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I do 8 March 2022: Its night.. ! Nuzhat comes in Humeras room and says that Farhan is here! Humera says eyes are watering..and face is burning..cant come! Nuzhat asks Humera to try..!

Humera get up and walks but almost trips on a chair..and Nuzhat helps her to sit..! She asks how will she go? Humera says not feeling well..cant come out..! She says just took meds.! Nuzhat says how to go alone? She planned so much.. for Nikhats wedding..! Humera says Nuzhat should go.. Nikhat gets nervous..and will need her..! She says am fine.. u go! Nuzhat leaves and Humera says all the luggage stuff of Nikhat ..put in the car .n then put the gifts..! Nuzhat nods and leaves! Humera says planned so much for Nikhats wedding but ..! Ayan comes and watches her..!

He closes in on Humera and blows air on her eyes..then sets her locks aside and they smile at each other..! Humera says he should not be here! Ayan says he should be there only! Humera says am fine.. all are busy with Nikhats wedding preps.. so he better go..! Ayan says will go.. but will also ensure Humeras wish to participate in Nikhats wedding is fulfilled..!

Nikhat-Farhans wedding is underway.. all are happy..! Zoya keeps glancing at Asad.. who looks away sadly..! Ayan describes to Humera all the happenings.. how a guest is busy eating..! Humera asks what is he saying. Ayan says… Haseeena and Chand are busy eyeing everyones jewelery..! Ayan says Rampur wali khala is sleeping ..!Humera smiles as well..! Ayan drools on her..!

Qazi asks Nikhat ..Kya ye Nikah…Qubool Hai? Nikhat says Qubool Hai… and Zoya heaves a sigh of relief..! All smile..! Qazi asks Farhaan and he too says Qubool Hai..! All smile ..! Zoya recollects Asads promise that in 7 days.. all will be like before..! AsYa smile at each other thru the veil .feeling relieved…! Both Farhan-Nikhat sign Nikah-nama! Ayan tells Humera that they have signed and all are happy ..!

He is startled and screams out with pain when Humera touches his shoulder.. n asks her to lie down..! He says am here to give u live telecast..so no need to stress! Humera says u should go out ..and he says.. wont be happy without u.. my happiness is with u..! He rues that she is not happy coz of him! Ayan tells how All are giving gifts .. ! Badi Bi asks Zoya where is Ayan? Ayan says.. Dadi has given a big jewelery set to Zoya..! Humera asks Ayan to go downstairs to the wedding .. ! Nuzhat comes and tells him to come down n they rush..!

Haseena says if not Ayan ..give it to Asad…!Zoya can give the gift to Nikhat with her JETH ..! Asad feels awkward ..!

Haseena asks Asad to come forward and he does! AsYa look at each other longingly..! Zoya gives jewlery box to Asad and just as he holds it.. Ayan comes brushing past Asad and grabs the box from his hand and apologises to Zoya for being late..! Asad pulls his hand back..! Haseena smirks..! Ayan-Zoya go to give Nikhat the gift..! Nikhat looks at Asad..!

Later, Nikhat is welcomed home by Haseena n she says this is our garibkhana.. tad bit smaller than ur dads daulatkhana but its bedag…! She tells Nikhat that she has to ensure that this house remains blotfree in future too..! Haseena sends Najma to get Juice for them..! Haseena shows Imrans room ..! A guest says both ur daughter in laws are sisters.. n if they come together.. she will be left sleepless..! Haseena says to cut the crap as step sisters can never get along! Chand bi tells room is ready..! All lead Nikhat to the room and Farhaan fumes and Haseean signals to stay calm!

Asad is on his way out .. Shireen calls out to him and says told u many thins till now. .but if he werent there Nikhat wont have gotten married today..! She thanks him! He says did what i had to do.. acted like a brother..! He is about to leave n Badi Bi asks Nuzhat to bring a gift for Asad.. n she gives to Asad but he says cant take this..! Badi Bi says..its our blessing for our son..! He takes the gift..! All smile..! Asad thanks her .. n Badi Bi says.. God bless u..!

AsYa glance at each other..! BG – Saiyara..! Asad turns to leave n Zoya reaches out.. but he walks away n she cries..! Ayan watches as Asad closes the door of the house and AsYa look at each other thru the glass door…!

Part 3

Ayan calls out to Asad and they hug each other after congratulating about Nikhats wedding! Ayan says sorry couldnt talk inside but havent forgotten my promise.. will bring Zoya to u . tonite! Asad asks no one knows? Nikhat will be back then what? Ayan says.. Nikhat is married already.. will manage all .. n now Zoya should return to her home too..! Ayan says.. u and Zoya have borne so much .. ! Asad hugs Ayan.. he squirms. Asad asks the matter n Ayan says old injury! Asad says talked to lawyer..! Ayan says since Nikahnama has been signed.. it will be touf. .but till divorce happens.. Zoya will be at Asads place… will find out some way out soon! Ayan says tonite will bring ur amanat to u .. its a promise..! Ayan-Asad shake hands.. and hold hands..!

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is packing her bags when ayan enters, and finds that his wound on his back is bleeding yet again, and remembers how vikram gave it to him, but he ignores it. Ayan says that her stuff can be gotten later too, right now only she should come along. Zoya is surprised but complies anyway. as she begins to go, after taking her phone, she finds bloodstains on the floor, and asks where’s it from. ayan diverts her and takes her out, without mentioning his wound.

Badi bi stops ayan and zoya as they step out of the house. Ayan says that he’s taking zoya out. Badi bi praises this, and says that its a good thing for couple to get to know each other, and sends them off, after blessing them. They are tensed. Then they come across rashid, who too asks the same question, and ayan too gives the same response earlier. But rashid says that he shouldnt go by bike, and take the car instead, as he’s taking zoya out for the first time. But ayan insists on the bike, and rashid complies. They leave. Zoya later, asks ayan why isnt he telling that she is leaving, and how peculiar would it look, when she doesnt return.

ayan says that he cant say right now. Zoya asks what would he say when he returns. ayan says that he doesnt know, but he knows that they have to understand that this was a mistake and it has to be rectified. He says that his priority is asad and his promise to him, and asks zoya to trust him. zoya complies. They drive off finally.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
Nikhat enters with nazma. She is surprised to see artificial flowers, and haseena along with nazma enthusiastically give the same explanation. hasena is very happy, as she eyes nikhat’s jewellery, thats very heavy, and does the same with nikhat as nazma, by asking her to give away everything to her so that she can keep it safe. Nikhat is confused, while nazma voices haseena’s opinion with pretense of enthusiasm. Haseena greedily leaves, to finsh off the food, after taking nikhat’s suitcases. Nazma and nikhat have a good laugh aftre she leaves, on her peculiar character.

Farhan is teased by relatives to go to the room, where nikhat is waiting for him. haseena shoves them aside. Farhan expresses his doubts, that he wont be husband and wife with nikhat, nor consummate their marriage, and asks whats going on. she is tensed, but asks him not to lose temper, as she cant give him a seperate room, as the society would question it. She says that she has taken care of the night. She eyes the room, and says that the stuff to spoil his wedding night has reached his room.

Inside thr room, a shy nikhat is waiting when she finds something moving under the sheets, and screams for people. imran and nazma come and she shows them something crawling under the sheets. As imran carefully puts it aside, asking nikhat and nazma to step away, he reveals a snake underneath, terrorising the girls. Nazma clutches at imran in terror. Nikhat too is horrified, as it starts moving towards her. imran goes over to her side. Imran clutches nikhat, to comfort her from being scared, while nazma looks tensedly. As the snake leaves, nazma is still sad to see nikhat in an embrace with imran. Farhan and haseena too come, and they express their terror story. haseena pretends to be mock scared, and asks nazma and imran to go to sleep, as its late. She asks nikhat to move along also. Farhan asks what was this, as whatever has to be done, he would do, and she shouldnt interfere.

While nikhat is freshening up, farhan paces around impatiently. he finally takes a glass of water, and mixes a tablet in it. nazma comes out anxious, nervous and shy. Farhan asks if she’s confortable. she silently nods. He gives her a glass of water. she complies, by drinking it. She dozes off. farhan makes her sleep on the bed, and then changes into casual clothing, with a hooded jacket to escape prying eyes.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
farhan comes to the streets where girl are available, and he signals a particular girl seductively, who gets in his car and they drive off.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad enters his room, and views it, anticipating zoya’s arrival. he spreads out the sheet that zoya likes, the feminine types, and eys her pic kept at his nightstand. (MITWA) He remembers the photoshoot, with her, where he gets cranky when she starts posing pouty. She reprimands him for being so shy in love, and goes on to put the same pose again. He is mesmerised, but still calls her extremely shameless.

Zoya says that he has to put up with this for the whole of his life. Asad says that he has. zoya asks him to click the pic then. He does so. And finally comes back to his senses. He opens the door in anxiousness and anticipation. and is disheartened when he doesnt find zoya. But as he turns around, he sees zoya standing on the door.(MITWA) Their eyegaze is interfered with ayan’s impromptu poetry..

zoya says that it was very bad poetry. Ayan tells asad that he fulfilled his promise and got zoya back to asad, and that he can never oay back the favour, that they did for him. he then asks asad how does he bear her, as he couldnt do so for seven days. Zoya retaliates back, in the same way. They enter into a verbal scuffle, while asad is amused. He finally interrupts them, and says that its very late and he should go home now. Ayan hugs asad and leaves. Asad asks how come she reached so early. He takes her to show her the surprise that he has planeed for her. she is excited and follows him.

Asad is overwhelmed to see zoya, finally having come back to him. Both are immensely happy. Asad surprises zoya, with a shower of rose petals as she enters their room. Asad and zoya, finally enjoy their embrace, under a shower of rose petals, both satisfied with each other’s presence finally around them.(Jaanam Dekh Lo) They dance romanticaslly and intimately. He sweeps the hair around her neck, and softle blows in her ear, sensitising her to the core.

She enjoys as he embraces her and softly moves rhythmically with her, while she is pin in shyness, at her intimacy with him. She is overwhelmed as he caresses her face with his fingers. he lifts her face, and suddebly realises that she hasnt returned yet, when his trance is broken by the window shuttering against the wind.

Asad, who’s pacing around nervously, gets a call. He thinks its zoya, but its actually tanveer, who taunts him. Asad says that she would never be successful, as her plan proved futile in destroying nikhat’s marriage and asks her to get lost from their life. Tanveer says that he gets angry at her, as people get angry on those whom they love. asad asks her to dream on, but he loves and would continue to love zoya, and whatever she might do, nothing can come between them. tanveer asks him to stop dreaming, as she wont do it, but destiny would do its part in doing so. Tanveer says that zoya and asad would never be united. Asad asks her to shut up, in a rage.

Scene 5:
Location: Outside the dargah
Dilshad leaves her aunt at the dargah, and then asks for leave, as she has to go home where asad would be waiting for her. getting in the car, Dilshad prays that zoya too would be waiting for her. just then, farhan crosses in his car with the pr*stitute, and is doubtful if it was farhan but then thinks what would farhan be doing on the streets right now, and that too with another girl. In thoughts, she drives off towards her home.

Scene 6:
Location: A cheap hotel and Imran’s residence
Farhan locks the door, after he gets inside with the girl and they get on with their business, while nikhat is disturbed in her sleep, by an unknown fear.

Scene 7:
Location: Imran’s residence
a startling noise wakes up nazma, which is actually farhan sneaking back into the house. she gets up to see whats the noise about. Farhan steals his way inside the room, while nazma nervously looks around. farhan hides to escape her eyes. Just then, haseena asks nazma what happened, scaring her. She tells her about the noise. haseenab says that it must have been her, who came for water. she takes her to go inside the room, as its very late, and motions farhan to go from behind them. but nazma is startled by the sound of the door opening and closing.

Haseena says that its just her hallucination and nothing else. She forcibly gets nazma inside the room, and breathes a sigh of relief. inside his room, Farhan returns back, and begins to change. and still finds nikhat asleep, and says that she is just a pawn in his life’s scene, and nothing else.

Scene 8:
Location: Asad’s residence and on the road
Asad tries for ayan’s number. He sees the phone, but is unable to answer being in pain.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence and on the road
Zoya is frustrated while ayan is wincing in pain. Seing his condition, she searches around for help. Finally ayan unable to resist the pain of the wounds, falls unconscious on the road, with his phone hitting the rocks and breaking. Zoya is shocked, and tries to get him to gain consciousness while asad anxiously awaits their return. Zoya stops a acar, and tells them to help her. they ask who is the injured person.

Zoya hesitates and then says that he’s her husband. They find him, and decide to take him to the nearest hospital. She asks them to help her place him on th bed, and then frantically searcehs around for the doctor, all the while tensed for ayan.

She is distraught calling for medical help, but no one guides or pays heed to her pleas. Finally, she wakes up a wardboy, but he asks her to look at the time, as no doctor is available at this time. He asks her to take him to a private hospital. Zoya reprimands him for forgetting his duties, and threatens him to get to work and call a doctor. He goes out with her to tend to ayan.

They take ayan on a stretcher, while oya is tensed that there’s no network available to call the doctor. Meanwhile, the wardboy assures her that he would go personally and call the doctor as he lives bearby. She asks him to hurry up.

Meanwhile, asad is in tension, thinking about some unknown fear. He is increasingly getting tensed, and thinks that he would have to act now. He takes his car and gets on the road, on the lookout for zoya and ayan.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid and family too are worried for ayan and zoya, who havent returned yet, and is angry that ayan took her out on a bike in this weather. Badi bi says that she ‘s smiling as to she can see what he cant, and that they are growing conscious of each other as a couple. She says that they are beginning to grow intimate. shirin prays the same for nikhat, so that she can move over her past. Badi bi hopes that both her children are fine, as they step into their new lives. Rashid smiles too.

Scene 3:
Location: imran’s residence
nazma again wakes up, and remembers that she heard the voice. she wakes up imran, and tries to express her doubts, but he says that there’s nothing, and with time, everything would be fine and she would be settled. She says that she’s very tensed, as if there’s some mystery and asks if he’s hiding something, as she doesnt like lies or betrayal. Imran is tensed remembering zoya’s warning, but still says that he isnt hiding anything, when nazma insists. she is relieved.

Scene 4:
Location: Government hospital
The doctor finally comes, and bandaging the wounds, also saying that its a very severe wound, and should have been tended long back. She asks if he would be okay now. The doctor says that he needs stitches, and since an anaesthesian isnt available, they would have to do it without the anaesthesia. He clutches tightly at her hand, while she winces in pain at the ferocity. with each stitch, ayan winces in pain. The doctor asks her to call the family. she says that she doesnt have battery or network on her mobile.

the doctor gives her his phone and asks her to try it outside, to get a signal. Meanwhile, when zoya calls up the family, trying to tell them, asad passes by in the car anbd finds zoya, in the rearview mirror. He stops and turns back to find zoya gone inside. He gets out and gets inside too.

As she comes inside, the doctor asks her to get her husband dressed in patient dress, while he goes to get the meds. Zoya is wrried and hesitatingly awkward. As ayan is hugged by zoya, trying to take care of him, and changing his clothes, asad enters and is shocked to see them like this, getting the wrong idea. He calls for zoya and is distraught to see ayan like this. He asks how this happened. Zoya is frustrated with what she just had to do, and walks out without saying anything. Asad looks at ayan in despair.

Zoya says that since the time she went to that house, all refer to her as their bahu, and are treating her like that too. Zoya says that she may be in love with him, but for the entire world, she is ayan’s wife. Asad is distraught and in tears to hear her talk like this. He asks if she wants to marry him. she says that she only wants to marry him but…he stops her saying that there’s no place for a but then, as their marriage, they would fulfill together, and what happened between her and ayan, wasnt a promise but a mishap. He says that he would never get her to break the promise. He says that he knows that he’s at fault, for which she is suffering and he too. He says that he cant stay away from her anymore, as he misses her.(MITWA) He says that now she has no reason to stay in that house anymore. She says that its very easy for him to say that, but its very difficult for her to do so. He assures her that he would rectify everything, and asks her again if she trust him. she nods in a yes. She hugs asad, in despiar, while he clutches t her tightly, tears flowing down their cheeks. the screen freezes in their faces.

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