Rajjo starlife update Monday 10 July 2023

Rajjo 10 July 2013: The Episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo arguing a lot. He says I will manage my work. She says I m not dying to help you. They collide and the things fall. She helps him. They have a moment. He goes out of his room. Pushkar and everyone are on the way. Pushkar increases the AC. Jhilmil jokes that he is hot. Chirag takes care of Kalindi. He asks her to take care. She rests on his shoulder. Madhu and Jhilmil have a talk. Madhu says Rajjo should burn that Loban, then it will happen which didn’t happen before. Rajjo says I have to burn this Loban and spread the smoke in the entire house. She jokes seeing Arjun’s pic and laughs. Pushkar tries to hear Madhu and Jhilmil. Jhilmil asks what’s in that Loban. Madhu says it has bhaang, when Rajjo spreads the smoke, Arjun and Rajjo will get intoxicated, it will happen what I want.

Jhilmil says what an idea. She laughs. Madhu says my patience is already tested a lot. Rajjo smells the Loban and laughs. Madhu says the person gets so happy that he just gets love for the other person. She takes the Loban pot to spread the smoke. She says I will go and do the Shuddikaran. Arjun is on call. He thinks to not think of Rajjo so much. He says what did she burn now. He goes to see.

At the temple, everyone is praying. Madhu prays for some miracle, Arjun’s life gets saved. Mannu thinks Pushkar is behind the incident, I wish Rajjo stays fine. Pushkar prays. He thinks one person can be killed for five lives, support me. Mannu prays that she gets some sign. Madhu and everyone get shocked seeing a snake. The snake wraps around Pushkar’s body. Pushkar asks someone to move it. Chirag says don’t touch, it will bite you. Jhilmil says don’t breathe. Pratap asks Chirag to call a serpent. Mannu thinks Pushkar should get punished. Pandit comes and takes the snake away. He saves Pushkar. Pushkar drinks water. Everyone worries for him. Pushkar says its our Naag devta, don’t know why he did this today. Mannu gets angry and says you take a move towards my daughter and then see what I do. They all leave. Arjun sees Rajjo. They both get intoxicated. Baahon me chale aao… plays…

They both romance and get close. Arjun asks why are you doing this with me. She asks what. He says you are making excuses, I can’t think of anything else when you are in front of me, my heart runs fast, you are doing magic on me. She holds him close. They both have an eyelock. He confesses his feelings. He says I have fallen for you. Tujhse juda kyu….plays… They get close to kiss. Phone rings. He says don’t focus on that ring, focus on me. She says okay.

Arjun laughing. He says who calls on landline in today’s times. He goes to answer the call. He gets to hear Gurumaa’s call to Madhu. Gurumaa says Rajjo will dedicate herself to Arjun tonight, then it will happen what we want. Rajjo thinks who is this woman, why does she care for Rajjo and my relation. Rajjo waits for Arjun. Gurumaa says Arjun is still under the threat, Rajjo is the only way to get saved, Arjun has to go close to Rajjo, when he gives her a wife’s rights, then Arjun will get a life, Rajjo has to die to give a life to Arjun. Arjun gets shocked and drops the phone. Arjun recalls Madhu’s words. Rajjo asks how did the storm come suddenly, where is Arjun. Arjun sits shocked. Rajjo looks for him.

She takes the phone and checks. She says Arjun left me alone.Rajjo walks on the road and recalls Gurumaa’s words. Rajjo cries and looks for Arjun. Arjun recalls Madhu’s words again and shouts. He says I was so stupid, I just believed what was told to me, but I really loved Rajjo, how shall I tell Rajjo now, I m so unfortunate, mom knew about Rajjo and me, she chose life for me and death for Rajjo. He sits crying. He asks how did you think I will be alive.

He sits in front of a car. He closes eyes. The car passes by. Arjun falls down. Rajjo gets worried. She sees Arjun at some temple. She runs and hugs him. Kaisi teri khudgarzi…plays… He makes her away. She asks why did you leave me and go, you are hiding something, tell me, what happened, did I make any mistake. He thinks you made a big mistake by marrying me. He says Rajjo, you… She says I was worried for you. He says you worry for yourself and go home, don’t worry for me.He says please go. Rajjo goes crying. Mannu comes to Pushkar and scolds him. He asks what nonsense. She says your truth has come out, you have attempted to kill Rajjo, that snake wrapped you because your heart is evil. He laughs and asks her not to be superstitious.

He says I m helping Rajjo, because Niharika likes her a lot, I want to spend life in peace, I m saying the truth, Kalindi is also married in that house, Madhu loves Arjun and Arjun loves Rajjo, stop thinking wrong, I have no intention to do this, trust me if you want, or else its your wish. Mannu thinks I don’t trust him, I have to keep an eye on him. Pushkar gets his car and says I will kill her today, good bye. Mannu worries. She cries and runs to the temple.

She prays and takes the trishul. He sees her with the trishul and turns the car away. He leaves. Rajjo sits crying at the door. Mannu and Madhu come home. They see Rajjo crying. Rajjo runs to Mannu and hugs her. Mannu asks what happened. Everyone comes. Chirag asks where is Arjun. Madhu asks what happened, where is Arjun, is he fine. Rajjo says he left. Madhu worries. Rajjo says he left the house at midnight, I went after him, he was at the temple, I told him to come home with me, but he scolded me. Madhu thinks Arjun never leaves her alone, what happened now. Chirag says don’t cry, mum and I will scold Arjun. Madhu goes in anger. She comes to the temple and sees Arjun. She asks did Rajjo do any mistake, why are you here, tell me. Arjun gets angry and scolds her.

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