I do update Tuesday 26 July 2022

I do 26 July 2022: tanveer orders for juice, and mixes something in ahil’s drink, stealthily, while the new bride is tensed. Ahil tries to keep calling someone, while tanveer insists her to drink the juice. He keeps ignoring her, while the new bride stands tensed. Finally, he turns around with a jerk, and the glass falls on the floor. All are tensed. he leaves to change his dress. Tanveer is frustrated that she has to do something fast, as she wont get this chance again and again. But the new bride keeps eyeing ahil’s diary strangely. she then walks over and goes to scribble something, and the same pattern appears on ahil’s back. She twists the pen, and ahil’s back starts aching and he falls flat on the bed, while tanveer was trying to knock him unconscious. She is shocked.

Later, sanam calls and tells ahil excitedly on the phone, that now nothing can stop him from knowing the truth, and he shall know everything, as she has finally got the evidence. tanveer smiles and tells her that she may have got the evidence but lost ahil, and then tells about how ahil is in the new bride’s arms. Sanam is shocked to see that tanveer is on ahil’s phone and more shocked at what she said. She refuses to believe it, while tanveer gives her the full address and asks her to check herself. Sanam is tensed.

While sanam hurriedly boards the auto, tanveer and the new bride, unbutton ahil’s shirt, and make it look like he consummated his marriage with sanam. they evilly comply. tanveer goes down, to find sanam having arrived, and enquiring about ahil’s room. she calls the new bride to get to work, as sanam is here. As sanam hurriedly enters ahils’ room, she is shattered as she finds ahil sleeping with the new bride, calmly and romantically. tanveer comes behind her, and thinks that this sight shall haunt sanam for life. She leaves evilly. sanam rushes out, distraught and apalled, as the memories of ahil sleeping with the new bride flash again and again, and the new bride’s rude behaviour. she asks how could ahil do this, and that he brunt their own happiness and ruined everything, as she never thought that he could betray her. She says that she knew he was angry but didnt know that he could do this.

Tanveer comes by and sanam understands that this was her act, and that tanveer forced ahil to do this, as he himself cant do this. She says that this means this is all a lie. tanveer asks what difference does it make, as ahil’s relation isnt on paperwork, but in reality, as they consummated their marriage, which she couldnt with ahil. she says that this night shall always be between them, and that ahil betrayed her, and she would always look down in contempt, and remember this night forever. She asks sanam to forget ahil, and her ardent love, which she can no longer profess about, as he is someone else’s and that too his wife. She says that it sounds unbelievable, but she should forget ahil now. She says that its bad to see someone betraying you, as she has had past experience, and points out how history repeats itself, as once her mother, zoya took asad from her, and today she took away ahil from her daughter, and that their balance is over now. She leaves, while sanam stands stunned.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya asks the guards to go and check on rahat, but they keep assuring her otherwise. she is berserk. the security guards assure her that nothing would happen. she shows them the uniform and the badges. They agree to go look. They leave, while haya is tensed. She prays to the lord to keep rahat safe.sanam goes to the new bride, and jerks her around. the new bride asks her to let go, as its paining. she asks what about the pain that she gave, as she considered her as a sister, who understood what they have, and how they have faced problems. She says that she forgot that she being a woman, betrayed her terribly. The new bride asks her to shut up, adding that whatever happened between them wasnt wrong, as its legitimate for a wife and husband.

She says that as far as love is concerned, then ahil would have come to her long back, if he had to. she says that sanam tried to distance ahil from her, through new ways and tactics. sanam is tensed. the new bride says that she wont shut now, as ahil came to her himself, and now she knows that ahil’s happiness is with her and not sanam, as she has only given him pain and torment. the new bride tells her to keep her distance from her husband. she asks her to get lost. Sanam is shocked. She is baffled, as the new bride throws her out, and then closes the door on her face. Sanam stands bewildered. she then leaves. tanveer is happy to see this. the screen freezes on her face.

Seher and rehaan are tensed to know the reality of the new bride. seher says that she always thought that she was a nice girl, but tyhey should have known that tanveer could spoil anyone. rehaan says that tanveer can keep her own son a slave, hence this is child’s play. Seher says that its very easy to distract the new bride, but how can ahil do this, who we all know loves sanam. sanam says that only he can answer this, and only he can clarify what they dont know and have to find out. In her room, sanam is haunted by thoughts of previous night, and the new bride’s indifference.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hotel
Ahil wakes up and finds the new sanam in his arms, and wakes up shocked. he asks that he loves sanam, then what the hell was she doing here. he begins to go frustratedly, but she holds him back and eyes him sternly. He seems to be under her influence. She asks him if he wont wish her good morning, and that whatever happened between them doesnt bother him, and that he doesnt love her, but when he came close to her last night, she couldnt stop herself, and gave in too. he is shocked to hear this. the doorbell rings insistently. She asks him to put on a shirt, as she opens the door. he complies as if in a trance. tanveer comes inside happily, saying that she was worried of her descision to marry this girl with ahil, but having cinsummated their marriage, he has made her very happy.

He leaves to check on the car. After he leaves, tanveer asks the new bride to get ready soon, for the dargah. she remembers scalded hands, and says that she doesnt want to go. Tanveer says that they shall have to go, as otherwise ahil shall doubt their intentions. she begins to leave, but the bride casts her black magic on her too, and she falls, twisting her toe. Ahil says that they cant go to the dargah like this, and they shall head home. The new bride is happy. Tanveer is tensed that she is behind this.

Scene 3:
location: Rahat’s residence
faiz throws haya on the bed, and shows her the wedding lehenga, that she had worn on their wedding day. She says that only he can get false hope, but he too knows that this is illegal, and that she is just rahat’s wife, and asks him to do whatever he wants, but he can never be her husband. He smiles evilly, and gets close to her, draping the lehenga around her, saying that he took a month to select this for her, and hence its better thgat she comes having worn this, or else he would make his work easier, as its holy to marry a widow, and it doesnt need a divorce too. she is shocked. He grabs her by the hair, and warns her not to try and outsmart her, and asks her to come alone, or else she knows the consequences. She is distraught as he leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Undisclosed location
Rahat is tied to a chair, in an undisclosed location, in a dazed state, while faiz comes inside. he grabs rahat and asks him to come to senses, as its his younger brother’s wedding tomorrow, and he is sad. He asks him to get active, as he is taking him to meet his wife now, haya, and that without his permission, he cant marry haya and he cant make her his. rahat spits on him in disgust, saying that he shall die but not let him marry haya. Faiz slaps him tight across his face, and then aims the pistol on his head, but doesnt fire, as he eyes him in rage.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil gets tanveer inside, supporting her, while she is barely able to walk, sanam bothers him by saying that she wants to talk to him immediately. Finally he gets irritated and asks her to wait, and if she cant see he is with tanveer, getting her inside, asking sanam to stop. Sanam is hurt. he leaves with tanveer, while she stands dejected. the new bride is happy, and then taunts sanam, that she thought the wise only need a hint, but she still didnt understand, that ahil doesnt want to see her, and it would be good that she doesnt bother him. sanam is shocked and angry too. she storms inside. The bride smirks.

Ahil seats tanveer inside, and goes to get water for her. She finds sanam approaching. She tells ahil that she doesnt want to be disturbed, and asks him to close the door, and he complies, just in time to shut the door, on her face. Sanam leaves dejectedly. Gazalla and razaak find that something is wrong, as ahil was insistent to be with sanam to the dargah, but today doesnt want to see her, and the change in the new bride too. They think that everything is changing, and that the new bride’s changed lifestyle has changed the house too.In her room, Sanam tells rehaan and seher, that she never saw this hatred in ahil’s eyes ever, and cant believe his, and asks how could this all happen in one night. seher tries to assure her,not to lose hope, as if they do so, tnveer would win. rehaan informs that many people would come for celebrating Nawab’s anniversary, and decide that they can expose tanveer in front of ahil, in between them only. they both comply.

Later, while surfing through her almirah, tanveer doesnt find something. She hollers for gazalla. tanveer asks gazalla, in their room, about asad and zoya’s picture, and is told about how gazalla got befooled by seher, while sanam took the picture. She asks around what time it happened, and is told that it happened around 3, the same time that sanam had excitedly called ahil, saying that she got the evidence. tanveer says that she didnt come to steal the picture, but to look for evidence, and if she finds the newspaper, then her identity would be exposed in front of ahil. she gets berserk and says that everything would be ruined, including her years cherished dream. She is frustrated.

Latif comes and tells sanam, who is working in the kitchen, to prepare a list of whats needed, as ahil has organised a party for kids, on today’s occassion. Just then, the new bride comes in. The new bride tells latif that this house isnt ruled by servants, and hence the food is alos not by their choice, hence next time she has to make a decsision, she should ask the real owner of the house, and ahil’s real wife, i.e. she herself, hinting indirectly at sanam, who is also working there. Sanam is tensed to hear this. she hands latif the list and asks her to get the stuff. Latif silently complies. The new bride asks her to go and clean the dining table. sanam resignedly leaves. Seher comes and asks the new bride, how could she change so suddenly, and asks why is she so beaming, just because ahil spent the night, as he spent nights with a new girl everyday, but noone could get to ahil’s bed, as thats reserved for his wife, and thats her sister, sanam. she says that she has a surprise for her, that would turn her overnight, and fail her trap. the new bride is shocked and tensed. The screen freezes on her face.


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