My desire update Sunday 4 September 2022

My desire 4 September 2022: Rudra emotionally asks Preesha what would have happened to him and Saransh if something had happened to her. He says whatever she says, he will not give Saransh to that sick woman Mahima. GPS walks to them. Preesha wiping her tears says they were coming down. GPS says he came to inform that they are going and asks if there is any problem between them because of Mahima, he will take Mahima from here. Preesha says no need for that as Mahima is getting well in Saransh’s company, looking at Rudra. Rudra says Preesha is a doctor and knows well. GPS says he is asking a son and a daughter and not doctor, he doesn’t want Mahima here.

Preesha insists and he leaves with Vasu. Rudra asks Sharda about Saransh. Sharda says he is sleeping with Mahima. He angrily walks away. Sharda asks Preesha what happened to Rudra. Preesha says he is fine and went to sleep. Rudra picks Saransh from Mahima’s bed and brings him to his room. Preesha asks why did he bring Saransh here. He says he doesn’t want mentally sick Mahima to harm Saransh in sleep. Preesha says akka is Saransh’s mother. Rudra says Saransh is his son and he will not risk Saransh’s life, is sorry for that. She asks sorry for hurting her and akka’s feelings, getting overpossessive with Saransh, he is overreacting with akka’s mental illness.

He says again that he cannot risk Saransh’s life and she has to decide if she wants to stay with them or Mahima as he doesn’t want mentally ill Mahima to harm Saransh. He insists to choose right now. Preesha walks towards door crying, holds door to close it, but then walks away leaving Rudra shattered. Rudra closes door seeing her decision. Serial’s title song Yeh Hai Chahatein…song..plays in the background. Rudra thinks he knows she is standing outside as she loves them. Preesha thinks she knows he is standing near door and waiting for her. Rudra thinks if she opens door, he will let her in. Preesha thinks she has to stay with Akka for her safety and walks away feeling sorry.

Preesha returns to Mahima’s room and correcting her blanket removes Saransh’s photo from her hands. She reminisces her love for Rudra and Saransh, but then keeps Saransh’s photo in Mahima’s hands thinking Mahima loves Saransh and if she doesn’t get him, she will lose her mental balance totally and will not that happen, whatever happens she will return Saransh to her at any cost. Rudra thinks whatever happens, he will not give Saransh to Mahima.Next morning, Mahima wakes up and panics not seeing Saransh next to her, wakes up Preesha and asks where is Saransh. Preesha says Rudra took Saransh with him. Mahima asks if Rudra doesn’t like Saransh with her, what is the issue.

Preesha says Rudra found out about yesterday’s incident after seeing her slippers on terrace and took Saransh with him. Mahima asks if he thinks she will harm Saransh. Preesha says Rudra is overprotective about Saransh. Mahima says why would she harm her own son. Preesha asks her to relax and says tonight is Rudra’s concert and she should accompany them. Mahima says she doesn’t wan to spoil their mood by coming there. Preesha asks her to take care of herself and not try to harm herself. Mahima agrees.

During breakfast, Balraj warns Rudra not to miss tonight’s concert and to accompany him in his car tonight. Rudra asks why should he. Preesha says Rudra will. Saransh senses they fought again and to break the ice asks Preesha which dress will he wear for concert. Preesha says he will not. Rudra asks reason. Preesha says he has maths exam tomorrow, she asked appa to come and pick him up; he can attend next concert. Rudra and Saransh agree. Ahana with Mishka returns to her room and tells that Mahima was alright yesterday and then suddenly she started her drama, she doubts if she is really mentally ill. Mishka says she is right. Ahana says she needs to find out via Yuvraj and calls him. Yuvraj who got a new job as clerk in a hospital continues his baffonery when Ahana calls him and asks if Mahima looked really mentally ill during their Ooty trip.

He says he doesn’t think so. She asks him to find out if she is or not, maybe he will find some more secrets about her. Yuvraj agrees.Ahana over phone asks Yuvraj to find out more about Mahima, if she is really mentally ill or acting, maybe he will find out some secret about her. Yuvraj says he is working in Mental Health Clinic where Mahima was admitted, so getting her file is very easy for him. He picks Mahima’s file from doctor’s cupboard and thinks of showing it to another psychiatrist. Rudra gets ready for concert. Saransh asks if he didn’t ask mamma to select dress. Rudra says he will select his dresses himself from hereon as he doesn’t like Preesha’s selected combination. Saransh thinks definitely they would have fought, so he has to do something.

He drops water on floor and calls Preesha. Rudra asks him to stop and tries to shut his mouth. Preesha walks in asking what happened, slips on floor, and falls on Rudra. She reminisces Rudra asking her last night to choose between her sister or husband and son. Rudra leaves her. Saransh asks why did they separate, he didn’t drop water to separate them; asks them to stop fighting and kiss each other. Rudra shyingly kisses Preesha’s cheeks. Saransh asks them not to fight again and go to concert together. Rudra slips, PReesha holds him and laughs.

Yuvraj shows Mahima’s file to psychiatrist who says Mahima went through severe mental trauma and suffered a lot, he should bring her for treatment here. Ahana hears their conversation on phone and says she heard doctor’s conversation and disconnects call yelling at him. Yuvraj thinks why Khurana family is ungrateful to him always, anyways he will find out more about Mahima. Ahana yells that already they are facing trouble because of Preesha and now her sister joined to trouble them more.

Saransh waits for GPS to pick him up and calls him. GPS says he was on the way when his friend’s health deteriorated and he his rushing him to hospital, so he will come after dropping him to hospital. Saransh asks to come whenever he is free. Mahima sitting near him asks if he is feeling bored, can they play games. He warns her to stay away from him and stop bothering him as she is his fake mamma and not real one. Mahima tries her best, but he walks away shouting. Mahima gets a panic attack and looks at fruit knife nearby. Saransh walks to his room and runs down hearing Mahima’s shout and stands shocked seeing her slit head with blood oozing out. Khurana family returns home after Rudra’s concert discussing it was a great success.

Saransh rushes to Rudra and asks to come and see what fake mamma did. They rush to Mahima and see her unconscious with slit wrist. Balraj asks Rudra not to touch her and call doctor first, else it would be police case. Rudra calls Mahima’s psychiatrist. GPS enters and gets worried seeing Mahima’s condition. Doctor treats Mahima and informs Preesha that Mahima is going through a severe mental crisis and she should make sure that Mahima is not mentally stressed again. GPS thanks Rudra for bearing problems because Mahima and walks away.

Rudra gets angry on Preesha that a small kid Saransh had to bear mental shock because of Mahima, Preesha purposefully left Saransh with Mahima to make their bonding strong, but didn’t realize how dangerous Mahima is and would have harmed even Saransh. Preesha says Saransh is Mahima’s son and he has to return to her at any cost. Rudra says he can leave everything and even Preesha, but not Saransh. Preesha cries what is he saying. Saransh hears their conversation and walks out of house panicked. Rudra hands over his cheque book, song scripts, guitar, etc., to her and says music is his life, but he can leave it for Saransh just like she left him for Mahima. She says she didn’t leave him and he sent her out of room instead. He says he waited near door for long, but she didn’t even return and preferred her sister over her husband, Saransh is his brother’s last gift and he will not send Saransh away at any cost.


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