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I do 5 January 2022: Billo is searching in the bedroom when Zoya catches her and asks her why she is stealing and summons everyone. Zoya tells dilshad that she is stealing, Billo tries to defend najma says even my watch is missing, billo pleads forgiveness and Zoya asks her to bring all the things she stole. Billo shows them what all she has stolen and Dilshad chucks her out.

They check what all Billo has stolen, it has some old memories of Zoya her childhood stuff and seeing this Zoya gets emotional & says it was given by my parents and their only memory with me.Dilshad hugs zoya and consoles her, Zoya happy to find it back.

Rashid comes home to find Badi bee unconscious and cries, Nikhat says now that Rashid is home badi bee will surely wake up. Rashid says becoz of him his mom is like this but he will set everything alright and will prove that he is brave and not a coward and that we will leave this house and go away from here.

Rashid tells he is leaving Rasia’s hubby syas you cant go now leaving me behind, Rashid says they never cared for him but he always took care of their business & rasia bhabi always used me as a weapon, didnt help me come out of jail. Siddiqui says i was not ready to bribe police to get you out of jail, rashid says you both made me slave and do all wrong work and you were always good in the eyes of others, Siddiqui tells shireen that today your hubby is yelling at me and did you forget I made your life with Rashid or you would have been like dilshad and your kids would have been naajayaz.Shireen tells him that he has helped her a lot but he has used Rashid very well, I trusted you so much but you never cared, helped us.

Shireen sides with Rashid and tells him to lets leave this house. Tanveer wears contact lenses to hide her white eyes and just then Zoya comes but misses seeing it, Tanveer has kept money on the cot and worries if Zoya finds it and hides it on some pretext.

Zoya thanks Tanveer for saving her when Asad was angry on her for feeding him peanuts, Tanveer says Asad is never angry on me, Zoya feels bad. She finds Tanveer’s stuffs packed, tanu says her work is over and she is leaving & if asad finds out he may not allow her to go. Zoya thinks with me he is always ready to send me out of here. Zoya somewhat happy that Tanveer is leaving.

Rasia starts drama and tries to emotionally blackmail Shireen and says her hubby cares for shireen a lot, she tells Rashid that does he know how he came out, Rashid says yes the police found he was innocent so they released him, Rasia says we paid Firoz a huge sum of money to get you released from jail & asks him to check with Ayaan. Rashid questions Ayaan if he gave money to Firoz?Ayaan says yes,Rasia saya we had to do all this as we couldnot see shireen crying so much and Ayaan suffering. Rashid asks what Ayaan had to pay for this help, Ayaan remembers Rasia telling him not to tell anyone about the deal, Rashid forces him to speak, Ayaan is speechless, Rashid says these people have trapped you too… Rasia asks why is he doubting them so much, they helped him becoz he is their family, they ahve no bad intention wanted to save shireen’s life, nikhat’s wedding.

Tanveer is leaving and Zoya is very happy , Dilshad asks her to stay back but Zoya says Tanu has lots of work she has to go and is getting late (Zoya wants her to go before asad comes back) Najma says Bhaijaan came, Zoya disappointed Asad asks who is going, Zoya says Tanu has lots of work and has to go, Asad takes her luggage inside, Zoya is sad.
Ayaan remembers Rasia telling him not to tell anyone about the deal, Rashid forces him to speak, Ayaan is speechless, Rashid says these people have trapped you too… Rasia asks why is he doubting them so much, they helped him becoz he is their family, they ahve no bad intention wanted to save shireen’s life, nikhat’s wedding.

Just then Badi bee wakes up and comes & Rasia is shocked.. Badi bee tells that she had misunderstood Rasia, she is a very good lady. Rasia and her hubby shocked to hear this. Badi bee says this is our house we will stay here & not go away.Badi bee says today she knows whats the truth and they all will stay back here and she holds Rasia’s hand and smiles at her.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia comes while badi bi is out sitting in the lawn. She asks badi bi, about the change in her behaviour. Bi says that she was just praising her. Razia demands to know what was she talking about. Razia imitates her and shows how she changed her colors and tone. She says that she was right is saying that she is not only cruel but also a vicious evil lady. she says that she was right that this is her house, and she wont leave this house, nor would let rashid leave.

The only person who leaves would be her and her husband. She says that she might be dying but she would see that she gets razia to the grave by ruining her life, before she dies. She says that she knows everything, but doesnt have evidence. The law might not punish her, but she would, by

detsroying her status in the family. Razia stops her saying that now she would enjoy playing the game with her, and how she would get her, her son, and his family on the roads. Badi bi says that Razia may be a better player, but she still knows how to win. She says that now that all cards have been laid out, razia should reveal who she killed in the doll factory. She begins to tell her story, in the hope that it might change badi bi’s mentality. She says that her life was ruined, when that lady came without even any prior intimation, and what she told, forced razia to take a drastic step.

She says that that lady’s existence would have spoiled her life forever. Razia tells badi bi that her husband had an extra marital affair with someone, who she murdered in the doll factory. But she also found out, that they also had an illegitimate daughter, who was the cause due to which she had to take the drastic step of killing her mother. When badi bi asks what happened to the girl, is told by razia, that she was dropped in the orphanage. Badi bi asks if mamu has seen the girl, razia replies that he had seen her just once. In flashback, mamu is shown giving that same dancing dolls showpiece, that zoya has kept as the last memory of her parents.

Razia says that she couldnt digest the affair her husband had. Razia tells that mamu had met zainab, zoya’s mother in america, who he wanted to marry. But when he came to india, his family didnt let him go back. She says that she entered into marriage with him, unaware of the idea, that mamu had an illegitimate daughter. she says that when she got to know, she didnt want him to have any kind of relations with his daughter. She says determinedly that now that daughter would never be able to meet her father ever again. Razia says that she doesnt even know if she’s alive or not.

Scene 2:
Location: In the dargah
Zoya reaches the dargah, remembering the words of the watchman, outside the delapidated building. she thinks that this is the right place to investigate about her father, and starts interrogating people. zoya comes across mamujaan, unaware that she is actually crossing by her father. She doesnt get much help or any substantial info. She takes out the doll showpiece, and gets emotional. Just then, mamujaan too arrives there, in an introspective mood, with his head in the sky, as if reaching ou to the lord, unaware that the girl with her back towards him, playing with the doll show piece is actually his own daughter.

Mamu looks around as if searching for something, while zoya clutches on to the photo, her only evidence that can lead her to her father. She turns around and starts walking towards mamu, trying to find any possible clue. The father-daughter duo collide unintentionally, and she drops the photo, bends to pick it up, and then passes by mamujaan. Mamu too is unaware of the games destiny is playing on him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
In the confines of his home, mamu is in introspection. When razia comes, he asks what had happened to that girl. Razia pretends not to know. When mamu says that he knows who is he talking about, she too defiantly says that they both know she was sent to orphanage, but doesnt know what haappened after that. She says that it shouldt affect them, as she doesnt want any more trouble for that, as they have already had that share. Mamu says that he knows. Razika says that they should let bygones be bygones, and not bother about how is the girl now, and that died relations and people shouldnt be brought back to life. Mamu quietens down thinking about that girl.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya, with her dollpiece, thinks that she knows that the last stair to the destination, is the most difficult to climb, but she wont be deterred, and that she would definitely find out her father. Asad finds zoya emotional, as he passes by, and cant help feeling for her, and is drawn towards her to reach out to her in her difficult time. He sits besides her. While zoya breaks down crying, asad caressingly cups her face in his hands, and turning it towards her, wipes her tears, and then asad gives her his shoulder to cry on. She too seeks it for solace.(MITWA MOMENT). Later, we get to know, that asad was actually dreaming the whole sequence, when he is disturbed by tanveer, who breaks his dream, saying that she just came to wish him goodnight. After tanveer goes, he again looks at zoya.

While having breakfast, Tanveer makes jam and bread for asad, to take care of his health. As asad asks her to sit beside him, zoya jealous of it, reminds her that she had to go out, and hence sends tanveer off for getting her bags. after she goes, asad, while reading the newspaper, is unaware that zoya has stolen his breakfast. When he catches her eating, she breaks into her poetry,He is as usual disgusted by her nonsensical humour. After finishing his breakfast, she asks if he would like anything else. When he says no, she asks if he only likes dishes made by tanveer. asad hides his face in the newspaper to not let zoya see him smiling at her. when tanveer comes back, asad asks tanveer to show her leg to the doctor. Zoya says to tanveer that they should leave in haste, to avoid him talking to tanveer for long.

On the tv, he sees an interview being reported where Feroz says that the case against rashid was completely false, and that this case was done by rashid’s first wife dilshad’s son, asad ahmad khan, just for the motive of malaligning, due to some family feud. He is highly tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s office
Ayan, too thinks that asad would think that ayan was behind all of this, despite nikhat telling him otherwise. ayan says that whats happening recently will lead asad to believe that ayan was after that. He says that he would clear out the misunderstanding. But razia, comes in saying that he wouldnt go and do anything like that, since asad is after all their enemy, and feroz hasnt lied about that.

Rashid comes in and says that he would go. razia asks why is he so bothered. She asks if he feels remorse or guilt that asad couldnt get the noose around his neck. Rashid says that he would go and tell asad the entire truth, as he doesnt want ayan to be raised in the shadow of a crime, that he didnt even commit. He says that she cant come between two brothers. He sends ayan off to meet asad. as ayan leaves, rashid looks at razia victoriously.

As ayan is about to leave, razia tells him that rashid may be newly agitating, but he knows better than to refuse what she is ordering him. Ayan still goes ahead, but is stopped by razia’s hand on his. He says that the condition was just for marriage, and that he would do, but other than that, he never was anyone’s slave, nor will he ever be. He says determinedly that he’s going to meet his brother, asad.

Scene 3:
Location: At the doctor
Tanveer keeps getting razia’s call, and she asks zoya to stay in line, for the appointment

The nurse asks her to get tanveer soon, as she would give the appointment to someone else then. Zoya keeps trying tanveer’s phone, but she doesnt get through. she wonders where she went so unexpectedly. She thinks that asad wouldnt forgive her for this.

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