth.

Niyat enters the hospital when she is shocked to see Buzo sitting outside the special room, she calls him so Buzo comes running to her, he takes her when she is shocked to see Abhimanyu lying in the bed, she is not able to control herself.Ram takes Kichu by the neck, Kinkar tries to help Kichu but he stops him, Ram mentions that all this drama is happening because Kichu purposefully made sure that his daughter got confused on her wedding day and so with the guilt she left this wedding, he ruined everything for her, Kichu pushes the hands of Ram, asking if he still thinks that he has not made any mistake, Kichu blames Ram for being wrong, he should have told everyone about the truth, but he did not do it, if that day he had revealed the truth then the situation would have been different today, he in order to protect the future of Niyati, placed the future of Aanad and Abhimanyu at risk, it is his fault entirely.

Ram says that if he thought about his daughter then is wrong, he should have performed the Gouna with the mental son of Kichu, he should have thrown her into that dark well, then if he thought the good for his daughter, he is wrong, Kichu desired the good for his son but why is it wrong when he thought the same for his daughter, he saw how Abhimanyu was adamant on killing his daughter, he had a big rod, they are glad because at the last moment he was given the medicine otherwise he would have killed Niyati. Ram is not able to control himself, he in anger vows to never send Niyati with Abhimanyu. Kichu says that he is not any person but their Munna who has played with him and Sulochana Bhabhi, he could have been healthy by being with Niyati, Abhimanyu started walking holding both their fingers, he asks Ram to say it with a hand on his heart if Abhimanyu was healthy would have he tried killing her,

Kichu explains that in order for him to get stable, it is important that Niyati should remain in his life, the doctors have said that whenever he is with Niyati, he takes the medicine and treatment on time, he pleads with Ram to not separate them both, he has seen it with his own eyes that Abhimanyu changes whenever Niyati is around him, he requests Ram to not make a sin of separating them both, Aanad in anger says it is enough.

Niyati rushes into the room, she starts talking with Abhimanyu asking why is he insisting on doing this as she knows he always does what he desires, the doctor says that he is unconscious, she explains that he was conscious so why did he allow this, Dr Sharma replies Abhimanyu asked the fastest way of his treatment, he informed Abhimanyu about the risk but he was insisting on taking it, had he refused Abhimanyu would have gone to some other doctor for the treatment, Dr Sharma leaves the room. Niyati is still standing beside Abhimanyu.

Aanad asks them all to leave, he says that he is going to bring Niyati, Aanad asks Saira where Niyati would be, she explains that she will be at the clinic of Dr Sharma. He is about to leave but Lata Didi stops them saying that when she asked him if everything was fine, he said that there is nothing wrong, she mentions that Niyati is the wife of Abhimanyu, Aanad asks what is the reason for such a marriage which she doesnot even remember, she was a child so will never let her make a mistake in her life, he tries to convince her by saying that he loves her, and she will be his wife, he has to find her

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