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I do 25 June 2022: Aahil signs the papers, Sanam doesn’t…but Khalu thinks she signs and informs Tanveer that sanam has signed the papers.Razia kidnaps Sanam and replaces Seher in place of Sanam and also takes away the papers. Tanver trying to stab Seher thinking it is Sanam but Seher stops her and pushes her on ground. Tanveer gets hurt. Glad atleast someone is able to counter Billi.Dilshad realizes that Razia had swapped the twins. Razia instructs her men not to hurt Sanam.Tanveer tells Aahil that Sanam had hurt her.Aahil tries to get first aid box for Tanveer , Sanam sees him and try to call Aahil but he doesn’t see her. Aahil sees her mobile. Sanam runs behind Aahil but before Aahil could see Razia makes Sanam unconscious.

Seher tells Razia that she cannot do this as she doesn’t want to risk her life.Razia asks Seher to act like Sanam. Seher tells her that no one would believe her. Razia offers her one crore and hence she agrees..Rehaan takes care of Tanveer but she thinks it is Aahil and blabbers. Rehaan is hurt.Rehaan says he was about to go but stayed back as she was not well. Tanveer realizes that Sanam hasn’t signed and tells Rehaan that everything will be fine soon. And Rehaan is hurt and leaves from there. Tanveer tries to stop him giving him her kasam and Rehaan stops.

Dilshad is warned by razia not to dare anything against her, and how she made seher stand in place of seher, and that now the game has changed, and that she has the command, and that she doesnt even know that its her own sister she is replacing. She tries to grab attention, by turning on the alarm lights, and when razia tries to stop her, she slaps razia thrice hastily. razia is shocked, and then stops her hand, and takes them to strangulate herself. dilshad gasps for breath, while razia says that she can kill her right now, but wont, as she wants her to a witness to tanveer’s ruin and how razia gets back her name and fame. She warns that she would kill her, if she tries to act smart again. She leaves dilshad’s hands, and she gasps for short, deep breaths.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher eyes the building, and is taken back to very feeble, distant memories of the past and then stealing in that same place, and that whevere she sees this house, distant memories haunt her. razia eyes from a distance and then comes to her. Razia asks whats she staring at, and asks if she recognised the house. she says that its huge just like the family, but the biggest is her job, and she received the big amount too for the same, and that she has to stay here as sanam, and rule the house, and do whatever she tells her to do. For now. she just has to stay and get her rightful place. Seher says that its difficult to do than speak, and what if she makes a mistake. Latif comes and thinks her to be sanam, and then asks her to come along, ad tanveer is asking for her.

Seher eyes razia tensedly, and she asks her to go with latif. she complies. Razia is determined. she opens the car and finds dilshad, sleeping in the wheelchair, still distraught.As the driver checks the car, he finds the newspaper cutting that sanam had dropped, and then tells latif to give this to ahil, as it might be important. Latif takes it but is then hollered at by razia. She takes the paper in her hands, and goes to meet azhar’s mother, whoe tells her to go and massage tanveer with an ice pack, as she is demanding for one. Latif says that she has to give this paper to ahil first. But azhar’s mother insists her to do her work, while she gives the paper to ahil. She complies. But then azhar’s mother asks latif to give the paper to ahil, who is in tanveer’s room only.

Latif is frustrated with the work, anmd decides that she wont do all the work. she leaves the newspaper on the stand only.In her room, tanveer is in pain, and ahil and rehaan both attend to her. Rehaan comments that the painkillers arent working, and that he shall consult with the doctors again, to prescribve stringer doses. Meanwhile, seher is brought inside the haveli by latif. Seher accidentally collides into the stand that the newspaper is lying on, and it flies down and below the carpet. Seher composes herself and then walks past, but then suddenly tensedly turns around. She is about to look, but then is called by latif, and leaves from there. she is again haunted by faded memories of her childhood spent here, and gets tensed, as she walks in the corridor.

Rehaan watches her from the other end of the gallery, and misunderstands her to be sanam, while she doesnt notice him. They both start walking in opposite directions, rehaan tensed, while seher, deep in introspection. He starts hallucinating seher beside her, telling that the girl he is watching isnt sunehri, but sanam. He gets tensed, thinking that both the girls look alike, but are poles apart. Suddenyl, seher stops, turning around instinctively, but finds that there’s noone.In her room, razia wheels in dilshad, and warns her not to try and get out of the room, or else she would ruin her. Dilshad distraughtedly breaks into tears. razia ruthlessly tells her that she wont tell her ever where’s sanam, if she tries to act smart. she folds her hands and begs her not to do anything to her girls.

Razia says that soon she would get seher to give everything to her name, and till the time that happens, she has to stay here only. razia remembers something and leaves, while dilshad is apalled. She prays to the lord to keep her girls safe and sound, and god knows where is sanam, and what would tanveer do with seher.In her room, ahil asks tanveer what happened and who did this. Seher stands tensed trying to understand, while tanveer is tensed too. tanveer is surprised to know that sanam has come. Seher comes and tells him to let tanveer rest, as she is wounded. tanveer remembers the way seher fought back and is tensed. ahil says that she doesnt have to worry and she would be alright. they both begin to leave, while ahil is asked by tanveer for water. but seher herself agrees to get it. Ahil gets a call and leaves, while seher goes to get water for her.

As rahat and haya return, haya is boggled as sanam’s strange behaviour and that she would have to talk to her. she finds rehaan tensed, and asks that he must be tired from the drive, and that she would get coffee for him. He says that it isnt needed. but she insists and asks him to go and relax in his room, while she gets him coffee. As she leaves, rahat thinks that he shouldnt delay telling faiz the truth, and that he cant betray haya any longer.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher gives her water and tanveer throws it away. Seher is amused. tanveer asks if she thinks she is the mastermind, and that she could tell ahil rightaway that she tried to murder her, and knows very well that ahil loves her mother and would have killed th person who hurt his mothjer. she says that she doesnt need her signatures, as she has added a clause that if she signs, then this property shall be hers and not ahil’s, and that she would tell ahil, if she again tries to act smart. In the bed, as seher sits by tanveer’s side, tanveer warns her never to again dare to go against her, or else this time she and ahil both wont be spared, and that with her one direction, she shall end sanam’s game completely. Seher, not used to taking nonsense from people, takes Tanveer’s hand, and presses tightly at the palm, where she was wounded by her, and tanveer winces in pain, and tells her instead to watch her step as the game has just begun. Seher continues to twist her arm, amusedly. The screen freezes on her amused face.


Seher gets angry at tanveer’s rebukes, and gets amused to show her a trailer of what she is upto now. Seher tells tanveer that she wont hesitate for a second to kill her. she says that the relief with which people cut their birthday cake, would be much less than the relief that she would have tocut her throat away. Tanveer is tensed to find such an unusual reaction from sanam. Seher finally lets go, adding that she would have to bear the brunt of what she is planning and plotting all the time, and how she was planning to kill her at the stage. Seher asks if she understood or not. tanveer turns away, and she moulds her fingers again, and tanveer winces in pain again finally relenting.

Seher addresses her as a cat, and taunts her. As ahil enters, seher pretends to be caring and compassionate, shocking Tanveer. ahil is happy to see sanam caring for her.Later, Razia warns seher that she shouldnt underestimate Tanveer, as its a child’s play for her, and that she would teach her a lesson the first time she gets, and that oncer she gets better, she would force her to sign the papers, but she doesnt have to, at any cost, or else she would lose her prize money of 1 crore. seher eyes her tensedly.In the middle of the night, when tanveer is sleeping, seher sneaks in stealthily, and then eyes the liquid hand wash bottle that she has got, with much amusement. She finds rehaan sleeping on the chair, but isnt able to see him, and hopes that he ramins sleep, till her work is done.

She goes on with her plan, and sprays the liquid all over the floor, while tanveer is fast asleep, just near her bedside, where she would wake up and she would place the first step. But a sudden collision against the side table, makes rehaan wake up, and before he can turn back, seher hides behind the bed, on the floor, with much discomfort. rehaan gets up fom his study and goes onto find out where the noise came from, his shoes visible to seher from the other side of the bed, and she gets tensed, as she finds them progressing to the side where she is lying down. Rehaan then notices the jug of water empty, and goes to get it refilled. seher heaves a sigh of relief, and then gets up, and is shocked to find ahil confronting her, boggled. He asks her whats she doing here and she too asks him back in signals.

She asks whats he doing here and whats he trying to ask. he asks whats she doing here, under the bed. she comes up with an excuse, and then comes to him, and tells him, that her chappal is missing, and hence she was searching for it. He then tries to take her hand, and she flinches, but then plays along, as he continues to gloat about hhow caring she is, towards every member of the family, and that she has made it a home. she wonders what kind of a nonsense man he is, but doesnt let it reflect on her face, as she plays along, while he caresses her face. He adds that she must be wondering why he never praised her before, and that he wont ever make the same mistake again.

He tries to take her outside. She says that its all her duty and that he is praising her in vain. He asks her if she would come along, or she has to be taken in his lap. when she is boggled, he takes her by the hand, and proceeds to his room. rehaan finds them going, and reminds himself that this isnt sunehri, and that she has gone and wont ever come back to him.Ahil and seher get inside, and then ahil closes the door with his remote. Ahil tries to get close to seher, who he thinks is sanam, while she continues to maintain a distance from him, and tries to keep adding that she needs to go out to his mother, to take care of her, while he continues to take the remote off from her hands, and getting close to her. she is tensed and visibly awkward, while he is amused.

He says that he loves this about her, but she cant forget her husband in all of this. He asks her the reply to the evening’s question. she has no clue but still she plays along, and says that she doesnt remember clearly what is he asking about, as they talked about a lot of things. He wonders whats wrong, but then thinks that she is teasing him. He too decides to play along.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Faiz is busy painting, when rahat comes in kncoking on the door, visibly tensed. he asks about the party and how haya felt meeting everyone after a long time. he asks if haya told everyone about the marriage. rahat refuses. faiz thinks that it would have been better if she told, and that he wonders how sanam would react, and then adds that sanam would agree as she loves haya as much as rahat loves him. rahat insists that he want to talk, but faiz continues to distract him, by showing him the painting of haya that he has drawn. Rahat is shocked to find a picture of Faiz and Haya in cuddling position. he is distraught.

faiz asks how is it, and the surprise, and says that this painting is a little incomplete and goes onto complete it. He is about to, when rahat stops his hand. faiz is shocked, while rahat says that he cant do this. faiz is boggled. Rahat asks him not to see dreams that he himself broke, and that he cant think like that for haya. faiz asks why, and rahat is unable to answer, when he asks whats wrong in this, if he wants a plan a new colourful life with haya, as she is the love of his life. rahat is apalled. When faiz insists him to speak, why he stopped him from completing the painting, rahat says that he cant think because, but just then is interrupted by a phone call. Faiz asks whats the matter, and why is he hesitating so much, as he wont stop him in vain. Rahat continues to get the call, and finally takes it, finding that its from his boss, asking him to report on emergency duty.

He begins to go, while faiz asks him to atleast clear everything first. rahat leaves hastily. faiz is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residene
Ahil says that the talk that he wanted to have with her for so long, that she wanted him talk and that talk that he wanted her to say over and over again, and begins to get close to her, making her retreat impulsively. Ahil stops her and pins her against the wall, and then leans in on her, trying to get romantically intimate with her, tcoming closer to seal the deal with a lip kiss, while seher is scared and nervous, and shocked. the screen freezes on their romantic and shocked faces.

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