Can you see me update Wednesday 4 May 2022

Can you see me 4 may 2022: Daadi serves sweets to Shona/Pihu. Shona spits it and shouts who adds salt in sweets. Daadi says she did not and asks Mohini why did not she when she tasted it. Mohini says it was sweet when she tried. Shona scolds Daadi. Daadi asks her to have biryani, it is tasty. Shona tries and shouts it is very spicy. Pihu enjoys drama sitting with Gopal. Shona scolds Daadi and calls her budhia/granny. Daadi asks not call her budhia and says she will prepare pakoras for her. She goes and with Mohini’s help prepares pakoras and serves Shona. Shona tastes and shouts it is spicy.

Anandita prepares food and serves everyone. Sooraj tastes it and says he for the first time saw even simple food can be tasty. Daadi and Mohini make weird faces. Shona scolds her budhia. Daadi asks not to call her budhia.Next morning, Daadi asks Vikram to go and lend money to his father’s friend. Vikram says he will send Sooraj as Pihu and Anandita need his help. Daadi emotionally blackmails him and send him away. She sends Mohini with him and teaches her to lure him to marry her. She then thinks now she will see who will save insane Anandita. She calls pandit and asks him to do as she says.

Daadi calls pandit home and asks to check Pihu’s kundali. Pandit checks and says this girl may not see tomorrow’s sun. Daadi asks what is the solution. Pandit says this child’s parents have to do parikrama/pooja by walking on burning coal, rolling around temple. Daadi says her son is no more as her chudail bahu killed him, she is manglik. Anandita says she will not do anything as it is superstition. Daadi continues mentally harassing Anandita and makes her agree for Pihu’s sake. Anandita agrees. Pandit asks her not to eat or drink anything before parikrama. Daadi walks with Anandita out and stops her from even taking her medicines. Anandita barefoot on burning coal and rolls around temple.

Pihu returns home. Shona tels her that Daadi played a big game and trapped Anandita.Tantriks enter Anandita’s house. Daadi greets them and pleads that she is in trouble, they should solve her problems. Tantrik chants mantra and says he has come. He tries to enter but backs off and says this house has ghost/soul and is stopping him from entering house. Daadi asks whose soul it is. Tantrik says whatever is happening in this house is because of a small kids’s soul. Daadi says even she wants to see soul.

Vikram sees Tantrik and asks what is happening. Daadi says he should believe this baba/tantrik and he says this house has soul. Vikram asks why she is believig these fake babas and warns tantrik to get out. Tantrik shouts insult, he will curse. Daadi stops baba and pleads. Tantrik says he cam to get them out of soul’s grip, she will kill them all. Daadi pleads baba to help as her son has gone blind in chudail Anandita’s love, gives her oath to Vikram not to interfere. Vikram says let him see where soul has hidden. Daadi takes tantrik in. Tantrik says Vikram that he does not know his powers, he will prove that this house has soul and will catch it. He chants mantras and calls soul.

Pihu fees uneasiness and calls Anandita, but Anandita is sound asleep. Tantrik throws ash and lights start flickering. Pihu gets worried and asks what is happening. Daadi asks Tantrik to take soul from here. Vikram says it is just hallucination Tantrik says he has to do havan. Pihu pleads Gopal that she wants to stay with mamma, come soon.Tantrik arranges havan. Vikram says he will kick this tantrik out. Tantrik says he needs a person from her house who can help him. Vikram says he will not. Daadi says she will do antyhing for her son’s life. Vikram says this Tantrik is fooling her. Daadi asks him to go from here.

He says he will go from here with Pihu and will only return once she stops all this. He leaves. Tantrik says she has to bear pain, and he needs something in which he can capture aatma. Daadi brings bottle. Tantrik asks her to stand holding lamps. She does. Mohini, Neelima, and Sooraj watch drama. Tantrik says he will capture soul in this bottle and chants mantras. Pihu gets more afraidVikram tells Shona/Pihu that daadi has sent Anandita somewhere. They both should bring her and leave this house. Shona as usual arrogantly says she is sleepy and does not want to go anywhere.

Vikram forcfully lifts her and takes her away. Anandita senses Pihu is in danger and wakes up and removes her saline drip calling pihu. Pihu says she is here. Vikram comes with Pihu. Shona sees Pihu and thinks this chick is hiding here, she should get her caught. Daadi dances holding lamps on Anand hai prachand….song. Shona thinks whatever Pihu tries, she has to get into bottle. Vikram tells Anandita they have to leave Lucknow. Anandita insists she wants to return home as Subodh’s memories are in that house and she cannot separate a mother from her son. Vikram agrees and takes her along and returns home.

Pihu walks in holding Anandita’s pallu. Vikram says Anandita that he did not Pihu to see all this, so he did not want to bring them here.Tantrik senses soul and says it is here. He starts mantras againn. Pihu knocks door and shakes lock. Everyone hears sound. Tantrik says soul is trying to escape, he will not let her escape, thinks he needs innocent sould like her to get more powerful. Ash emerges from havan and drags Pihu towards bottle. Pihu calls Gopal for help.

She gets freed and hides under table. Tantrik does mantras again. Anandita asks Shona/Pihu if she is fine, she feels something will happen to her. Shona says she is fine and thinks insane woman is right, Pihu will be caught and then she will enjoy. Tantrik chants mantras again while Mohini and Daadi dance.Pihu tries to run out of house. Mohini tries to drink water. Tantrik says nobody can have food or water until he catches soul, asks Daadi if she is ready to face more pain. Daadi says she can even risk her life to get out soul from her son’s house. Tantrik throws fire and it stops Pihu.

He gives water to Daadi and asks her to sprinkle it around whole house, soul will not escape. Pihu pleads Gopal to save her. Tantrik laughs that he needed innocent soul to get more powerful. Pihu freezes till her neck, but escapes again.Anandita pleads Vikram to stay back as she is feeling something wrong will happen to Pihu and pampers Shona/Pihu.Pihu’s doll flies and she runs to catch it. Tantrik gets doll and asks whose doll is it. Daadi cannot see it and asks where is it. Tantrik says it is soul’s doll, so she canno see it. Pihu comes and says if he thinks he can frighten her and take her away from mamma, never… She with magic blows off lamp and punishes baba’s puppets and then flies havan. Daadi and Mohini shout in fear.

Mohini runs out shouting opening door. Tantrik says this soul is very close to a person here, so he will trouble that person to get soul. He does black magic, and Anandita feels pain. Pihu pleads tantrik not to harm his mother and walks in. Tantrik asks Daadi if she can see soul. Daadi says no. Tantrik says soul is ready to be trapped and and warns Pihu to get into bottle, else he will stab doll. Pihu pleads not to harm mamma, says bye bye to Anandita and gets into bottle. Daadi sees smoke in bottle and shouts soul is trapped. Tantrik says this house is free of soul, he will take her to burial ground and then will return to treat the woman who is troubling his son. Daadi thanks him. Bottle enlarges.

Puppet tantriks cary it. Pihu pleads mamma to do something. Shona thinks let her now, now she will enjoy as Pihu. Anadita looks at bottle.

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