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I do 4 May 2022: while all lie dead in the mansion, tanveer sets it afire. Meanwhile, Dilshad finds an inspector who dishevelled tells her story to him. But he gets a call from his senior, and he refuses to help her citing that he has to go somewhere where a huge fire has broken in a house, and everyone inside is burnt, and gives the address of the house. As dilshad knows that its their house thats being talked about, she is shocked and distraught, as she stands with the two kids, while the police storms off in the jeep. She breaks down into crying, screaming incoherently, while clutching them tightly.

After 20 years, in the state of Punjab, Dilshad is shown to be dealing with Lakha singh, a vegetable vendor. When dilshad warns him about someone, he seems very scared. dilshad asks him to hurry up, as sanam has already reached the Dhaba, and wants them seperately. He also comments on how sanam is so particular about cleanliness and hygiene. dilshad says that she got it in heritance, as she goes into memories of asad always being picky about hygiene. Dilshad laments that 20 years without them, have been like ages, and has raised Nazma and his daughter, and never realised that she became a Grandmother and didnt even realise it, and that she remembers them too much with each passing second, and Sanam is just like him.

Scene 2:Location: DHABA SANAM DA
While customers are having food, they too notice that the girl, Sanam is very particular about cleanliness, as the servant instructs them to. Sanam is revelaed to be a lookalike of Zoya, breaking into poetry, just like her mother:Sanam da dhaba jaise hain five star….Tera Pyar Pyar, Hukka Baar……In her overenthusiasm for poetry, she burns the food, like zoya, her mother but then salvages it too like Asad. the servant comes in saying that one of the customers isnt paying, but gorging on food. She herself is scared, and asks him to get the customer, fighting in the name of opening another chain of restaurants, Dilshad’s treatement, and haya’s operation.

the servant goes in asking for monay. The customer tries to threaten her, but she reprimands and insults him completely, and goes on a rant as to how he would have to pay, but doesnt allow him to speak. She leeps saying that she isnt scared of anyone, while he tries to speak something. Finally he tells her that her kitchen is on fire. she desperately tries to douse it and finally manages to, with the help of servants. He also gets to Sanam’s hands, that got burnt. After the dressing,t they resume work. While zoya continues with her opinion of falling in love after marriage, the servant taunts her, that it wont happen, and that love can happen any minute, without even the heart knowing about it. Zoya asks him to stop talking filmy.

Zoya says that they are traditional people, and girls from such families dont talk like that, and if dilshad has chosen someone for her, then he would be the right choice. She gets Dilshad’s call, saying that haya has gone to serve the kids, then who would deliver the food. Zoya gets tensed. she begins to prepaere food for packaging, w2hile still on phone with dilshad. Zoya says that chinese is in fashion, and she learnt it too, and starts talking about learning mexican food too. Zoya says that she cant find Pudina Chutney, and Dilshad says that Pudina Chutney has no use for Chinese cuisine. But zoya insists on it.

Scene 3:Location: On an isolated road
Meanwhile, in another corner, a young spoilt brat is shown to be basking having a sunbath by the road, as he wakes up after a drunken night of fun and alcohol. A brother, rehaan calls him up, as sahil, and asks him to wake up finally. rehaan tells him that he has a meeting with American Client, about finalising the five star hotel Deal. he remembers it and waking up with a start, he quickie freshens up himself, in the car itself and then gets on the video conferencing with his Laptop. He commences the appointment, while rehaan watches. rehaan is surpsied when he finalises the deal within 10 minutes. sahil says that he knows how to handle people, and to win.

He tells rehaan that he’s going to Punjab, for seeing that the land doesnt fall in anyone else’s hands. Sahil tells Rehaan that from today he wont talk to anyone. rehaan asks what if begum calls. sahil gets tensed but then says that when begum has to talk to someone she always finds a way to go about it. Rehaan asks if he’s going alone. They both smile, giving each other a knowing glance, about his girlfriend for timepass. Sahil gives a carefree attitude towards his life, projecting him image as a Casanova.

Scene 3:Location: Sanam’s residence
As girls have gathered in Sanam’s room, and they all appreciate her cooking, Sanam gets very happy. Sanam is teased about her would be husband, her fiancee, Anwar, and then asked to go down and cast a glance at him, and also get him to try this soup with Pudina chutney. She shyly goes out. Sanam says that her tomorrow is standing right before her, and now nothing can go wrong. She is oblivious of Sahil’s entry to her life soon. But as she begins to step down the stairs, she gets really tensed. The screen freezes on her and Sahil’s face.

Scene 1:Location: In the car
Ahil is with his latest crush in the car, when he is disgusted with the taste of the food, which has pudina chtuney with it, as sanam likes it. He begins to get flirtatious with her, even after having forgotten her name, and then goes on to teach her the art of lip reading, by getting seductive and intimate with her. she begins to ask him if he would marry her actually. He gets tensed. Ahil says that one fact about dating him, is that she should never ever use the word, marriage. she is upset, while he says that he can take her back to where he picked her up from, if she doesnt like it. Ahil is busy on his cell phones, very adamant that he isnt here for charity but for money making, and he would ensure that he gets a profitable deal.

Scene 2:
Location: Sanam’s residence
Sanam comes down shyly with her soup, while anwar sees her amusingly, smiling at her and her nervousness. they exchange greetings, and begin to hav a conversation. he tries the soup, while she asks him to take it with the pudina chtuney. he starts to compliment her. she begins to go, while he teases her that he hopes he gets to talk to her after marriage. She runs away having gotten shy.

Scene 3:Location: In the gurudwara
Haya, Nazma’s daughter is shown to be serving food to kids with much love and affection. as she leaves, Sanam comes and is told that Haya just left. The caretaker tells her about less income these days, and is told that she accepts whatever the lord offers her. she leaves after haya.

Scene 4:Location: On the road
While haya is walking on the road, Sahil blows the horn, bute she doesnt respond. Even after repeated instances, when haya doesnt turn, he gets angry and finally he dives the car beside her, making her fall on the road, while he manages just about to take a turn and move. After he leaves, Sanam rushes upto Haya, her sister, and then starts cursing the fellow for doing this to her sister, while her sister tries to calm her down. They both walk off, while it is shown obviously that haya is deaf and dumb.

Scene 5:
Location: Sanam’s residence
When sanam is still furious, dilshad comes to ask what happened. sanam distracts her on haya’s signal. she breaks into her poetry, asking dilshad if she took her meds….Badi ammi ne nahi khai dawaai….Chennai…aai…aai…aaai….Sanam begins to tease dilshad about her forgetful nature for taking meds, and then informs her that she has to go to decide the menu for a marriage. dilshad asks her to slow down as her own marriage is approaching. sanam starts to talk about how many dreams that she has about her restaurant, and then says that she wants to take care of dilshad like her parents, and had they not died in the road accident, they would have been here today. haya gets emotional. Dilshad is guilty that she hasnt told the girls the truth. Dilshad says that anwar called to ask permission to take Sanam for choosing the engagement ring. while haya is happy, sanam gets shy.

Scene 6:Location: On the road
Haya acts as the mediator, while Sanam and Anwar talk about the ring that has been chosen by the jeweller, and are both excitedly telling haya about the same, and then are happy about the discount too that they are getting. sanam watches a car pass by and identifies it as the same car that had toppled Haya. She runs after it, barefoot, while haya and Anwar are shocked. meanwhile, Ahil and simran get out of the car, while she asks about what hotel are they talking about. ahil says that they wont need hotels. He takes her to a stack of food grains piled up. he begins to get physically intimate with her, with much shamelessness. In the isolated shack, sanam finds them both in such a compromising situation and is embarassed and shocked out of his wits.

She turns around and then hides behind the grains, unable to believe what she just saw. she peeps through a hole and finds them enjoying their physical intimacy and is mortified. When ahil walks out victoriously, Sanam is shocked nand cant believe what her just saw, while he walks ahead with a Devil May Care attitude, as he puts his shirt back on.

Scene 7:Location: Sanam’s residence
Sanam comes homw and Haya is tensed to find her distraught. she comes upto her and asks what happened and where had she gone. She tells that she had gone to follow that man. She remembers the incident again and is embarassed. sanam tells about what she just saw, to Dilshad, who pretends to be horrified, but doesnt get it right while haya is amused, at sanam’s dilemma, when he describes the act as what Imran Hashmi does in his films. Dilshad asks her to stop bothering about that and starts thinking about her marriage. sanam says that she doesnt want to get married, as she doesnt want to leave them ever as they are her life. Dilshad says that girls have to leave their homes eventually. sanam asks why cant boys do that. dilshad asks if she wants her to be happy, and when she complies, dilshad explains her plans of the marriage. sanam says that she doesnt want any extra enpenditure as she doesnt want to get married at the Taj Mahal.

Dilshad remembers Asad and zoya’s marriage at the Taj mahal, and gets emotional. the screen freezes on Sanam’s face.

Scene 1:Location: In the car
After having had his share of fun with simran, aahil now starts getting frustrated with her company. just then, to add to his agony, his car gets stuck in a pothole, and doesnt come out. He vents out his frustration at her, and asks her to drive while he pushes it out of the pothole. They try to get it, but it doesnt. To add to his misery, the car breaks down too. He again gets angry at her and tries to start the ignition himself, but in vain. He gets very irritated. she starts crying, which pisses him off more. He asks her to shut up, while he checks for the problem. He begins to see whats wrong, and finds that he needs to replace a part and call the mechanic. he leaves to call the mechanic asking her to wait there. She asks him to hurry up, while he leaves.

Scene 2:Location: Sanam’s residence
As the night dawns off, haya gets sanam her wedding dupatta, and drapes it on her head, while she sits basking in the moonlight. Haya asks if she’s nervous, as heroines behave in films. Sanam says that its nothing like that, as the filmy romance isnt real, and starts to depict how it happens in reel and not real life. but haya disagrees, while sanam continues to mock the love romances in serials and films, which is very different from real life arranged marriages. she asks haya to come along and sleep now. As she turns around, something changes, as she gets emotional and tensed, as strong winds start blowing, just the kind of romance and feeling that she was just mocking.

Just then, a knock on the door, and dilshad comes out, and finds Aahil at the doorstep, asking for a mechanic. she tells him the way. sanam comes in asking who it was. dilshad tells her about him. she is still taken by a sudden surge of emotions, as she gets curious to find out who was the person. she finds him, with his back turned, as he mixes in teh darkness finally. She gets nervous and tingly all inside. she begins to rethink her opinion about romances.

The next morning, as dilshad begins to leave, Sanam tells her that she is interested in learning about Italian Cuisine and wants to go to the net for surfing. Sanam says that she was thinking about opening the Dhaba half an hour prior in the evening, to get better customers. dilshad asks if she doesntg get tired working so hard. sanam says that she doesnt get tired dreaming, as this isnt work. She says that she always thinks how would asad and zoya have reacted, if they saw her working like this. Dilshad gets emotional and says that wherever they are, they would be very proud.

later, when sanam is gone, dilshad greets anwar and his mother, as they ask about the marriage preparations. dilshad says that she is helpless of age and haya, due to her destiny. she says that Sanam handles everything, and that the cards are ready, and noone is there to pick it up. Anwar offers to go, and says that he is like her son only. dilshad thinks that Sanam is fortunate to have a husband like her, otherwise they never thought, that she would get married in such a big family. she says that those who have to meet, and the matches made in heaven do cross paths someway or the other.

Scene 3:
Location: In the car
The mechanic wakes up Ahil and simran, who were asleep in the car, saying that he qwould fix his car. but ahil stops him, saying that only he can touch his car and begins to fix it with the spare part himself only. as the car starts, ahil is happy, and pays off the mechanic thanking him. He gets rehaan’s call, saying that he has to look at two more labnda reas

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