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I do 27 July 2022: As sunehri boasts of a new found evidence, the new bride is tensed. Sunehri leaves. The new bride hears gazalla and razaak tensed to search for the newspaper, and wonders if this is the same thing, that sunehri was boasting about. While seher securely keeps the newspaper under the bed, and goes to the washroom to freshen up, the new bride comes and starts rummaging through the room, and finally finds the piece of newspaper, and wonders if this is what they were searching for.Meanwhile, while tanveer lashes out at gazalla and razak for being so careless and losing that paper, the new bride comes in showing if this is what she is searching for.

tanveer is shocked, and asks how did it come to her, and how did she know where it is hidden. The bride asks her not to question but thank her, and since their relation is of equals, and hence she would have to save her to save this relation. tanveer smiles evilly.Later, the priests congratulate ahil for being so generous in organising all this. Ahil says that he is doing all this due to tanveer. they ask for her. gazalla says that she is hurt and would join them soon. they begin the prayer service. sanam tries to speak, but ahil again shuts her away, saying that he needs to work right now. sanam is hurt.

In the kitchen, the new bride enters, and starts rummaging through the veggies, when the prayer begins. As the sound of the prayer service reaches her ears, she is tensed and in visible discomfort, getting nervous and dizzy. Latif sees her like this and is shocked. the new bride rushes to the storeroom, to escape that noise.When seher finds that the evidence is gone, sanam and rehaan are tensed. they wonder who has stolen it.Meanwhile, in her room, Tanveer eyes the newspaper and thinks that nothing or noone can tell the world, that she committed this crime, and hre past shall never be revealed, as there’s no evidence.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
Faiz is dressed as a groom, and starts taunting rahat, that this is the perfect place to marry haya, as she loves rooftops. rahat says that haya wont ever marry him, as she would prefer to die rather than do so. Faiz says that he has a surprise for him, and asks if he wants to see. he turns his chair around, and finds haya walking towards him, in her wedding gown. he is apalled, while she too is distraught. before she can meet him, faiz aims the pistol at her, shocking her and rahat too, saying that he shall kill her, if she moves one step ahead. rahat pleads him not to do anything foolish. Faiz asks him if he can stop him from doing anything, and that he shall take him to haya rightaway, but for that, he shall have to divorce her straight. haya and rahat are shocked. faiz says that he just needs to say TALAK three times, or else he shall kill haya. They both are apalled.

Haya asks him not to do so, as they decided that they shall never leave each other’s side, and also promised that he wont ever let bad happen to her, and asks him not to fall prey to faiz’s threats. He asks her not to get closer. rahat is apalled. Haya asks him not to make a joke of this, and pleads faiz not to do this, as this verbal divorce shall not separate them, and asks him to understand the severity of the crime. faiz says that rahat would have to do this, as he doesnt have much time, or else he shall kill her. rahat is bewildered, while haya stands stunned. rahat remembers his moments with her. He finally says it once, while she begs nim not to do so. faiz enjoys this, and asks him to say it again, if he wants her to be alive.

she begs him not to, while rahat says it the second too, and haya collapses on the ground. before he can say the third time, she eyes the rod kept nearby, and hits on faiz’s head, and he gets disbalanced. rahat’s wheelchair starts moving. he says that she wont be able to befool him this time. A struggle ensues, and faiz overpowers her. While haya is in faiz’s capture, rahat’s wheelchair starts going behind, and retreating, to a point, where he would fall down. she begs him to allow her to go and save rahat, while faiz watches cruelly. he asks to let things be, as she should have thought this earlier. He says that its good, that rahat would be dead, as then there would be nothing that can come between them. haya bites on his hand, and faiz lets go, screaming in pain, while she rushes to him, while he speedily moves towards the end point.

faiz rushes after her. haya loses him just one by a second, and rahat falls down, the multistoreyed building. faiz captures haya yet asgain, while she gets berserk, realising what happened to rahat.An old woman enters the mansion, trying to search for someone. She comes and asks razaak, if tanveer is here, as she has to tell urgently about something, that happened in the jail, and identifies her as the jailor. She sounds creepily mysterious. he thinks that she is mad. But when gazalla passes by, she recognises the jailor, and wonders whats she doing here. he tries to ward her off, but gazalla asks her how is she here, after all these years. The olady asks where’s tanveer, as there’s something very urgent. Gazalla shows her the way to her room. She progresses towards it.

Tanveer finds seher and rehaan walking around tensedly, and is amused, thinking that they thought that they could defeat her so simply. she decides to burn the paper. She alights the matchstick too. But before she can burn, the door opens. When she asks who is it, she is surprised to find the jailor in her house, who asks if she didnt recognise her. tanveer turns and is shocked to see her, and hastily closes the door. She asks why is she here, as she had clearly said that she never wants to meet her again. tanveer says that whatever she wanted she did for her, and asks what else does she want. she says that she didnt come to ask for anything, but to give her soemthing. Tanveer is boggled. she says that she has come to give her the child. She says that 20 years back, her son isnt dead but alive. tanveer is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Tanveer is shocked at the news of her son still being alive. the warden sys that its a girl. hearing this, tanveer is overwhelmed about her daughter and the paper she is about to burn falls from her hands, and she doesnt notice it. she asks if this is true, and the warden compliese. She asks where is
she, but hearing the sudden knock of feet, she takes the warden away from there. Just then, rehaan enters. Rehaan frantically rummages through the stuff, oblivious that the newspaper is right in front of the door.

Downstairs, ahil participates in the prayer ceremony, while the new bride hides in the store, so as not to hear it. Ahil too gets up, and start hollering for tanveer. Rehaan is tensed, as ahil comes inside, looking for tanveer and is surprised to find him there. Ahil is oblivious that beneath his foot, his mother’s true evidence lies. He asks about tanveer from rehaan, and he makes an excuse that tanveer sent him for meds. Ahil shows her the place where they are kepy, and rehaan complies. Ahil says that he plans to announce something very imporrtant, and wants thm all to be present. rehaan leaves, along with ahil, the paper right beside the door of the room. Rehaan still turns around,
trying to find the paper, but ahil takes him away. Just then, the new bride comes wondering why is rehaan after tanveer’s room.In her room, sanam wonders whats taking rehaan so long, and goes after the stairs, to her room, whilethe new bride finds the paper on the doorstep, and wonders why has tanveer kept such an important evidence so loosely.

Sanam is running towards the stairs, while some kids rush past, and the paper falls from the new bride’s hands, to the ground floor. She is shocked and tensed. some girls meanwhile ask for water from sanam and she takes them to the kitchen. the new bride comes down hurriedly, to get the paper, but gazalla and razaak hold her and engage in a useless banter, while her attention is on the paper, that is moving past, with kids’ play. She ducks from there, the minute she gets the chance, to retrieve the paper. She bends down and is about to pick the paper, when seher holds her hand, and asks her not to poke her business into ahil’s affair, as this shall prove his innocence. She says that she is ahil’s wife, and hence owns everything.

Shjere tries to speak, but she mesmerises her with her dark magic. Seher is in a trance. But just then, while gazalla and razaak hurry to get food, they accidentally throw a spoon, breaking the new bride’s spell on seher. Seher takes the paper and leaves, while the new bride is tensed. As she gets up frustratedly, she finds a holy priest staring at her. she greets and then leaves. she thinks that she cant afford to expose herself to save tanveer.Meanwhile, while sanam and rehaan are tensed, about the evidence, seher excitedly shows them the newspaper, and they get cheerful. she gloats that she can do anything, and asks her to go down, as ahil has gotten everyone ready, and this is the right time, to expose tanveer.

Sanam leaves. rehaan returns and gives her a kiss, and calling her a genius and leaves. Seher smiles.Meanwhile, Tanveer takes the warden to the garden, and asks her where is she, as after rehaan, she is the only one who can complete her, the girl who she could never hug. She asks why did she say that she gave birth to a still child, and why did she lie. The warden keeps asking for good food. Tanveer asks her to wait, and then calls to get a plate of food. gazalla gets it. Tanveer takes it, and then asks the warden to speak first. The warden says that she is with her friend, jamila. tanveer keeps throwing questions at her. Just then, ahil comes and calls her from behind, and she gets tensed. He asks her whats she doing here. tanveer gives the warden the food, and she hungrily starts eating it. He asks her to come aside, as there’s soemthing very imp that he has to say, and talks about the anouncement that he has to make. He takes her away, while she is upset.

Ahil gathers everyone and thanks them for being here today, while he is haunted by his childhood traumatic memories. He says that he isnt like his father at all, as he never was a role model for him. Tanveer is tensed. Sanam and rehaan join. The new bride too is tensed. Ahil thanks tanveer for being in his life, to support and care for him, like a true mother. He says that he wants to tell a secret, that for 20 years, he has kept in his eart, which he never could tell anyone, and then looking at sanam, he says that soemone made him realise, that people shouldnt carry baggage in the past. sanam gets emotional. He says that he thought that he could move on and start afresh, but he was wrong, as he doesnt deserve to be happy. he says that his step mother is more than a mother to him, and loves her more than anything else, and that she has spent 20 years in jail for him, but she is actually innocent, and sacrificed her life for his, and he is forever indebted to her.

Ahil tells everyone overwhelmingly that tanveer isnt the murderer of his father, and the name of the culprit is….and as he pauses, sanam and rehaan wait with bated breaths. Tanveer smiles evilly, as he finally says his own name, shocking everyone, along with the gathered guests. He breaks down saying that he murdered his child, and tanveer pretends to calm him down, while he narrates what led him to kill his own father. hearing his story, sanam and rehaan are distraught, while all other listen surprised. He says that crime could have taken his whole life, but his mother didnt let that happen, and took the blame on herself, and let him be safe and secure, and he cant ever repay back this debt, even with his life.

He asks them to acknowledge and hence he wants to open a trust in his mother’s name, where he would keep 1crore every year, for orphans so that they can be ensured a better future. He asks tanveer to do the honours, and she complies. tanveer leaves asking that she wants to rest, but sanam stops her, and she gets tensed. All are surprised. sanam asks whats the hurry, as if ahil has told the entire truth, then people should know the entir etruth too. all are baffled and shocked. Tanveer remembers not having destroyed the evidence. The screen freezes on her tensed face.tanveer asks what secret is she talking about. Sanam says that the secret, that tanveer knows, but is not willing to believe.

Ahil asks whats she talking about. she says that this is a truth that would change his thinking about tanveer, and says that its related to his father’s death. tanveer asks her to let be, but rehaan says that if this is concerned with her, ahil would definitely want to hear this. Ahil asks whats the matter. Sanam says that she never believed that he would murder someone, as a person like him, cant take life, and hence to prove herself right, she looked in his past, and hence found his childhood diary, that he wrote himself. She shows her the newspaper, and that the time of death is five in the morning. Ahil is surprised, as sanam says that he was locked in the store, till seven in the morning, and how could he have committed the murder. Ahil is shocked, while tanveer is puzzled. He is overwhelmed with emotions.

She says that he is innocent, and didnt kill his father, and hence isnt guilty of punishing himself. Ahil is distraught and in tears. sanam composes him, and he hugs her overwhelmingly repeating that he didnt kill his father. Tanveer and the new bride are frustrated. rehaan eyes them lovingly. tanveer thinks that her mistake led ahil to be forever free of her debt of sacrifices forever. Ahil tells her that she doesnt realise how free and light he feels today, and how he was burning in the fury of the murder. He wonders if he didnt, and the gun was still in his hands, then who pulled the trigger on his father. Tanveer gets alarmed, as ahil comes to her, asking whats the matter, and who killed his father. rehaan taunts tanveer and asks her to say what happened that night, and who killed his father.

Sanam says that maybe tanveer also doesnt know who killed and they all have been a victim of a bigger conspiracy. She praises tanveer galore for wht she did for her son. tanveer wonders why this is happening, and why is sanam praising her. All are puzzled too. sanam comes to her, saying that her sacrifice was in vain, as he was innocent all along, and tries to make Tanveer feel very great, and the actual murderer must be out scotfree, and laments that both ahil and tanveer tortured themselves, and the actual murderer is still unknown. Sanam asks ahil, to search for the actual culprit, now that he knows that he is innocent, as his mother’s sacrifice would have been in vain. He determinedly says that he would find out, and not spare the murderer who he would search till the end of time.

tanveer is tensed, as the crime and the culprit cant hide for long. sanam eyes tanveer amusingly. He promies to tanveer, that the murderer shall have to pay for his crimes. tanveer is tensed as ahil hugs her. sanam thinks that its better some secrets are exposed with time. she thinks that maybe ahil wouldnt have believed when he got the entire truth from her today only, but when he finds out himself, then he would know the actual tanveer, and that day all would be right. Sanam smiles at ahil, and he too smiles back, with gratitude.

Scene 2:
location: On the road
faiz takes haya rather drags her to an isolated location. He tells her that rahat is dead, saying that his true love finally won, and rahat would get heaven, as he died through her hands. she begs him to save rahat, and rush him to the hospital, as he is his brother after all. He says that first he cant survive such a great fall, and secondly, if he is alive, he wont let him die, as he would have to go through the same torture that he went through. Haya is highly apalled. She asks him to fear god and his judgement. He says that rahat’s death shall always remain a mystery, but he changed the course of destiny, and got her finally, and that rahat lost and he finally won over him, saying that he doesnt fear god. He doesnt realise in his overexcitement, that a truck is fast approaching him, seeing which haya gets shocked. she shouts at him, but the truck goes past by then, and faiz falls on the floor, in a pool of blood. Haya is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher taunts the new bride in the kitchen. Seher asks her why does she keep staring all the time. she asks why did she change her party. She threatens her that she gives her one more chance. the new bride says that she doesnt give anyone a chance to threaten her, and asks her and her sister to stay away from ahil, as he is hers, and that they hve consummated their marriage. The new bride sternly tells seher, that her life is about to become bigger and better and that she wont let anyone ruin her life. She says that she is already ahil’s wife, and soon she shall be his child’s mother too. Seher is tensed. the bride gives some black magic on the sherbat, and then hands it to seher and then leaves. Seher without a care is about to drink it, but then doesnt. She starts voicing her frustration that the new bride shall have to be taught a lesson.

Later, tanveer asks ahil to move on, as the past cant be changed. Ahil says that god is with the person, who help themselves, and says that they both deserve to know the truth. the new bride too stands there. He says that sanam is right, and that he would find out the person, who ruined his and his mother’s life. Tanveer ask shim to stop thinking, and start his life afresh, with his bride, and she awaits her heir, and not the culprit. seher comes and asks whats she saying, as her sacrifice cant go in vain, and that its ahil’s duty as a son, to find out the truth, and give the case some closure, and again reminds him, what he needs to do, and not think anything else. she looks at the new bride, saying that whoever comes in between that should stay away from him. he resolves that till he doesnt solve hispast, he wont look at his future. He tells tanveer that she shall get her heir, but after the culprit is behind bars. the new bride is tensed, while seher is amused. the screen freezes on seher’s face.

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