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I do 9 February 2022: Rashid comes and asks shirin if they had a talk with their relative where badi bi has gone. Rashid is surprised that badi bi is always with the family, in ramzaan and this time she isnt. As razia tries to leave, to avoid a confrontation, rashid asks her what did badi bi say before going, as it never has happened before like this, that she hasnt talked with her own son for so long. He continuously demands to know while razia is speechless, but she salvages the situation by diverting their attention at the moon, thats come out. all are excited for this. Rashid confronts razia asking her where is badi bi, as the relative who she has said badi bi had gone to, called up and never mentioned anything about badi bi being there. Razia is surprised.

While they do the normal rituals, ayan finds humaira praying with folded hands and eyes closed, the way that Hindus pray, and not like the Muslims, with open palms, in god’s praise. He does it for her, and she clutches back at his hands, and they both awkwardly face each other. They congratulate each other for the sighting of the moon. As rashid begins to go towards razia, he gets Jamila Khala’s call, and is shocked when he finds out that Badi bi isnt there, and is all the more shocked when he knows that she never went there. He accusingly confronts razia, while the whole family is boggled and razia is nervous.

Rashid confronts razia asking her where is badi bi, as the relative who she has said badi bi had gone to, called up and never mentioned anything about badi bi being there. Razia is surprised. Razia says that he’s questioning her as if she knows everything, and if she checks every movement of hers. rashid asks why would she lie. razia says that she wont tell her the truth, since she doesnt like razia at all. She asks him to find out when he mets badi bi. Rashid says how would she find out. shirin too expresses surprise. Mamujaan too asks why didnt she ask clearly when badi bi was leaving. Razia says that badi bi left in haste, and maybe there was some important work. shirin asks what to do now to search her. Rashid says that they would have to investigate amongst their relatives, and if still they dont know they would inform the police, eyeing razia suspiciously, who is shocked herself.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence.
Zoya asks asad as to why is he doing this again and again. Asad says that he felt that he has already explained. Zoya says that he may have told that he doesnt want to marry her, but he hasnt told her the reason for it. As he begins to go, zoya says that ramzaan is starting today, and he cant lie and has to tell the true reason. He asks her if she wants to know the truth, and goes on to tell her. he reminds her that he had told that she doesnt deserve him, but the truth is that he doesnt deserve her, and says that he hopes that her question is answered.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad leaves, while zoya is in tears.

Razia is alarmed at the mention of police. She starts to reprimand him for being so tensed, as badi bi would come soon, and today is an auspicious occassion and he shouldnt talk like this today. Razia asks the girls to go and get sweets. But rashid is unconvinced and still talks with ayan.

Razia is surprised not to find humaira there. humaira is shown with the bunch of keys trying out to open the lock. Razia iis approaching her room, wondering where humaira went, and hopes that there’s no new trouble. Humaira is trying frantically to open the door and finally manages it. As she opens it, she finds nothing other than the usual there, except for clothes and other items.

She turns around and is shocked to find razia, standing there confronting her, that she knew humaira wont be at peace. She goes on to say that she could doubt her own mother, but then composes saying that she’s her mother’s age, and if she would have done the same with her mother too. Razia closes the almirah, and asks if the search is over, and says that she had told that there’s nothing in the almirah. Humaira says that there mightnt be anything now, but that doesnt prove that there never was anything in it. razia is alarmed. humaira eyes a locked door, and leaves. razia smirks and thinks that she would be difficult to get rid off, and if she is clever then she is extra clever, and which she is finding isnt even in the store room, that she now has a doubt on. She closes the door, and looks under the bed, to find badi bi there, saying that she shifted her there at the right time, or else her secret would have been up today.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya wakes up to a crying dilshad by her bedside. Zoya, wipes her tears and asks her why is she crying. Dilshad says that being elder she cant apologise to her, and cant even curse her own son, and hence can only cry. Zoya asks her not to talk like this. Dilshad expresses her surprise at asad’s behaviour. She says that she knows that she’s angry at everyone including asad. she says that she has come here to request her not to leave them and go. She asks if zoya still loves asad, and then answers her own question in affirmative, and thinks that god knows whats going on in asad’s mind, and she knows that one day, that love would get him to her.

dilshad says that she has lost the right to be with her, but she pleads her not to go, and she would pray during the ramzaan that everything would be alright, and she doesnt want zoya to leave. Zoya wipes dilshad’s tears, and motions that she wont go. they hug each other emotionally, both in tears.

Dilshad is making the first meal and explaining its importance foe the muslims. while she and zoya and nazma are busy preparing for it, asad comes out and eyes zoya.(MITWA) They all sit down to eat solemnly. zoya and asad awkwardly glanec at each other, and there is visible tension at the dining table. Tanveer too joins them, increasing the tension all the more. She sits beside nazma, while asad still cant have his eyes off zoya, who irritatedly eats and tries to avoid her.(MITWA) Tanveer is frustrated seeing this. They eat in quiet, and pray together. they hear the sound of azaan too. Asad says that he’s going for the namaaz. Tanveer is happy to see zoya upset.

Scene 3:
Location: At the mosque
They all do the namaaz together, while tanveer is just pretending to do so. Ayan and rashid too are present there. Asad prays overwhelmed with emotions, thinking that he should get the strength to be on the descision that he has so painfully taken. He asks for strength not to be weak when he sees into zoya’s eyes. Zoya too prays that she knows that asad has been forced to take this descision as she knows that he loves her very much, and she has to win him back. She says that she has taken a hard descision and asks for strength to bear through it, and be able to fight for her love.(MITWA) All finish their prayers.

As asad gets up, he is joined by ayan, who congratulate each other for Ramzaan. While ayan gets busy with others, asad leaves from there, and accidentally bumps into Rashid who too is congratulating people. While asad is silent, Rashid wishes him, and he too curtly responds back.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid decides with shirin that he shall go to the police, but then decides to go to Razia to talk one last time, not knwoing that razia is lying just under razia’s bed. Badi bi frantically tries to take her hand out from under the bed for them to see, but both Rashid and shirin cant.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence.
While they are sitting, dilshad and zoya make nazma understand that she wont feel the pangs of hunger for long, when she complains to be hungry. Asad comes in and an awkward situation follows. He goes inside, and the ladies hear the voice of asad calling for tanveer. After a while he comes down along with her, and faces them. Asad tells them that the next Jumaa, he’s going to marry tanveer, surprising her, and shocking zoya, who cant believe it.(SAD MITWA) Dilshad says that such a marriage is unacceptable, except under extenuating circumstances. Asad says that had there been special reason, then permission would have been granted, and if he’s saying that he wants to get married, then there must be a reason too.

Dilshad says that she isnt saying no, but why the haste. Asad says that he cant say anything more right now, and that his descision is final. Asad leaves from there. Zoya eyes tanveer with sad eyes, while she winks victoriously, and leaves. Zoya thinks that tanveer has got to agree asad to marry, this is understandable but she would have to find out why is asad being so hasty is getting married.

Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya remembers asad’s declaration, holding his mask and is in tears. asad, too holding zoya’s earring is in tears. They borth recapitualte their moments zoya says that he mightnt say anything, but his eyes speak elsewise, and she has seen

Tanveer has played a great bet, firstly she has silenced him, and got asad to agree to marry too. zoya says that she has very left time, to find out one thing, either her father’s identity and then expose tanveer, or She begins to snoop around, and finds a restaurant bill, dated today, and wonders that today is roza. She finds food in her waste basket, and curses tanveer for eating in the Ramzaan, and she eats and only pretends to be eating. she surfs more and finds pickle and tamarind bottle, and wonders why are they kept there. tanveer comes and asks what is she doing here. zoya faces her, She asks tanveer what has she done this time, that asad is hasty to get married to tanveer so badly. Tanveer teases her saying that he might have fallen in love with her.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia comes out and finds badi bi’s hand sticking out from under the bed, and also sees rashid, who has come with shirin to talk

Razia drops the towel intentionally, and manages Razia says that wont be required as she has been found.

Razia says that she’s in Rahimpur Village, to help the poor. Razia explains that she has gone to Jamila bi, to help with her to assist

razia says that she couldnt talk to badi bi, but one friend told her from there. Rashid wonders why did badi bi go there. Razia says that the recent tragedy made badi bi help out in haste. She goes on to praise badi bi, in this materialistic world, where one doesnt care for the other.

Shirin and rashid are talking about what razia just said. Rashid calls up satish, and asks him to go to Rahimpur and find out about badi bi.

At the dining table, humaira asks nikhat about their fast. ayan comes in and explains the entire muslim ritual. Humaira gets excited and asks if she too can fast along with them. nikhat says that she can if she wishes too. Humaira grees. She begins to drink water, but is asked by ayan not to as they cant drink water too. Humaira goes on arant as to how vikram

She grows sad, that maybe god is punishing her for that. ayan grows serious too. Nikhat says that its nothing like that. Humaira says that for her mistake, vikram is far away from her. She says that she would keep this roza for vikram. ayan smiles back at her.

Ayan tells humaira more about the Muslim rituals about the Ramzaan period along with the girls. Seeing humaira sad, he asks what happened. She expresses her concern for Vikram that he was supposed to come in two days, as ayan had talked with him, and hasnt come yet. Ayan says that he meant some days. Humaira is tensed. Ayan says that maybe he’s busy in some work. Humaira says what would be more important than meeting his own wife. seeing ayan tensed, humaira asks if he’s hiding something from her. Ayan says that he’s hiding nothing. Humaira says that if its like that, then she wants to talk to vikram. Ayan tries to talk her out of it, but she is adamant. Humaira insists to talk to Vikram, blurting out how insensitive her husband is now, that he hasnt even come to talk to her or meet her, after the accident. finally ayan gives in and agrees to make her talk. He asks her to dial the number. She takes the phone, but doesnt remember the number, and is shivering, and tells this to ayan. they are all surprised.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence.
Dilshad, nazma, zoya and tanveer along with asad, break their first Roza, and begin to eat. food is served around. As Tanveer is about to eat papaya, asad throws it away, surprising everyone. He gets irritated and asks her if she doesnt know what she should and what she shouldnt eat. He gets up and begins to leave. Dilshad wonders what happened. zoya and the other ladies are surprised to hear this. Nazma asks why did asad ask tanveer not to eat Papaya. zoya replies that only pregnant ladies dont eat it. While asad is stunned at the secret being out, dilshad and nazma are shocked. dilshad is shocked that tanveer is to be a mother, and hence asad was so hasty to get married. The screen freezes on zoya’s tensed face.

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