I’m On the Edge update Wednesday 27 July 2022

I’m on the edge 27 July 2022: Urmi tells Masa that Devi is going to Adhi’s room for pooja. MAsa says Addhi is very tired and he hates when someone disturbs his sleep. He will kill her.Devi comes to Adhi’s room with arti. She opens the windows. Adhi’s sleep is disturbed. She teases him with arti. Adhi isn’t waking up. She says I will wake him up. Devi teases him with leaf. He wakes up in shock. Devi falls on him. He says what are you doing here? She says this my devi’s temple. I am allowed to come here for pooja. He says your face gives me heartaches. She says you can’t go and sleep. You can bathe. I am doing shudhi karan. I am doing this all for the family. He says stop it. WHy you always lecture me. I am going to take shower.

He leaves. Urmi looks at him. She says the game is ruined, She comes to Masa and says Adhi left his room and went to take shower. Devi is doing arti in his room.Parvati does arti. SHe says I took this step finally. Urmi says Adhi is agreeing to everything she says.Devi does her pooja. Adhi comes back after shower. Devi says you came on right time. Come do pooja. He says why don’t you understand. I took shower because I have to go to office. Do it after I go for work. She says you can change time of work but time of pooja can’t change.Devi does arti in Adhi’s room. Her eyes are closed. The idol is about to fall. Adhi holds it. He looks at devi doing pooja. Kesar looks at them and smiles.

Masa and Urmi come there. Masa is angry. Devi opens eyes and sees adhi holding the idol. She says God aalso wanted us to do this pooja together. She is about to put tilak on his head, Masa comes there. DEvi says take parsad. Adhi leaves in anger.Adhi says what is all this? Masa says what happened? Adhi says I have to go to work. Masa looks at Devi.Urmi gets whole setup of cylinders to get devi burned when she does arti. The man arranges everything.Devi collides with Adhiraj. Urmi says move the valve.Urmi says I caan’t wait for her to die. Adhi will marry me. I am so happy. Urmi says don’t be so hasty.Adhi is going to take shower. Adhi says I am showering for work not for arti. Keep it in your mind. Devi comes with arti. Urmi turns on the valve. Urmi says I can’t wait for this accident to happen. Devi lits matchstick.

Adhi is going towards his room. Urmmi says no I have to stop him.
Devi’s matchstick isn’t burning.
Urmi talks to Adhi about weird things. He says I am getting late. She says let me bring tea. Masa comes and says what happened? Urmi says i was saying he should have tea with us. Masa says yes come with us.Devi lits matchstick and screams. Everyone comes to room and Devi is fine. She says this powder went in my eye I dont’ know how. Urmi says how is this possible. The dia i burning. She says how can nothing happen?Bansuri says what happened? Urmi is scared. She says it was about to blast. Bansuri says let me check. SHe checks the cylinders and says these are empty. Urmi says there is smell of gas run… The cylinder blasts. Urmi and Bansuri are all black.

Kesar laughs with Saradh. He tells her stories. She laughs. Devi comes and says wow you have also learned to laugh. Saradh says the teacher is so good.
Bansuri and Urmi have hidden faces and are going in. devi says what happened? She giggles. Urmi says she will know soon.Masa says to Urmi you are a fool. Because of you the whole house could be burned. Nothing that you are of any use. Bansuri says I have an idea. Look at this. Masa says what is this? Bansuri says this is special spider. If it bites she can be paralyzed. Urmi says it should eat her on some bruise. Masa says that sounds like a good plan. Masa says right.Devi is cleaning the balcony. Urmi leaves the spider there. Urmi tries to throw it towards Devi.

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