I do update Monday 25 July 2022

I do 25 July 2022: Seher is excited to hear from sanam, that ahil wants her to go the dargah with him. sanam is super excited saying that she feels that she shall be united with ahil soon, and he knows about Tanveer. Seheer hopes the best for her, and says that she shall search the house, while they are gone. They smile.While the new bride tries to do some blcak magic on ahil’s door, when sanma calls her from behind, and she stopd midway. Gazalla and razaak watch the drama. Sanam tells the new bride, that she is going to the dargah with ahil, and asks if she should ask something for her too. She denies. sanam is about to get inside ahil’s room, when the new bride tells her that being ahil’s wife, she cant allow her to go inside his room.

sanam is shocked, and asks if she is angry at her for something. the new bride stares at her, while sanam is boggled, asking whats the matter. Before she can answer, ahil comes out, and finding both of them together, he asks the new bride, if she is sure that she doesnt want to go. she asks him to go with sanam this time, as next time, she would tag along. Just then, tanveer comes and asks if they are ready to leave. she leaves with ahil, while sanam faces a stern new bride again. She is baffled. Gazalla and razaak are scared too of her conscientious gaze. then the new bride smiles, and sanam leaves. The new bride eyes her going. Later, as ahil and tanveer are about to go, sanam follows them in tow. She does some move with her hand, and all of a sudden, sanam’s nose starts bleeding, much to her horror and surprise.

She calls out to Ahil, who is shocked to find her bleeding. gazall and razaak eye her and the new bride and are shocked. tanveer realises that the new bride is behind this. Ahil asks her to rest as they can go some other time. sanam says that she can come. Tanveer tells her that she doesnt think she should go. But tanveer says that she doesnt want anything to happen to sanam, in the long road. sanam is baffled. tanveer says that he realises his emotions, but he had made a vow that he would visit the mazaar with his wife, and thats the new sanam, and not this one. Hence she feels that he should take her. tanveer eyes the new bride, who pretends to let it be, as she can go some other time, and sanam should come right now. Ahil says that he cant take her like this, as she needs rest.

Asking her to relax, he says that he shall have to take tanveer though today only. He leaves with tanveer, while sanam is disheartened, as she hears the new bride saying, THANK THE LORD.Gazalla and razaak are shocked to see what the new bride did to sanam, and decide to search her hideout, in the store closet, wherein the apple that she was eating falls on the floor, and touches the dirt, the same that she uses for black magic. as they take a bite back, they both start, getting scared, and rush from there. Behind the door is actually a pic of ahil and sanam, with her face smeared with turmeric paste.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat is alarmed by the sound of the doorbell. When he opens the security guards tell him that its time for him to leave. He looks at haya, and gets distraught. He turns around to find haya ready with his uniform, ready to bid him goodbye, expressing her belief in their trust and love, while he too assures her that faiz wont be able to do anything to them or their relation. He is given a teary farewell by her.Rahat finds a person lying unconscious on the floor. He gets concerned, and steps out of his car.

While ahil, the new sanam and tanveer are on their way to the dargah, she tries to give water to ahil, vehemently and insistently, he irritably continues denying. Tanveer too gets frustrated and asks the new bride to give it a rest, as he would have water when and if he needs, and she doesnt need to smother him. The bride silences. but then she does some black magic stealthily, and ahil starts coughing badly. Tanveer is concerned to realise the new brdie’s true potential. the new bride gives him water, which he drinks. tanveer is concerned.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam, seher and rehaan are concerned for sanam’s nose bleeding incident. They find it really weird. while seher says that even though she doesnt have any proof right now, but she is sure that tanveer is behind this, as razaak and gazaal arent capable of planning this, while the new bride is very nice. Sanam gets tensed to hear this. Rehaan says that there’s just one way to expose tanveer in front of ahil, and thats to prove her wrong in front of his eyes. Both the sisters are tensed. Seher again continues to protest, that the new bride is a good girl, but it definitely is tanveer behind this. Sanam tells rehaan and seher, about the weird behaviour in which the new bride behaved with her. She is tensed, and others are too.

They try to find out new ways to expose tanveer before ahil, and start thinking that the newspaper containing Nawab’s death can be retrieved from the city archives. Rehaan goes to check on it. Sanam is tensed as she remembers the new bride’s weird behaviour. She hopes that ahil returns back safely, and isnt in any other trap now. The screen freezes on her, ahil’s and the new bride’s face.Rehaan tries to get info from the newspaper archives on the phone, and sanam toogives in key hints. but they are disheartened, when they are told that the newspaper that they demand for cant be retrieved.

rehaan thinks that maybe tanveer hid it somewhere, and they should search the room for it, and for other evidences if possible. They all agree. while seher keeps guard, sanam and rehaan search frantically tanveer’s room. She is oblivious that the paper they are searching for is right under the rug that she is walking on. They are disheartened inside. As she eyes gazalla coming, she drops the phone, and then picks it up, and rushes to keep her away from tanveer’s room. She takes her aside and tries to distract her in conversation. She threatens her, keeping her engaged, asking her to identify if she is sanam or seher, while sanam is relieved. She eyes a picture of their parents’ and gets emotional. When gazalla tries to leave, seher lures her for her food, and traps her into going for her room.

gazalla rushes out, while seher goes inside. rehaan says that they didnt find anything. Seher asks if they found anything. Sanam too denies. They are all tensed. Seher is boggled to see sanam tensed. sanam leaves silently. seher begins to go after her, but rehaan asks her to let be, and that they should leave. Seher says that sanam means the world to her, and she cant see her sad and upset, and wants her to be united with ahil, and wonders how long she would have to stay without ahil.

Scene 2:
Location: At the dargah
Ahil stops his car a little away from the dargah. The new bride asks why are they stopping here, and he says that he always takes Chadar from this particular shop. He gets down. She eyes him tensedly. He hollers at sanam for the wallet, when he finds that he left it in the car, and she comes with it, particularly hesitating to approach. He gives her the holy plate of chadar, and then her hands start trembling. He catches it as she leaves it finally. he lashes out at her for her negligence. She tries to say, but he rudely asks her to be careful next time. tanveer smirks at this latest turn of events, and god knows what else is in her. She says that zoya didnt get a step-wife, but she assured tht for her daughter. He pays off and then asks her to come along. She is shocked to see bruises and scales on her hand, that held the holy plate.

As they continue driving, the new bride finds the milestone, indicating the dargah ahead, she is reminded of her bruises, and gets tensed. Tanveer eyes her every move. The new bride eyes the steering of ahil’s car, and does some black magic, and it comes to an abrupt halt. Tanveer is surprised and he gets down to check it. She wonders what happened. the new bride says that she thought that before they reach the dargah, she would fulfill her wish. She smirks, while tanveer is tensed. He comes and says that the car has broken down, beyond repair by him, and till the time mechanic is arranged, they would have to spend the time in a nearby hotel. Tanveer is tensed, while she smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya enters her room, to find a gift. She opens it to reveal rahat’s badges and his nametag. She gets a call, and faiz asks how did she likle the gift. She is scared and shocked. He asks her not to be scared, as he didnt kill him, and he is alive, but to keep him so, she would have to agree to his wishes, if she wants to keep him alive. She says that she wont be befooled or scared by his cheap tricks. He compliments her, and says that he shall send an evidence, and asks her to open her almirah. She is shell shocked, as she opens it to find blood staiend uniform of rahat, that she sent him in, and the phone falls on the floor.

She gets the call again, and faiz asks what happened,and if she now believes him. She asks if he would win by these cheap ttricks, and that those win who love deeply, as rahat does with her. She asks him to learn a lesson, or else rahat shall teach him a lesson. faiz says that he has rahat, and one who cant protect himself, cant protect her. She says that rahat is okay, and he is just trying to scare her. He asks her to go ahead and check in the army camp, if rahat is safe and sound there. She hurriedly calls up, and gets to know that rahat hasnt reported to the camp. She is shocked. Faiz has a deep laugh. He thinks how he had forged the letter that asked rahat to join, and how he was the one for whom rahat stopped midway, when he saw him lying unconscious. He thinks that noone can save her from becoming his.

Scene 4:
Location: In the hotel
tanveer gets two juices from the waiter, and then mixes a medicine in ahil’s glass, saying that this is the way, to get what they want, and that this shall solve their purpose of being here. the new bride is boggled and tensed.Sanam walks out with the picture. The frame suddenly slips and breaks, and the picture drifts away right beside the rug, that contains the evidence. She pikcs the pic, and moves ahead. Then she stops suddenly, and turns around to find that paper, hidden underneath the rug. she takes it out, and is overwhelmed with excitement, to see that this is the paper that they had been so frantically searching for, and somehow ironically her parents led her to this. She thinks that dilshad was right, that parents are always there for their children, and that today due to them, she could see this, and thanks them. The screen freezes on her, sanam’s and tanveer’s face.

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