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I do 27 June 2022: Seher and rehaan confront each other, while she is emotional, and he makes himself remember that this isnt sunehri but sanam. she comes to him slowly, but then remembers the way he trusted her completely, and then professed his love, which ultimately led to shattering of his trust and faith in her, due to her past. Rehaan is tensed, as she confronts him. He says that its good that she came, addressing her as sanam, and that tanveer’s meds need to be administered, and he trusts her for that, as he has to go out for diwali work. Seher thinks that this is impossible and unbelievable that rehaan who is so close to her, isnt able to believe that she is sunehri and not sanam. she is in a daze, while he asks her what happened. she turns around without saying a word, and walks away from him. He wonders what happened to sanam.

Seher sits on the roof, wondering whats rehaan doing here, and why does he stay here then, if he is just their manager. she says that she doesnt realie whats happening, as the more she tries to forget her past, the more it springs up on her, and that she doesnt want to go down memory lane, and wonders how to do this work, if rehaan is in front of her, and maybe he didnt recognise her today, but what if he recognises her tomorrow. ahil comes to her and finds her tensed, just in time that she wiped her face. He says that he is very happy to celebrate their first diwali. She shockingly asks if they celebrate this festival. He says that they do, as this marks the win of good over evil, and he truly does that. she is happy, and he says that there are lots of things that she still doesnt know about him.

He asks her to make Laddoos, the delicious ones that she made last time. She is boggled, as he reminds her that he made her prepare 100kgs of laddoos in one night. she says that she does remember, and continues to rant, and then asks him if he doesnt feel it was wrong of him to ask her that. he gets tensed, and starts apologising that he is very embarassed about the way he used to behave with her, and what wrong he has done with her. He wishes that he could erase all the bad stuff that he did with her, but assures that he has changed for the better, and just the way she wants, and that today they shall start afresh, forgetting everything in the past. She is drawn to her memories with rehaan and gets emotional. She says that it isnt easy to forget past memories. he says that they can try still. she says resignedly that she is trying that only. He asks what happened.

she composes herself, and says that she just wanted to irriate and tension him, and asks him to go ahead with his work, and she and the laddoos would wait for him in the evening. she begins to go, while he confirms if she was truly joking. She asks him not to overthink minor small things, and instead just chill and enjoy. She leaves. He says that she maybe joking, but it still haunts him, and that her future shall be laced with happiness, and promises her the same.Seher shows azhar’s parents a tray of laddoos, and they greedily eye it. she says that they should think that she is apologising for yesterday. They hungrily take it, and then disgustingly spill it out.

she is tensed. They are disgusted, and they say that earlier she made far better. She also plays along, and asks what was wrong in it. they go on to give them valuable advise, and she says that they are masters in it. Seher says that for diwali, azhar’s parents would make sweets. they ask why would that happen. seher shows them the knife, and asks if they would dare to refuse her. Azhar’s mother says that if they tell tanveer, she would teach her a lesson. But seher is unfazed. She says that she isnt scared of anyone, and warns them that they saw the knife, and then also shows the precious engagement ring, sadding that the person who wears it, rules the haveli, and since its with her, they would have to follow her orders.

They comply scared. she leaves, while they are shocked. In her room, Tanveer hears this and laughs in glee, saying that she enjoys sanam’s changed demeanour, and that she loves a challenge. They try to convince tanveer, that she shouldnt underestimate sanam, as she is filled with some rash energy recently. she gets tensed, remembering her attack on her at the party. She shushes them off, citing that they are idiots, and that sanam isnt possessed by extra terrestrial power, but by the power of love, and that she feels qwith ahil by her side, noone can dare to challenge her, but she says that she herself would strip her of her support. They ask what and how would that happen, as ahil is head over heels in love with her.

She tells them that sanam wont tell ahil the secret, as she too was tensed, but then thought that ahil wouldnt even believe God, if he instigated him about his own mother. She says that till the time, sanam makes ahil believe, before that, she would take off ahil’s trust on sanam. They are confused. She thinks and expresses to azhar’s parents that instead of taking care of the property papers, she would have to prioritise to get sanam back on track and in her control first, or else she wont be able to plan her next move. tanveer thinks that she would have to break ahil and sanam’s love.

Seher lights up the entire room, with rangoli and earthen pots, but then is lost in rehaan’s memory, only to be taken out of it, by ahil, who while talking on the phone, steps on her rangoli and spoils it. He immediately apologises, adding that he never knew or saw rangoli ever. In his bid, to get sanam’s mood right, he tries to do it correct, but messes up yet again. Sanam asks him to let be, and does it herself, while he watches her intently, continuing to apologise. She smiles citing the rangoli, while he eyes her tensedly. Ahil tells seher that one thing she got to know for sure, that she isnt sanam. She is shocked and puzzled. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Seher is tensed to hear ahil’s comment about her not being sanam, but is relieved when he adds that she is in fact an angel, who brings happiness to everyone, and who chamnged the meaning of his life. She is frustrated with his display of romance. he says that his liife begins and ends with her. she says that she isnt this good, and he is overexaggerating. he says that she definitely is. She leaves on the excuse of making laddoos. she leaves. Ahil wonders whats wrong with her, and she has been behaving strange, since the kohinoor hotel Party, and fells as if he doesnt know sanam. She meets rehaan on the way, who greets her happy diwali and wisahes her all the happiness. she too wishes him non resignedly.

He asks why is she sad, and she says that its nothing like that. She begins to leave, when he says that he knows her truly, and can tell from her face how tensed she is, and asks if ahil said anything. she thinks that she isnt tensed for ahil but for rehaan, and that the future that he is wishing her, is with him and not with ahil. He says that he knows ahil doesnt like or want him to talk to her, and hence he had to go, but till tanveer gets better, he cant leave. she says that he wont have any problems atleast not due to her. He is tensed, and then adds that he wants to tell her something, that he should have long back. SAhe asks what. he tells her about her lookalike, Sunehri, oblivious that he is talking to sunehri himself.

He says that she was very different than her. she asks if in the good or the bad sense. He gets tensed remembering his confession of love, and then how she broke his heart, but was pleading for another chance. She waits, while he adds that he wishes god had given her the same heart, that she has, and then adds that her lookalike cant think of anyone else than herself, and she is hurt. She comments that it feels she hurt him real bad, but it maybe that she was helpless, and if he cant forgive her. he says that this is what separates sanam from everyone else, as she finds good in every bad, but there are people, who take your trust and then break it. He says that he is happy that the girl is nomore in his lfie, and doesnt mean anything to him. He leaves, while she is apalled.

In her room, Dilshad prays to the lord, that on diwali, everyone celebrates with the family, and that she is unfortunate not to be able to be with her family, and that she is so helpless that she canmt help even though she knows, and wonders how are her daughters. she is tensed. She is taken back to her past memories, and the happiness, and is tensed for sanam, and how seher doesnt even know her connection to the house. she prays to the Lord to be shown a way, so that she can tell the right way to seher, and that she just wants her family to be together. just then, latif comes in, and starts searching for her dupatta. She starts ranting about her beauty yet again, till she finds the dupatta. she dons it, and then goes out without shutting the door, through the slits of which, Dilshad finds seher walking past.

Dilshad thinks that she would havr to use this oppurtunity to tell seher that something is wrong here. She wheels her wheelchair out, and starts looking for seher, who is deeply lost in rehaan’s hurtful words, that he told her. She thinks that she cant believe that he forgot her so easily, and that she was his life yesterday, and today he doesnt even want to keep her in his memories. Dilshad desperately tries to reach out to her, while she is walking absent mindedly in the lobby, trying to grab her attention, but in vain. she continues to wheel in, as seher walks ahead. From the balcony, razia too comes down with clothes, oblivious of whats happening underneath. Seher thinks that she wont let her past ruin her prsent, and that if god wishes her to do her work, in his presence then so shall it be.

She asks from God the strength to let her carry on with it. Finally unable to keep pace with seher, dilshad breaks a vase to get her attention, and seher finally turns around. Seher looks at her in amazement.In her room, tanveer wishes rehaan Happy dsiwaly and then gives him Nawab’s shawl, and then tells rehaan how extravagant it is, and compliments that it must be looking nice on him. He is tensed and sad though. He takes it off, and thanking her, he says that he doesnt need it. she says that this is insult. He says that he is not interested in looking like nawab, and that he just sees the stains of blood on it, instead of expensive handicraft. She asks him to patch up atleast on Diwali. Rehaan angrily tells tanveer, that Diwali is the festival of winning good over evil, and that she cant do that, till she keeps plotting against ahil. she is irritated.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya finds a letter and a packet from Rahat, as a gift. She excitedly reads it, that he knows she should have been with him, but since he cant come, it doesnt mean that she wont get a gift, and hopes that she likes fireworks. She kisses the letters and then excitedly finds firecrackers inside, and gets emotional. she says that he loves her unconditionally, and hence understands even when he is away from her. She misses sanam and dilshad badly, and hopes that they were with her.

While haya is playing with the kids, happily burning firecrackers, she is oblivious, that an unburnt sparkler, catches the end of her lehenga and catches fire. The girl finally brings it to haya’s notice. Haya’s dupatta is alight in the fire, and she distraughtedly tries to douse it. faiz sees it, and finds haya struggling to take off the dupatta. He rushes to help her, and then helps her take the dupatta off. He succeeds and then douses it frantically. haya watches shocked. He rushes to her asking if she is okay, and she faints and collapses in his arms, while he gets very scared and tries to wake her up but in vain. He carries her inside.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher notices Dilshad and she immediately recognises her, and asks how come she too stays here, and if she lives here or came to meet anyone. Dilshad tries to convey to seher, through signals that she is her child, and that sanam is her sister. she tells seher that there’s danger here and that she should leave immediately. seher is puzzled and surprised.

Seher misconstrues dilshad’s signals, that she wants to go outsidre. Razia finds dilshad trying to signal seher, about her safety, and rushes to her to avoid seher understanding what dilshad’s trying to say. She jerks dilshad away, while seher is shocked. razia identifies her as her paralysed sister. Seher says that razia cant even take care of anyone,without any intention. Razia says that she too got to know about her, but ask her to focus on her work and nothing else. She asks seher not to be friends with anyone. An agitated razia wheels Dilshad away, while she continues to look back at seher, and reaches out to her with her hand. Seher comes upto her and catches her, while razia is tensed.

She tells dilshad to tell her if razia irritates or creates problem with her, and hopes that she will be fine very soon, and then they shall talk. Dilshad caresses her face and wishes her Diwali, while seher wishes her a happy diwali too. Razia wheels her away. Seher wonders why does she feel that she knows this woman, and whats gone wrong with her, and why is she feeling so much pain. She is tensed.Meanwhile, Tanveer asks rehaan whats wrong if a mother tries her level best for her son’s happiness. Rehaan formally tells her thankyou for the gift, but says that he doesnt need it. Rehaan wishes Tanveer on diwali that he hoeps all of her ardent wishes come true today. He leaves, even though tanveer calls out to him. She thinks that rehaan doesnt understand that value of money since he hasnt seen the world yet.

Tanveer says that when rehaan gets extravagant and lives a luxurious life, he would forget everything, and thats a promise of a mother to her child.In the kitchen, azhar’s parents with much frustration, bring up a plate of laddoo, for seher to taste, who is amused at their plight. she tastes the sweets, and then okays it, adding that from here on, they would have to do much work. Ahil starts hollering for her, and they get scared. Ahil comes inside, while seher hides them both, and asking whats the matter. he asks her where has she been hiding all this time. He asks her to forget about the sweets, and come along with him. She asks where are they going. He blindfolds her and then takes her in his arms, and carries her outside.

Azhar’s parents are fuming at their plight. they think that if this continues very soon, the couple shall be expecting a baby soon, who shall inherit the entire property. Ahil gets her out in the lawn, which is lit with candles and diyas, leading to a centre table with two chairs, and apacket kept on the table. she is boggled and dumbfounded.

Ahil takes her hand and walks her through the lit path, and takes her near the table. He takes her hand, while she eyes the lighting and the decoration. Ahil expresses that this is their first diwali together. Ahil tells seher that on this diwali, he wants something from her, and alights a diya. Then he lights up a flowing sky lanterns, and asks her to let it flow away together with him, carrying away all the memories of the past, while they start afresh from hereon.

Seher is tensed and hesitant and eyes it awkwardly. He says that he knows old memories are hard to forget, but he wishes her on this diwali, that she is able to forget all the bitter truths of her life, and the days where wrong happened to her inspite of her being right, while she remembers her childhood of eating from the wastebins, and rehaan finding betrayal from her

He says that he loves her so much, that noone else can love anyone else to that extent, and she is taken back to rehaan’s confession and proposal of his love. he asks her to take it. she stands mute and emotional. she finally is about to hold it along with ahil, when she refrains her hand, thinking what was she about to do, as this right only belongs to sanam

: faiz takes haya in his arms, and then lays her on the bed. He asks how come she didnt know of the fire, and then raises her with his arms and gives her some water. she then lies down again and he asks if she is okay. she expresses her desire to rest, and he complies, asking her to holler for him, if she needs anything. she doses off. he looks at her lovingly and then gets upto go, when he finds his thread latched onto her kurti’s thread. he delicately takes it out so as not to wake her up. He is mesmerised as he looks at her sleeping. He leans in closer to her, unable to resist himself, as their past moments flash before her. He draws his mouth right next to hers, and feeling his breath, she wakes up with a jerk, and pushes him away, sitting up with a startle.

She asks him what was he doing here. he says that she is misunderstanding, and tries to tell him of the entanglement. She doesnt listen and asks him to go. He raises his hands and asks her to calm down and he shall leave. Haya finds his palm burnt. She asks him what happened to his hand. He says that he got burnt when he tried to douse the fire. she immediately rushes to apply first aid. haya thinks that due to her, faiz’s hand got burnt, and rahat would be very sad and upset to hear this, and gets teary eyed. Faiz misunderstands it. He thinks that he believes yet again, haya still loves him, or else she wouldnt be misty seeing him hurt

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence and undisclosed location
Ahil asks sanam whats she thinking, while she stands speechless. she pulls her hand away and then leaves from there hastily, while the lantern floats away. Ahil eyes her apalled, as she rushes without responding to him calling her. He wishes her a very Happy Diwali, and just at that moment, firecrackers light up, but seher is gone by that time. Ahil tells that he loves her very much, getting emotionally overwhelmed, and that they shall never part, and just at that moment, sanam wakes up in a locked room, visibly tired, exhaisted and in bondage, teary eyed, fighting hard to set herself free, while thinking that she too loves him. The screen freezes on both their tensed faces

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