I do update Saturday 3 September 2022

I do 3 September 2022: Ahil and Jannat get closer and he says I Love You to her. Shad’s words echoes in her ears that she’s his wife and she gives a tight slap to Ahil and he gets shocked. She lectures him how he can say such thing to someone else’s wife. They trusted him and he’s broken their trust. She accepts it’s her mistake too and she will get punished for it. She asks him how he would react if his Sanam was doing like this. He gets mad. She leaves after lecturing him and he gets all hyper that he thought she’s realizing their love and getting close. He has only loved one person and how she can such thing about his love. Shad that she’s talking about is biggest lie of her life.

Sanam-2 wonders where Ahil and Sanam have been and whether anything happened to them. Latif and Ghazala think they are dead. Shad hears and says it’s not possible. Sanam-2 changes her colors and tells Shad only he can help. Police called her and said they had accident, and that too big accident. Shad leaves to check.Jannat is walking in jungle and still can’t believe what just happened between her and Ahil. Ahil also comes there. She turns her face and starts walking. He tells her to be careful, but she says she doesn’t need his help. She is capable enough to go back home on her own. Ahil sees her walking towards something slippery and runs to save her. In that, he slips down.

He says that is why he was saying to be careful. He walks away. Sanam follows.Police inform Sanam-2, Shad, and co about car accident and show them photographs. Sanam-2 says such a big accident. Police say they didn’t find any dead bodies. Ghazala says it’s possible that some wild animals ate them. Shad says nonsense and leaves.Ahil and Jannat are standing far on road. Ahil says he can’t say anything to her due to her condition. He thinks it might be a hint from Allah to say the truth to Sanam. He decides to trust his love and tell her everything. Some guys stop their car near Jannat and asks if she wants a lift. She says no, but they get off and misbehave. Ahil comes to her rescue.

Nasia is upset getting news about Ahil. She tells Saif to do something. He gets mad and says nothing will happen by him praying or her crying. Shashi Kapoor comes and asks him to apologize to her. Saif says sorry and leaves. Shashi Kapoor tells Nasia that he’s tensed too and hence reacting that way. She tells her not to worry, she will always be there for her.Other hand, Latif and Ghazala are dressed up in white clothes and come to Sanam-2. Sanam-2 was confirming with lawyer that Ahil hasn’t put any condition and she won’t be back on road like last time. Her lawyer says she won’t. She tells Ghazala and Latif to contact her designer as well. She should look good while mourning as well.

Bus comes. Jannat tries to get in, but she doesn’t have any money to buy ticket. The ticket checker says he can’t let her get in without buying ticket. Ahil comes and says he’s Nawab of Bhopal. They had accident and lost their money. He promises to give him double money. The ticket checker makes his joke saying he’s Amitabh Bachchan as well. Jannat gives her earrings. Ahil tries to stop her, but she doesn’t listen and tells the ticket checker that must be enough for 1 ticket. She goes inside. Ahil takes away the earrings and gives his watch saying that should be enough for 2 tickets. He also gets in. He goes near Jannat, but then sits away after seeing her angry face.

Sanam and ahil drive on tensedly. He hits his head when the bus screeches to a halt. He is lost in her memories. saanm is tensed but deliberately doesnt express it. he is hurt remembering how much she used to care for him. the bus stops for break. Ahil gets down but sanam doesnt. he orders for two teas, but sanam refuses to take it, ordering one for herself. but the vendor says that the milk is over. ahil silently keeps her tea by her side, while she is tensed. he walks past. she takes the tea and the biscuit. finally, they get back on the bus. Sanam’s dupatta gets stuck in the handle of the bus, and ahil retrieves it. She is visibly disgusted.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam and ahil arrive. Before she can step in, he stops her saying, that he wants to tell her something, before she steps foot inside, and after hearing that, she can take her decision. she says that she knows what he wants to say, that he loves her, and that he fell in love at the first sight, and that they shouldnt ignore what they feel for each other. She says that she shall answer his query once inside. before ahil can say anything, he makes a move.

Inside, shaad is lost in sanam’s memories. he is tensed, when the new bride and latif and gazalla, enjoy his mourns. he leaves inside. Ahil and sanam come inside, shocking everyone. shashi thinks that he is alive, then how shall she fulfill her promise to her mother. Shaad too comes out shocked. While there is grief in the house, sanam comes inside and rushes to shaad, who is highly relieved. he asks where has she been, and how worried he had gotten. she tells everything, from the accident, to the kidnapping by the tribal people. she says that in this one day, she has realised that she cant live without him for even a day. she says that she doesnt want to delay the marriage. She says that she wants to get married in the next seven days. Ahil is apalled and distraught. Shaad hugs her overwhelmingly, while ahil is apalled.

Later, while sanam sips tea, listening to the same song playing in the bus, tensed, ahil comes out and finds her like that. she gets up and goes inside. he smiles too, and turns around, to find himself face to face with the new bride, who eyes him amusingly. he reminds her that sanam isnt shaad’s wife. She says that soon she would be. She says that he must be completely distraught, as his efforts to make her remember their love and be intimate, must have been in vain, as she came back and hugged sanam. she says that she laments that sanam has forgotten his love and has gone far away. he says that that cant happen, and their love is just going through testing times, and that a woman like her wont know lobe, as if his love hadnt been pure, sanam wouldnt have been here, despite her attempts otherwise. she says that she hasnt accepted defeat.

The new bride tells ahil, to tease him, that sanam is really excited for her marriage. She says that the day of their marriage, shall also mark the consummation of jannat and shaad’s relation. He is disgusted.At the dining table, all sullenly have lunch, while ahil cant take his eyes off, when sanam and shaad have a short sweet romantic moment, when sanam accidentally places jam on her lips, and when she isnt able to get it, and asks shaad to help her. he complies, by wipinmg the jam off her lips. Ahil in desperation cuts off his finger badly. all are tensed. the new bride hollers for latif, to get antiseptic. latif complies by taking dettol out on cotton ball. Suddenly, sanam stops her surprising everyone.

Envisioned by her past memories, she blurts out, that ahil has an allergy to castor oil shocking and surprising them all, while ahil is overwhelmingly relieved. She asks latif to mix bleach in water and then wash the wound with it. She is herself boggled after that, while the new bride is frustrated. Nazia says that jannat is right, as ahil has an allergy to castor oil. Shaad asks how does she know of ahil’s allergies. she says that she has no clue, boggled herself. He gets irritated and asks how is that possible. he says that she is this confident, as if he has been taken care by her, a lot of times earlier. haunted by the past memories, sanam complains of a headache. She leaves. ahil fervently wishes she remembers everything back.

Ahil stoically observes as shaad goes after her. Ahil taunts the new bride how could she think that sanam forgot his love. He leaves. the screen freezes on her fuming face.


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