I do update Thursday 6 January 2022


I do 6 January 2022: Asad keeps cancelling the calls that have started pouring in, after feroz’s interview. He throws away the phone in disgust. Asad, who is in a rage hearing this, is shocked when he finds ayan in his home. Asad remembers ayan’s harsh words to him. Ayan tries to clarify that whatever he saw on the tv was a lie. Neither asad nor dilshad respond. He asks dilshad to believe him, saying that he neither thinks nor did he say anything like that, and that he just wanted to save rashid. he tells dilshad that

Asad starts pacing towards his room, and when ayan follows, he slams the door on ayan’s face. ayan is hurt at this and walks away. dilshad reaches out to him.

While asad is very disturbed thinking about feroz’s interview, he gets a phone call from zoya. Zoya tells asad on the call, that tanveer has disappeared, which surprises him too. Zoya tells asad on the call, that tanveer has disappeared, which surprises him very much, when he knows that tanveer went to attend a phone call, and then didnt come back.

When in the evening zoya returns, thinking that asad would be very angry at her for losing tanveer. When he finds asad angry, she breaks into clarification, but she is srprised when she finds tanveer in the house only. She asks tanveer where had she gone, and why. She, in turn sys that she wants to ask the same thing from zoya, as after attending to her phone call, she came back to find that zoya wasnt there. Asad, as usual, is very upset at zoya, who he seems to find at fault all the time. zoya says that she was looking for her, and came back there only.

Asad says that anything can happn to her, and she cant even perform a simple task, and put him into tension for her. He says that tanveer came straight home, which was good. Tanveer asks asad to let go for the misunderstanding, as both are home safe. She apologizes to zoya. Asad says that for someone’sfault, someone else is asking forgiveness. He tells tanveer, that next time onwards, he would take her wherever she needs to go. As he leaves, the screen freezes on zoya’s hurt face.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
While dilshad and zoya are having food, tanveer helps telling dilshad that she doesnt mind helping around the kitchen. zoya offers to help, trying to overtake tanveer. But tanveer politely refuses. Zoya thinks that tanveer has come here to give an inferiority complex. Dilshad, irritates her all the more, by going on a praise marathon about tanveer. Zoya chokes on the fact that dilshad says that when asad and tanveer grew up together, very close, people thought they would marry when they grow up. She thinks that people are going gaga over tanveer. She skids out from dilshad, saying thats he forgot her design book, and runs from there to avoid talking anymore about tanveer.

Tanveer talks to someone on the phone, asking is she knows for sure.

when she is confirmed by the caller, she takes out a pregnancy kit, saying that she knows for sure, that this is the only way to find out if she’s actually pregnant. Tanveer is shocked to find that she’s pregnant, and cant seem to believe it. Just then, zoya walks in on her in her room, and catches her off guard. Tanveer hides the pregnanacy strip amongst her to be washed clothes. Zoya says that she came to return tanveer’s book. Tanveer asks her not to have bothered. Zoya apologizes for the misunderstanding at the hospital. Tanveer says that its okay.

While she’s busy with talking to zoya, she absentmindedly tells the washer lady to take clothes for washing, where tanveer had hidden the strip, and she is shocked when she finds out that the strip also has gone. the washer lady while taking the clothes, drops the strip, on the table accidentally ignorantly.
Tanveer, as she runs down, to retrieve the strip, comes across asad, is asked by him if she wants him to get anything for her. when he insists, she says that she could get her whatever he wants. She asks him to ask zoya also if she needs anything. when asad asks her, Zoya says that she too likes kachori, but that its okay, and that she would get it herself if she has to.

When asad is about to leave, zoya asks tanveer, if asad ever got hit on the head, due to which his intelligence is too low, hinting a blow at asad. But he doesnt bother, and leaves anyway.

when asad comes back, he asks about tanveer from nazma, keeping a packet on the table. When nazma tells him that she has gone out, he attends a phone call. When he gst busy in the call, Zoya prepares jam and toast for asad, saying that since she had finished his’ in the morning, hence she has made it for him.(MITWA MOMENT) Zoya, seeing asad smiling, gets into a blabbering babooning again, saying that she had made this for herself, but seeing that he cme back hungry from office, she decided to give it to her. Asad shows her the packet that he had got for her, that contains kachori that he has got for her. Taking the packet, after much deliberation, she breaks into her poetry,

Asad, smilingly warns her that if she gets into her poetic self again, he woul;d take it from her. While they get down to eating, zoya gets a stain of the ketchup on the side of the mouth, side by side complementing on the kachori. Asad points her out, but she gets to the wrong side. Asad, himself gets to the stain, by taking a napkin and wiping it for her, while she is stunned by this act.(MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia starts choking on the samosas, and the chillies in it. Badi bi, all the more, stings her eyes with the chillies that she had in her hand, and seeing her condition, remembers what razia did with her. She says that razia likes to play with fire, and now she would ahve to burn, as she told razia that she would give her punishment herself. As razia screams out for water, as the chillies start showing effect from the samosas, badi bi holds her from behind, and says that she would get water definitely, and throws her into the same pool, that razia had thrown her once into.

Badi bi calls up a committee, introducing herself, and saying that she wants to increase her donation from 11000 to 51000. The chairman of the committe is very happy to hear this. She tells him to send his men to collect the sonation and ask him to meet someone called razia in the house. after that, she goes into razia’s safe and removes all the money from there.

When the committee arrives, razia is boggled at the fact that someone from their house had called. The people ask if they should make the receipt. razia tries to avert it saying that they should come later. But badi bi comes in saying that good things shouldnt be delayed. Razia, not seeing any oher option, asks them to give a receipt of 11000. But she is shocked when she knows that the receipt is of 51000. Finding that razia has no escape, she resigns herself to get the money.

Grumbling and angry at badi bi’s latest pranks pulled on her, razia goes into the safe of her room, and is shocked to find no money there. she comes down to tell badi bi that she has no money, and badi bi shouts out to everyone, embarassing her in front of everyone. The people too taunt razia saying that she wasted their time. badi bi, offers tauntingly, that the only way to save face is to ask money from rashid, at which razia seems to be shocked but doesnt really have another option.

When badi bi and razia approach him, rashid says that if its for a noble cause, then he would definitely give. Razia says that when mamujaan returns, she would give it back to him. Rashid says that its not required as the money given to the poor are not meant to be returned. rashid asks badi bi to give the money to razia. badi bi asks her to come along.

She tells razia that today her hands are spread out in front of her, and that rashid’s actually the one feeding them and razia is at their mercy, just at the position of a beggar. Badi bi says to razia that the speed at which she is giving away charity to people, soon the day would come when she would have to be at the receiving end of the charity herself, since she would very soon bring razia to the road. As badi bi goes, razia gets tanveer’s call, saying that she has something urgent to talkng about. Razia vents out her frustration at tanveer, and says that tanveer shouldnt call her unnecessarily and that she doesnt have time for her nonsense and cancels the phone. Tanveer thinks that now that the work has been done, razia is ignoring her.

Zo,dilshad najma watching some program on TV and ask asad to join them, zoya gets excited seeing a dance sequence while asad gets irritated, in the video they are laughing due to bhaang effect,asya remember their bhaang time…mitwa in BG.

Haseena and othere praising Rasia for her charity, when Tanveer comes & rasia shocked.She calls rasia aside to speak in private, rasia says not interested, Tanu threatens her to expose her, rasia says how dare she blackmail her, Haseena’s friend asks if Tanu is rasia’s daughter…Rasia says this girl is lower than a maid how can she be her daughter. Tanu gets hurt/angry at her words. Rasia says she is a poor girl begging here. Rasia gives Tanu rs.1000 and asks her to get lost or she will humiliate her further. Tanu leaves in disappointment apologizing & rasia tells her to never come here.

Asad in his room trying to remember that night while zo in her room thinking the same.They both decide to ask one another what happened that night but stop. Mitwa in BG. Finally they open their room doors and look at each other…mitwa again. They slowly approach each other when someone turns on music Bolna halke song comes & Asya look at one another & remember rain dance. Asya stare at each other, Asad asks if she has anything to say..zo closes her eyes and tries to talk about that night but asad leaves and she too goes to her room.Both thoughtful worried as to what is happening to them and why were they singing dancing that night. Both are not able to remember completely…

zoya decides to make asad blurt out what all he remembers of that night.

Humeira asks a worried Ayan what happened & apologises for not helping him. Ayan says he is not upset on her humeira asks him to share with him his problems, Ayan remembers agreeing to wedding and yells at humeira not to eat his head and leave him alone. Humeira in tears says she wnats to help him, Ayan asks her to go away.

Tanveer calls someone and says I have to meet you & I am pregnant. Badi bee spills oil on stairs, asks Rasia to be careful while Rasia runs upstairs and slips and falls badly down couple of stairs, Badi bee says you finally fell down how does it feel? Rasia yells in pain.

Nikhat & Imran having romantic talks & wedding date finalization.Nikhat says she fears about future, Imran says nothing will come between their happiness.

Tanveer comes to Imran & says I am becoming mother of your kid. Imran says you left me and went what can I do now my wedding is already fixed. Tanveer says you cant run away, Imran says we met long back how can this be my kid.Tanveer says he cant do this to her,Imran says nothing is possible now & leaves.

Zoya makes pakoda for asad and asks him to taste, he faintly remmebers eating bhang pakoda and refuses to eat it,, Zoya forces him to eat and says such pakodas should be ate in rainy season,Asad asks what kind of rain? and they remmeber rain dance. Asad says he isnt hungry and leaves. Zoya thinks if he is smart she is super smart.

Rashid ,Shireen & Badi bee think to meet Haseena and discuss wedding details with Haseena & her family. Rasia comes with fractured neck, Badi bee says according to our custom girls’ mama mami should go,shireen says Rasia is unwell cant go, Badi bee says we will postpone the wedding a bit,Rasia tries to speak but Badi bee kicks her head and Rasia says she will go.Rasia thinks she has to keep quite till ayan & humeira wedding then she will teach badi bee a lesson. Badi bee gives her a lot of gifts which rasia carries with great difficult. Rasia at haseena’s house calls her to come and discuss about wedding.

Tanveer comes to meet Imran to his house and decides to teach him a lesson and humiliate him in front of all. Rasia catches her and scolds her for coming here, haseena comes and asks Tanveer to get lost.

Tanveer tries to speak when Rasia pushes her, tanu stops her while all look at Tanu and call ehr high handed, Rasia further humiliates Tanveer calling her low class and pushes her away when one of her eyes lens falls off revealing while eyes and and all get shocked, scared and call her chudail. Tanveer further humiliated and rasis sats she has bad eyes.All laugh at Tanveer including Imran. Some lady asks her to stop humiliating when Rasia says women like Tanveer have no respect she is fit for a khota a life of pr*stitute as she has no class or family. Tanveer comes home and cries remembering Rasia’s words and vows to show Rasia her class by marrying a high class guy who has lots of money,power & status and her kid will become a legal son of some rich guy.

Asad working in his room when zoya comes at his window wearing orange saree and starts dancing to Bolna halke, Asad steals glances at her and remembers rain dance.She slips and asad holds her… mitwa moment.AsYa stare at each other for eternity.Both feel tense and asad leaves her and asks what is she doing, zo asks if he forgot all, asad asks what,zo asks that night,song,rain, me you…Asad says no. Zo says he is stone hearted.Asad says he is and asks her not to waste time on him with her smile.Zo thinks he remembers her dimple wala killing smile and excited and dances while asad bangs his head.

Next day asad getting ready when he finds zo’s earring in his drawyer and remmebers rescuing her from akram & smiles. He knocks at her door while zo is listening to music,Asad calls her Zo surprised at his call & thinks he might have remembered the rainy day. Zo answers and says she is coming out,Asad wonders if she knows of the earing.

Asad finds Tanveer crying and gets worried.She pretends all is well,asad forces her to tell, Tanu says everything is finished, my house shop in kanpur got burnt I lost everything. Asad says how this happened, Tanu says she doesnt know some accident, Asad says he is with ehr, Tanu hugs him and cries, Zo comes to find them hugging and gets jealous.



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