Meet in love update Saturday 25 June 2022


Meet in love 25 June 2022: Duggu says to Meet Ahlawat on call everything is done. Meet Ahlawat says when things are done ask Sunaina to to go for plan B. Meet walks in do her work and go out. Meet Ahlawat stop and says where are you going. Meet says I’m going out. Meet Ahlawat says you cannot go outside right now because. Meet says why I can’t go, are you teacher that you are saying no to me for going out, are you thirsty or hungry. Meet Ahlawat says no. Meet says then why I can’t go let me talk to aunty or else she will scold me. Meet Ahlawat says we were going to watch movie come lets go. Meet says when did we talk. Meet Ahlawat says we talked of watching movie. Meet says I don’t remember and I don’t want to watch, just keep pillow with you and watch any movie you want.

Meet Ahlawat stops her and says you need to watch with me because its horror movie and I feel scared of watching horror movie, he thinks I need to plan surprise that’s why I said about being scared or in normal day I won’t have said anything like that. Meet smile and says a big man is scared or horror movie. Meet Ahlawat says yes if you don’t want to watch then leave it because I’ll see and if I get scared I’ll shout and make movement while scared which can injur me again and you will be responsible for that. Meet says this is first time I’m getting blackmailed for watching movie can’t you watch with someone else. Meet Ahlawat says you took responsibility to take care of me. Meet says okay come. Meet Ahlawat says switch on TV and whispers on call what is the status Duggu.

Meet ask whuch film you wanna see. Meet Ahlawat says comedy.Lakhan, Amma and Anubha in house. Lakhan says I bought new shirt for Ustaad she love yellow colour that’s why. Anubha says did you forget now she wear Saree. Lakhan says okay forget this and ask Amma what you bought for Meet. Amma picks a cactus and hand it to Lakhan says give it her say I sent it and says to Anubha your daughter took all the happiness of Manushi life and planted thorns. Anubha says what are you saying it’s her birthday today don’t curse her today. Amma looks at Lakhan and says what are you doing here go from here and keep tgis on her hand or else I’ll slap you now go from here. Lakhan run away.

Duggu says on phone arrangements are done but I cannot see Ustaad Mami family I’ll go and check. Masum hear Duggu and says so Anubha aunty is coming, now I’ll manipulate her to tell everyone what is the secret she is hiding.Manushi ask Amma aren’t you gone yet. Amma says I’m leaving and sees Kunal ask where are you going. Kunal says yes I have some urgent work will come back till evening. Amma whispers to Manushi it doesn’t matter if you won’t come back, says I don’t understand Anubha how can she be so bias to one kid well forget it I have cooked for you, you can have it. Manushi hugs her and say you are the best, you can go and pray and while coming back go and meet your friend don’t worry about me I’ll lock door, go and enjoy. Amma says I forgot to tell you one thing today Meet’s friend came and start saying today is Meet’s birthday and showing gift then he ask me what are you giving.

Manushi ask then what are you giving her. Amma says I gave him cactus and says take Dadi’s gift. Manushi in shock remembers hiding jewellery in cactus. Amma says, she sow thorns in your life, she will get those in return. Kunal says good work. Manushi says excuse me freaks out and says you gifted her that cactus. Amma says yes Meet and that plant both I didn’t like, now I’ll feel calm, take care of yourself and house.Meet upset about no one remembering her birthday. Meet Ahlawat thinks I know you are feeling sad of nobody wishing you just wait for some time after getting surprise you will feel happy. Meet gets up. Meet Ahlawat says wait where are you going, I mean I’m feeling of doing exercises can you help me. Meet says in morning you were not in mood.

He says I want to get healthy so please help me. Meet says okay get ready and help him doing exercises. She says its 52 you are done. He says I want to be healthy fast let’s do it to 100 and continues. Meet says why are you bearing pain stop it. Sunaina walks in. Meet Ahlawat says Sunaina is here and ask do you need something. Sunaina says to Meet I want you to make you ready for family photo. Meet ask what family photo and go with her. Meet Ahlawat says plan to make Meet ready for party is done. Duggu on phone says well done Mamu.Kunal looks at Manushi all statue and touch her. Manushi get’s shocked and Kunal says nobody is home now go get ready for me and don’t forget to wear jewellery, you will look princess. Manushi says jewellery gone.

Kunal says what do you mean where are they. Manushi says I hid that jewellery in cactus and Amma gifted that to Meet. Kunal laughs. Manushi says I’m in tension and you are laughing. Kunal says who hide them in cactus and who gift cactus this whole family is mad. Manushi says how would I know that and it was having your gifted diamond necklace. Kunal remembers that gift and start taking hiccups thinks if Meet Ahlawat sees that diamond then I’m done. Manushi breakdown and start cursing her faith. Kunal says ediot why are you crying now go and get your jewellery back. Manushi give him look. He says it’s me baby I’m unable to take you my home and because of me you have to hide your jewellery in some wierd place, listen one day you have to go to your in law’s house wherr you have to carry them daily then from where you will get the jewellery that’s why I’m say go there and get your jewellery because after all that’s our last backup till the time dad support us, it’s your right you can’t let it go.

Manushi says you are right I won’t let it go, I have to go at Ahlawat’s house and get them back and I’ll not give single diamond to my sisters.Sunaina blindfold Meet. Meet open her eyes and gets surprised seeing decoration. Meet Ahlawat walks in. Meet remembers how Ahlawat stop her from not going out and says I never thought anyone would surprise me, you took pain to make me happy I’m feeling special you made my day. Duggu walks in and says we have ine more surprise for you. Everyone walks in wishing Meet. Meet sees Anubha and hugs her. Anubha give her blessings, wishes her happy birthday and says you get my age. Meet says what I’ll do with that I don’t want, you didn’t wish me since morning you played very well. Anubha says Meet Ahlawat order me how can I think of not obeying, here I got ladoo for you.

Lady says our Meet is lucky to have such big house and a big heart family, they take good care of him. Lakhan wish her birthday and says you look beautiful. Ram says you can praise me too. She says you look like monkey. Meet ask Anubha where is dadi. Anubha says no. Ram says but she send a gift for you. Meet gets excited and ask what. Anubha says blessings. Meet says she sent blessings for me. Anubha says yes and you look beautiful. Duggu come and says to Meet, Ustaad Mami come with me I have surprise for you. Meet go with Duggu.


Masum sees Anubha alone walks to her and greets. Anubha greets her. Masum says you look good, here have this drink, says did you talked to your Meet, she looks in lot of tension. Anubha says what I don’t understand. Masum says that secret she feels heavy because of that. Anubha remember what she said to Meet about Manushi.Masum says to Anubha did you said anything to Meet she looked in tension. Anubha says what I don’t understand. Masum says that secret, she was feeling heavy feom hiding it. Anubha remember what she said to Meet about Manushi and says how you. Masum says she love us lot and become close to famil so she unintentionally tell something which are not to be said infront of everyone. Anubha thinks I think so she knows about Manushi, says that our daughter is not like that it was Manushi. Ram walks in and ask Anubha to come because Meet is calling her. Masum says wait we are talking. Ram says to Masum forget this and takes Anubha.

Hoshiyar walks in and ask did you get information. Masum says I was about to know but but Ram come and took her, don’t worry night is long. Hoshiyar says lest celebrate your brother has thrown such a nice party for Meet I think so he started caring for her. Masum says first love, first school, first job nobody forget and Meet’s first love is Manushi.Manushi arrive at Ahlawat’s house in auto and says how I’ll go in if mummy will see me then she will make fuss of it. Man talking on phone for joker, how we will arrange a new one party has already begun how will I arrange a new one. Manushi hear it.

Meet, Meet Ahlawat and Duggu walks in hall. Manushi enter house see it and gets numb says I took wrong decesion, I waa going to enter here as daughter in law but entering house as joker how unlucky I’m and this Meet is living like me, anyway I need to focus on my task, while walking she stumble and fall, everyone laugh. Duggu says to Meet lets cut cake. Meet says let Raj and Babita come then we will cut. Meet Ahlawat says if you want can cut cake. Meet says no we will wait for them yill that time we will enjoy. Tae walks in says it’s a beautiful moment lets take a selfie. Meet Ahlawat give me I’ll take.

Manushi walking in corridor. Mewt Ahlawat bumps into Manushi. Meet Ahlawat reaches her nose and play with it says first time I saw female as joker attire that to scared, well good job you were going somewhere. Manushi says after you . Meet Ahlawat walks away.Meet walks to Anubha says you look upset what happen. Anubha says Masum was asking me questions as if she knows everything. Meet remembers and says I don’t teel anything and I’ll never break your promise. Anubha thinks if Meet didn’t tell then she was trying to trick me.Kids playing on trampoline. Manushi try to run away from them but Ram catches him and start playing with her. Manushi says who need gift. Duggu says me. Manushi says then shift I’ll get some and run away.

Manushi looking for Cactus. Meet walks near Manushi and says you have done a good makeup and wig but look thirsty and calls waitee and says drink this you will feel fresh I saw how you entertained kids good job Miss Joker. Manushi get’s scared and leaves. Meet says wait and stops her from stepping on Cactus and says so many kids are also around anyone could get huet and picks the pot and leaves. Manushi thinks thankgod I’m save and see the package in pot. Meet throws that in dustbin and leaves. Manushi says thankgod she left and how come Meet is getting so lucky and me getting unlucky, tries to go near dustbin but kids rush to her and start troubling her, meanwhile staff takes away the dustbin. Manushi shsss the kid and see the dustbin is missing, god so unlucky what will I do now.

Kids start dancing. Everyone joins them. Meet Ahlawat pushes Meet to join them and encourage her to dance and gets happy after seeing her happy.
Manushi reaches the dustbin location and see there are many.Masum walks to Anubha and ask are you not having anything. Anubha says I’m full. Masum says you were saying anything. Anubha says my daughter is so lucky to have family like you look she is so happy, excuse me and leaves. Masum gets annoyed and says she is so cunning but how long will they hide.

Anubha thanks god for helping her because Masum is so much behind finding the truth before she creates problem for Meet because of Manushi I should send Manushi I should send her Delhi.
Meet Ahlawat starts dancing, Meet tries to stop him but he starts dancing with her. Anubha sees them and smiles.
Babita walks in with Chhavi and others she sees Meet Ahlawat dancing and shouts stop the music. Masum happy. Babita says what nonsense is this and scolds Meet, says how could you be enjoying, my son need rest I keep warning but you never understand, keep away from my son and his life and I know for you only your family is important nothing for my son he is last person in your life, my son just returned from near death accident and you are enjoying. Meet Ahlawat says mom one minute.

Babita stops him and scolds Meet says you promised me to take good care of him and look what you are doing first you left other night and now partying. Raj stops her and says her family is here. Ragini walks to her and try to calm her down says, today is her birthday don’t say anything bad. Babita says so what its ger birthday my son is not well he is more important then her birthday, what will happen if she don’t celebrate for one time, when my son is healthy can celebrate then, you will get many occasions to celebrate but if he will go then will never come back like my Tej.
Anubha and everyone about to leave with guests. Meet Ahlawat stops her and tells Babita I throw this party for her to surprise her, I called you but you were busy and also other night Meet went outside with me to fulfill my promise and she came with me to took care of me.

Meet says keeps quiet. Meet Ahlawat says let me handle I don’t like you getting scold because of me. Babita ask what promise. Meet Ahlawat teels everyone his promise for Tej.Manushi hear everything says he is so fake, use to talk to me for hours and now after Meet being his wife he changed and also he left my house in anger, well forget it keep yourself busy till that time I’ll look for Cactus.Babita says go and take rest. Meet Ahlawat says one minute we all know about everyone happiness in this house and take good care of eachother, do things for eachother but we never thought about Meet she also left her home and come to us we never thought what makes her happy we never did that.

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