I do update Sunday 26 June 2022

I do 26 June 2022: Ahil tries to get close to seher, while she is awkward. He is about to kiss her, when she steps on his shoe, and he retreats wincing in pain, and then she pretends to be nervous and hence acting like that. She says that she is nervous since the time, that he had wanted to say something to her. He asks her to fulfill the wish. she retreats whenever he tries to get close to her. He asks why is she behaving as if he is touching her for the first time. she is frustrated. he says that he thinks that he is doing something wrong, and that she wanted to say something, but he didnt have the time to listen. Seher is irritated as to where she is stuck now. He confronts her asking that she is hiding something.

She says that she should have told him a long time ago, and that the truth is…..ahil waits with bated breaths to complete her sentence. she starts beating around the bush, and then says that the truth is that she is very tired. She is herself amazed at her frivolity. She is herself shocked when she finds that it worked, and ahil instantly comes to her concern and care. he takes her to lie on the bed saying that she needs a good sleep. she is shocked that they have to sleep in the same bed. He is puzzled when she says that this bed isnt right. He asks whats wrong. she says that she has a severe backache, while he is amused, thinking that he is really stupid, and that he cant understand women, and that he should have known that he needed a massage.

She says that she indeed needs a hard bed. He says that they shall go, but she says that she would, as she has to wake up early to pray for god. He is concerned that she is so thoughtful of everyone, and then leanes in close to her, but she complains of headache and makes a hasty retreat. Ahil is amused thinking that she is having her part of the revenge, and that she is trying to detatch herself, and that till now she has seen his hatred and from now on, she shall see his love, and that he would play along to her tunes. he is amused.

In Tanveer’s room, rehaan gives a hot bath to tanveer’s leg and then when the water goes cold, he leaves to get the new hot water. tanveer is haunted by sanam’s recent rebukes, and wakes up with a start, wincing in pain, in her arm. Tanveer wakes up and thinks that anyhow she would have to get their signatures on the papers, and that she cant lie in her bed like this, as its already too late. she thinks that sanam is also now to revenge and plotting. She remembers that sanam knows the truth, and is frustrated, wondering what sanam has, that she has become so confident. she says that she knows ahil wont believe her, but still sanam has to be stopped before ahil gets even the slightest doubt, and that would ruin all her plans and that anyhow she would have to get the signatures. She puts on her chappals and is about to move.

before she can walk any further, she gets dizzy and falls on the bed. rehaan comes in just then and is apalled to see her like this. He makes her lie down and asks what happened. She says that she is okjay and asks him to go and relax himself, as she’s fine. Rehaan resignedly complies and then leaves. Tanveer is frustrated thinking that she isnt able to even get up. She wonders what must sanam be telling ahil.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
When haya comes back with tea, she finds rahat in army uniform ready to go, and is shocked. She asks him and he tells her about her orders. she is baffled and boggled. He tries to compose her, asking her not to worry, as she would be back soon. As rahat begins to leave, he wonders how he would rectify everything, as he failed this time too. She hugs him tightly from behind. he gets emotional, and turns around to face her, while she begs him not to go, in tears. He caresses her face and wipes her tears. She hugs him, and begs yet again, saying that she cant live without him. he says that she has to for some time. He takes his bags and leaves, while she stands sad.

He goes out the maind oor, and then turns around to look at her. she runs to him, while he makes his exit. she stands teary eyed and sad. faiz sees this from a distance. she turns around to find faiz staring, and then without saying anything, she leaves. faiz is tensed. she wonders how she would stay here without rahat. she is surprised as she finds faiz sitting next to her. Just then, the lights go off, and he goes to get a candle, but they both up at the same time, and collide into each other, with her falling in his arms, while they have a quick flashback of their past lives. Finally he lets go of his grasp, and she too composes herself awkwardly, and then leaves. she goes to her room, and then tsaring at him, she shuts the door.

She wonders why was he looking at her like this, when he clearly knows, that she loves and wants to be with rahat. she is boggled. outside, faiz thinks that haya is just his and that she would need time, but he shall wait, till the end of time, and that she would herself come and say that she is his.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residene
As seher starts walking through the corridor, she is frustrated with the condition that she is stuck in for money, tanveer’s killer instincts and ahil’s overexuberant display of love. she has difficulty finding sanam’s room, with the hard bed, and then finds a hall, at the end of the stairs leading to the top. she starts walking through them, as if in a daze, remembering the faint impression of herself in her childhood playing with her sister. She has flashbacks, of spending time with her sister, and she gets disturbed. She enters the room, which once used to their room, she and her sister’s. The screen freezes on her face.

seher walks inside the room, in a daze, flashed by her past memories. She finds leftover food strewn all around, and people sleeping on the bed, under the blanket. she is shocked to have a room so dirty. her feet slips on a banana peel, and sha falls on the bed, and azhar’s parents are shocked to find her here. they start reprimanding her how dare she came inside. Seher takes her pillow, and then they ask if she is trying to take their room. Seher is frustrated with their nonsense. She just takes her pillow, and thinks that they are mad, and then finds a knife and starts eyeing it, much to their horror. She tries to show it to them, and they are scared and petrified, that she would harm them tolo like tanveer, and start blurtiung that what they did was just by following tanveer’s orders, and then asks her to stay here, while they shall leave the room.

With the knife in her hand, seher is shocked and boggled as they rush out. She sits on the bed, frustrated with their rant, and thinks that its best for her to leave from here asap. she dozes off.The next morning, while seher is fast asleep, with sunlight streaming on her face, ahil walks in and is upset to see the mess that the room is in. He comes to her, and tries to wake her up, but she pulls the drapes over herself saying that she isnt sanam. He wakes her yet again, and she finally wakes up with a start. he asks what was she saying, and then caresses her face. she says that she had a nightmare, and then distracts him by throwing the alarm on the floor, and then picking it up herself. He says that her pain is over, it seems. she assures him vigorously that she is completely fine now.

He asks her why is she behaving so weird since yesterday. She is tensed. She then says that she is doing this intentionally, as she feels that there is too much seriousness in their lives recently, and hence should behave natural and irrational sometimes. she makes himjump insistently, until he finally asks her to stop it. he makes her sit down, and then insists her to close the eyes, which seher has much difficulty. Finally Ahil takes out an engagement ring, and places it on seher’s finger, while her eyes are closed, and she is absolutely stunned to see the extravagant sparkling gem studded ring, with shock, when she does open her eyes. she is shocked that its a real diamond, and ahil says that he knows the differnce between real and fake. He says that the ring is very special, and that it was given to him by his badi ammi, who asked him to give it to someone, who not only loves him, but also understands it worth.

He says that it signifies the respect of the family, and not just the fact that he loves her, and asks her to protect it likewise. She says that she would keep it more precious than her own life. He asks about his gift, and then she asks what can she give him. He says that since she doesnt know, he would have to take it himself. He leanes in to get a kiss, but she slides aside, saying that since she has to protect the reputation and hence goes to see if breakfast is ready for everyone. She leaves. Ahil thinks that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but he would have to do something different to impress her.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya, with the lantern, knocks on Faiz’s door, and tells him that she has laid out food for him, as the light might just come anytimte. Her points out that romantic setting that he had made for her in their room only, and is taken back to their marriage night. He says that he made arrangements himself to surprise her. She asks him why is he doing all this for her. He is boggled and thinks that haya is upset. He apologises, and asks her not to misunderstand, and since he thought she was tired, he laid food for them by warming it up, and due to no electricity, he lit candles. haya resignedly complies and sits down. He asks her if she thinks that they shouldnt have dinner alone.

He then adds that he too knows that it isnt right for them to meet like this, as its against the traditions. she is unable to understand due to the low light, which make it difficult for her to lipread. He continues to say that he isnt able to bear this separation now, and that they shouldnt talk, by tradition and asks her opinion of the same. Haya silently nods without understanding what he is saying. he apologises and assures that he wont do anything that make her uncomfortable. She hopes that its good that faiz doesnt have any wrong motive and maybe she was wrong in judging him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residene
In tanveer’s room, rehaan does the dressing, and then goes to the washroom, to wash his hands, while tanveer asks him to turn on the geyser too for her bath, and then seher opens the door slightly to find what tanveer is upto. Seher thinks that the minute she steps her foot on the floor, she would fall and see starts in wide daylight. tanveer takes her meds, and is about to get down, while seher waits in anticipation. Tanveer gets down and then starts walking foot by foot, escaping the soapy water that she has sprayed all along, deliberately avoiding it, much to seher’s shock and bogglement, wondering if she is truly blind or is enacting. She tries to waive her hand in front of tanveer, as she walks towards her, and finally tanveer grabs her hand, shocking her.

tanveer smiles evilly, saying that she blind but not idiot, but it seems that she is, as she doesnt know that those who are blind, are heightened in smell, and she knew that sanam has planned something against her. Seher says that she would be trapped in her own trap. tanveer says that her changed demeanour is very attractive and she loves a challenge, when she knows she is going to win. Seher too says that she would love to play with her. Seher tells tanveer that she doesnt know what she boasts so much about, but she definitely would enjoy, and while tanveer is about to give her a befitting reply, when seher stops by shushing her. Seher reminds her that one hand is broken, she would break the other one too. tanveer is frustrated.

She leaves in haste, and hears rehaan’s voice asking latif for tea, and she recognises it as rehaan, and is overwhelmed as she turns around to see him. he too finishes his call, and finds himself face to face with sanam, who he doesnt realise is seher. the screen freezes on both their faces.

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