I do update Tuesday 8 February 2022

I do 8 February 2022: While asad is boggled, tanveer shocks him by saying that she’s going to be a mother. Asad is horrified at this. Tanveer smirks and continues on her sympathetic story that this child may be theirs, but it would be known as hers, he wouldnt have anything to do with him.

She asks him not to be bothered. Asad still cant believe what he heard. Tanveer continues with her rant, that he should forget her and the baby, and he should concentrate on zoya, and that she would go once the marriage is over, so that he doesnt remember the sin that they committed. She tells her that zoya is his love, and tanveer his responsibility, which can be forgotten but love cant. Asad leaves, with tanveer in tow.

Zoya is waiting along with nazma for asad, as the maulwai presses on calling him. Dilshad asks nazma to get asad. Asad comes out along with tanveer, and faces her awkwardly. Tanveer asks him to go as zoya is waiting for him. Zoya eyes tanveer suspiciously. Asad comes to zoya, who’s behind the purdah, waiting for the marriage to start, and surprises dilshad and nazma, by taking her by her hand to another room. Zoya is surprised too. Asad takes her aside and asks that she had gone forever then why did she return. Zoya is boggled.

dilshad asks whats wrong with him. Asad says that he just wants zoya to go very far away from this house. Zoya is teary eyed, and asks why is he saying this. Asad says that he doesnt want to discuss this, and asks her to leave. Dilshad asks what nonsense is he doing. Asad says that he is like this, and he always throws those people out of his life, who matter the most, and right now also he’s doing the same. He says that he wont be able to marry her. tanveer is victoriously smiling, while nazma and dilshad are shocked.

Zoya says that everything was fine some time back, then what happened suddenly, and asks that its her right to know. The ladies too ask him whats wrong. Tanveer is irritated. But asad says that he’s marrying tanveer, shocking them and pleasuring tanveer. Dilshad goes in a state of shock. Tanveer takes pleasure in this, as asad walks past zoya, who is disbelievingly shocked. Dilshad and nazma too leave in a state of despair.

(MITWA MOMENT) Tanveer smirks. She says to zoya that her good time has gone out of that door along with asad. Zoya turns around, to hear tanveer saying that the time thats gone doesnt return. she mocks zoya at her despair, that she must have gotten used to by now, as this isnt the first time, when he left her at the aisle. she tears down the makeshift shamiana, in disgust. Zoya determinedly walks towards tanveer, while she is on a rant that this is India, and if once physical relation is established then the couple has to carry it forward. She mocks zoya, that a woman doesnt have to do anything, to establish that relation, as she knows a man’s weakness, and she should know to draw advantage out of it, and she has already accomplished that relation with asad, on their wediing night. She reminds him yet again.

Tanveer comes to zoya and asks her to accept her defeat, as if she didnt accomplish this by the heart, she did it by the body, and controls asad now. Zoya, in her fit of anger, slaps tanveer hard. this shocks tanveer out of her wits. she turns back at zoya, angry, with her lens having fallen down. Zoya says that she would kill her if she utters a single word again. She says that she is an insult to the woman race. Zoya says that night nothing happened, and both know it. She says that tanveer must have been thinking that she has found asad, but asad is only hers.(MITWA)

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia says, while progressing towards her room, that this is the right chance to shift badi bi, and that the first chance she gets, she would get rid of badi bi. As she comes into the room, she is shocked to find the almirah gone from there, and wonders where it went. Razia hurriedly enters badi bi’s room, and starts searching around the house for that almirah. She is scared about the house finding that almirah, and wonders where it went.

It actually turns out to be that ayan and the girls have done it. Humaira says that there’s some secret in this, which scares razia and she values it more than life. ayan offers to open and see inside. Badi bi tries to motion ayan to open it and see that shje’s inside. They wonder how to open the lock. Humaira shows the bunch of keys to try the lock from, shocking the other girls.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya tells tanveer that had she been right, zoya would never have defeated all her murder atempts, and that hjappened because they are meant for each other. zoya asks tanveer to think what would happen if asad knows about her. Zoya says that she would rightaway call asad, and tell him her true side. As she tries his number, tanveer stops her, while she keeps protesting that nothing tanveer can do to stop her today. Tanveer says that she has something that zoya has wanted since she was a little girl. Zoya refuses to believe. But when tanveer spills the beans that she knows her father’s address, zoya is shocked and her hands dialling asad’s number stop.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is shocked to disbelief into what tanveer says about her father, that he’s alive, and that only she can tell her where is he? Zoya refuses to believe it. Tanveer says that she doesnt have any other choice, and she has to meet him anyhow. Tanveer says that she can prove it, and if she doesnt believe it, then she should see the graveyard, and she would know for herself. Zoya is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan and others are trying all the keys to open the almirah. Finally he tries the third and final one, but that doesnt work too. He is angry at humaira, who looking around gets an idea. She comes with a hammer for ayan to break open the lock. Ayan says that the whole almirah would be broken.

Nazma suggests That they shouldnt do this unnecessarily. Humaira says that it isnt just for the almirah, but to stand for the rights, against razia. they are shocked to hear her say this, and that they would face when razia finds out about this. She breaks into poetry, and ayan agrees that he would break it, and not her. They get to work. finally ayan succeeds in breaking open the lock. They are about to open the doors of the almirah, when razia screams out to stop, with shock in her eyes, as she sees the opened lock.

She shoves them aside, and locking it back, she reprimands them how dare they do this, and that this is stealing. They all bow down their heads. She goes on to reprimand, that she and her father, but then composes so that humaira isnt bothered. she ask them to go, but humaira says that she would go, once they see inside. But razia defiantly says that nobody has the right to touch her things. Humaira says that all of them dont need to listen to her as if she is some Prime Minister who’s converted the house into a jail. Humaira determinedly says that she would see whats inside. She gets ahead, but razia stops her saying How dare she, and that she’s her daughter’s age, and should learn to respect a motherly woman, and that this almirah contains personal stuff of hers, which she cant show anybody.

She asks them to get lost. Humaira insists on staying back, but they drive her away.

Razia opens the door, and asks badi bi that now’s her time to reshift. As she turnsd around, locking it back again, she finds humaira watching her and then going away. razia thinks that sometimes she too feels that this may be humaira’s lookalike, as she never dared to raise her voice at her, so unlike this girl.

Scene 3:
Location: At a construction site.
Rashid has finished his work, and is heading back home, when he sees asad’s silhoutette in the doorway, and is shocked to see him. He gets down the car and goes towards him. He asks what is he doing herew. Asad says that he has come here for a question, as he has sinned a big deal today, by breaking his promise to be with someone today, and dashed someone’s dreams, hopes and aspirations. He asks how to live with this burden, as rashid is very proficient with this. He says that today he proved that he is his son, by doing exactly what he did, and wants to know how to live the ramining life, and how does he manage to do it, as the guilt of his sin doesnt let him, and how to erase it, and how does he escape feeling that he should end this life. Rashid is shocked.

He asks how can he live in peace, without hating himself. when rashid is speechless, asad shouts out for an answer. He is in tears, while rashid too gets emotional, with the rain pouring down on them. Asad collapses on the ground in despair. Rashid comes to him. but asad says that he doesnt need him sympathy, shocking rashid. he composes himself and says that he just wants the answer to his question, and maybe he himslef doesnt know, and as it is, he has never given asad anything other than silence. He leaves from there. Rashid is hurt and tensed for asad.

Scene 4:
Location: In the graveyard
Zoya is shocked to find in the cemetery that her father’s supposed grave is empty, aftrer much digging. She wonders how is this possible, and where is her father. Tanveer says that those who are alive, dont get cremated. Tanveer asks zoya to believe her and tells her that her father is alive and says that only she can tell her where her father is. Zoya is about to go, when tanveer asks if she wouldnt want to know eher is she, and says that she isnt that heartless that she wont tell her about her father, but she has a condition. Zoya is tensed and listening intently. Tanveer asks her to think if this is what she wants. Saying so, she leaves, while zoya is perplexed at this new turn her life has taken.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence.
Humaira enters her room, and finds a gift and wonders what is it. she opens it to find the same gift that zoya has as the last memory of her father. mamujaan sees her enjoying it. he comes and pats her head, startling her. When she asks who is this for, he is about to say her, but then copmposes it saying that its for humaira, and that its handmade and she liked it very much. Mamujaan tells Humaira showing her the doll, that sings melodiously, that he had made another one like this. Humaira asks where is the other one. While mamujaan is speechless and says that he doesnt know where the other one is. Mamujaan thinks that he may have two daughters, but his tragedy is that one of them doesnt recognise him, and he doesnt recognise the other. zoya, holding that doll wonders where is her father?

Location: Asad’s residence
Nazma and dilshad are working in the kitchen, when nazma asks if she had a talk with asad. Dilshad curtly says that he was at the office last night. Nazma says that he needed to be home today. Di;lshad is irked that asad doesnt listen to anyone these days, and always does what he wants. Asad enters and silently goes into his room. Dilshad goes after him. She asks him what is he doing, but asad doesnt answer. Dilshad is sad and says that life isnt a game, where he changes his descisions everyday, and asks why he wants to marry tanveer. She says that to mend first mistake, he shouldnt do one more, as this woulkd spoil his, zoya’s and tanveer’s marriage. She says that whether he accepts it or not, but his eyes are screaming out that he loves zoya.(MITWA)

As asad tries to go away, Dilshad says that she knows noone can change his descision, and if he’s adamant, then she is too, and she has already accepted zoya as her daughter in law. She says that he may marry tanveer, but zoya would forever be in this house as her daughter. Asad is shocked to hear this and tensed too. Dilshad leaves.

As all come out to see the moon, Zoya says that she has agreed that she would always keep Tanveer’s secret hidden from asad, and demands to know about her father. Tanveer says that she didnt know that she seems so stupid, that she would tell her father’s name so easily. Zoya asks when then. Tanveer smilingly says that she would tell after she and Asad get married. Zoya is tensed. As asad comes out, dilshad spots the moon, while he looks at zoya and they both are sad and hurt.(MITWA) Tanveer is irritated at this love, but takes pleasure in their pain.

Tanveer and zoya too wish each other for the sight of the moon. Zoya says that she didnt know that she seemed so stupid that she would bel;ieve everything she said, and that she would have to prove about the fact that she knows about her father, and where is he. Tanveer agrees to give him proof. Dilshad wishes tanveer also for the moon curtly. As she turns around, she sees asad standing there, and leaves after congratulating him too and hugging him.

He hugs nazma too and then tanveer’s turn comes, and she too congratulates him and doesnt hug and leaves. Zoya is left standing, in tears, looking at asad.(MITWA) They awkwardly congratulate each other for the sighting of the moon. As asad begins to leave, crossing her, she holds his hand and stops him, surprising him.(MITWA) But she finally lets go. They face each other again.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira asks ayan and the girls as to why have they gathered here today. They tell her that roza is starting today. Humaira is excited for them. Ayan and the girls tell her the story and the pure feelings behind the month of Roza. mamujaan too comes in telling that a person learns to resist temptation, in this month. Humaira thinks that razia is as it is impure, and that there’s something that she is hiding, while mamujaan says that this month purifies the soul and heart too.


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