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I do 14 may 2022: Shazia is very happy about the prank that she played on sanam, but finds nazia standing in front of her. Nazia asks her not to do this, while shazia stomps out.Ahil gets a call from tanveer, who tells him that itys his brother’s marriage and she wants him to participate. He asks her to coime and then he shall do what she wants, as his happiness is with her. tanveer asks him not to say that, as he isnt a normal person, as his glances change destiny, and if someone expects something from him, he should fulfill it, and not refarin from it.

She asks him to promise, and he complies that he would try to the fullest to be in azhar’s marriage. tanveer says that he would definitely win and knew that he wont refuse her. she indirectly brings up sanam’s topic. Ahil tells her that she would be gone before she arrives home. he is about to get frustrated about sanam, when he hears a knock, and she thinking its rehaan asks him to attend to him, and cancels the phone. He opens the door, and finds sanam, who had come back to return the coat. Ahil finds that its been rinsed and washed. Sanam returns the coat to Ahil, while he asks whats this.

Ahil reprimands her for using the washing machine for drycleaning. she says that she didnt give water to the machine. Sanam says that she doesnt understand these modern gadgets and their working. Sanam says that she is much better at what she is proficient in. he throws the coat away, and says that now he would test her. Ahil tells her that then he would give her work that she is adapted to. Ahil tells her that for azhar’s marriage, he needs her to make Motichur ke laddoo. sanam says that it would be done. He asks her to think again, as if she fails, it would break her final bottle, and she would lose.

Sanam says that the work that she knows, she never double thinks on it. Ahil says that he needs 100 and he pauses. sanam says thatit would be done. Ahil completes it saying that he needs 100kgs, in packets of 1kg. Sanam is shocked, while ahil smiles evilly. she asks how is it possible. He asks her if she’s scared, and that if she wants, she can refuse, as it wont make a difference if the bottle breaks right now or in the morning. sanam accepts the challenge and leaves.

In the kitchen, sanam is still shocked at the impossible challenge. she finds latif and azhar’s parents come in, trying to make a joke about how she has taken the impossible challenge. sanam says that nothing is impossible. she gets to working, and is pleasntly surprised to find nazia helping her in it. While she is doing so, ahil screams at her and tells her not to help sanam, as she would have to do it alone. He gets everyone out. nazia has no option but to leave. sanam doesnt realise what to do and how.

While sanam is slogging out in the kitchen, rehaan is apalled to see her like this, working so hard. He finds her taking pills too to fight the weakness and deterioration of the health that she is observing. He has no option but to leave. He goes to ahil, while he spews his frustration out at sanam, for taking on more than she can chew, and asks rehaan why is he so bothered. rehaan cites that she is sick. ahil says that its her last task, and after this they both are free. rehaan shows him a file, and ahil studies it. meanwhile, sanam’s condition worsens as the night progreeses, and after a point of time, she finds that she has only finished 40% of the job, but is still adamant to fulfill it, as its better than apologising to him.

She continues to work, while not realising, that she actually finished the job, with fifteen minutes to spare. She is herself amazed at the feat.While dilshad tells haya that she wont tell sanam, and give her a surprise. haya directs her that she doesnt want to stay here, and tells her in signs as to what munisa said. dilshad says that maybe she had a misnderstanding. She vehemently denies, and dilshad asks her to relax as she would talk to her. Munisa vehen=mently denies that there’s nothing like that and that haya must have had a misunderstanding, as she wouldnt have welcomed them if she didnt want them here. dilshad asks to let go of it, and blames haya for it, and makes haya and herself too apologises for this.

Munisa hugs haya, while she decides to stay alert of this girl. Dilshad and haya leave, while munisa eyes them tensely, wondering that haya could have been given lesser eyesight in reading lips.later, while haya is working in the kitchen, shoaib comes and gets her terriblke uneasy as he begins to flirt around with her shamelessly, and asks her to remember him, if ever she needs anything, anytime and anywhere, and tries to get physically proximal to her. she gets uncomfortable and leaves. Shoaib is startled when munisa comes from behind, but doesnt realise what he was upto. She leaves while he is relieved.

While sanam is working in the kitchen, azhar’s parents come and take away 2 packets while she is disatracted elsewhere. They leave. Was she turns around, sjhe is shocked to find 2 packets gone and is distraught. She starts second guessing and finds that someone has taken it.In their room, azhar’s parents are gorging away on sweets in hiding, while latif asks sanam to come along, as ahil has called her to inspect on the laddooos. she wonders what to do now. she gets to preparing them again, to fill the two packets as she finds that 5 minutes are still left. she frantically works to finish on time. latif comes in asking that her time is up, and doesnt let sanam weigh the two newly packets made. Sanamhas no option, but to see the servants take it away.

Azhar’s parents are swinging on the weighing machine, when they are startled by ahil’s sudden presence. Ahil is frustrated with their banter, while they hint that sanam would have to face a huge drama today. Asma comes and finds them happy, and asksd the reason. ahil thinks that she would find out.Later, sanam confronts ahil while he taunts her that they shall see if she passes or fails, and if she fails, she should be ready to apologise. sanam is shocked, while others are tensed. As the weighing begins, one of the packets fall on the ground, shocking sanam, but ahil counts it as her loss, due to the lousy packing. Sanam is tensed.

Asma tells rehaan that he should talk to ahil, as sanam has worked hard and he must have had some misunderstanding about sanam. rehaan says that she might try to talk, but he knows that even if all try to, noone can convince ahil. As the weighing continues, sanam prays, while all others watch tensedly.Ahil tells sanam that she stayed all night to prepare these laddoos, but they themselves changed the course of her life forever. He throws the laddoo on the ground, while sanam is distraught and apalled.

Dilshad searches for haya and finds her tensed and lost, on the swing. She comes to haya and sits beside her, asking what happened. haya signals that she is missing sanam. dilshad says that she too is missing, but being new in her job, she cant take muich holidays and whatever she is doing is for them only. Haya asks dilshad why they cant go to meet her. Dilshad is about to answer, when munisa comes in asking if she is here only. Dilshad says that she was about to go, when munisa hands her a list of things to be brought, indirectly hinting that due to the increased people, consumption has increased too. Dilshad agrees, and munisa complies. Dilshad hesitatingly hints that she doesnt have money saying that its a metter of some days, till sanam gets her first salary.

Munisa is frustrated from inside. Haya is tensed. dilshad asks what happened and is told that she doesnt need to be tensed, as this isnt a hotel, that if she doesnt pay she wont be given food. she pays the money and turns around. Munisa asks haya to mend the cushions, and then work with her in the kitchen too. Munisa is determined that if they have to live here rent and food free, they would have to work. After she is gone, dilshad assures haya that once sanam gets her first salary, they would live together.As haya gets wool for the cushions one of it slips in one of the rooms, and as she bends to pick it up, after having entered the room, she finds herself confronted with a young man, who eyes her with a steely gaze.

finally he turns away, while, she scared picks her stuff up and leaves. After she does, he eyes her as she leaves. As haya comes out running, she conveys to munisa that she went to the confined room. Munisa is frustarted and angered when she finds that haya wwent to rahat’s room, and vents out her irritation and asks her not to go to that room again. Meanwhile, rahat comes and asks munisa to change the doorlock as the old one is broken. munisa leaves, while haya is tensed.

While haya is working on the cushions, munisa’s husband eyes her lustily and then inches in to cup her face, which causes her to be startled and pricking her finger. he takes her hand and inches in closer to his lips to stop the blood flow. She jerks her hand away, but he catches them tight, and then complimenting on her soft hands, he takes the edge of the dupatta, and holds it against the cut, while the dupatta falls down her shoulders, and he lustily eyes her bare shoulders. He stealthily tries to touch her bare shoulder. Oblivious to all this, dilshad comes in with her shopping bags. When she sees, she asks what happened. He tells that haya injured herself, and is very delicate.

He is unable to resist himself from complimnenting her. dilshad asks about her health and she nods. Dilshad thanks him for taking care and he lustily says that it was his duty. Haya is tensed and scared thouhg.Ahil grabs her hand and takes her to the foyer, saying that when ahil wants something, it is inevitable to be happeneing. He says that now that would happen what ahil wants. all are tensed, while azhar’s parents are enjoying. Ahil says so with pride, that big people bow their heads in front of him, and she doesnt measure anywhere in front of him.

He says that now its her turn, to salvage her pride and ego and bow down to his stature, and forever break her ego and self respect. she begins to apologise, but he asks her to be louder and after bending on her kness, and touching her nose on the ground. sanam is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.Ahil tells sanam that she lost, and now she would do what he had asked her to do, and reminds her what she has to do, and the manner in which she has to apologise. sanam is distraught and apalled, as ahil watches her evilly. she complies and begins to get down on her knees while ahil watches victoriously.

meanwhile, asma’s clutch falls down and gets stuck in the magnet that ahil had hidden underneath. She wonders how can ahil do this. Asma tries to talk to azhar’s parents, but they shove her off. Asma finds sanam progressing towards ahil. She then picks up a tray kept with an idea. Sanam finally confronts ahil, with tear stricken eyes, while rehaan and latif are tensed. She bends down, but just then asma throws the tray underneath the magnet and it too gets stuck. they all wonder how was this noise coming. Ahil gets tensed that his truth may be out, but before he can stop sanam, she bends downm and picks out the tray along with the magnet, understanding ahil’s bluff.

sanam picks up the extra weight that ahil had sneaked in under the weighing machine, and showing them to everyone, she taunts ahil that this is his so called inflated ego, that forced him to resort to such cheap tricks just so he could enjoy a simple win over one of his insignificant servants. Ahjil tells her to be quiet as its an order. Sanam says that she is s ervant not his slave. Sanam says that he can help someone wioth money but not buy, and that even a servant is entitled to respect. she says that he helped her with money but that doesnt give her the right to be his slave, and that every time he tried to make her lose, she came out stronger and this too he must have understood that it isnt easy to defeat Sanam, and that she would pay him back every cent, and till then he shouldnt try to put her down and disrespect her.

She throws the tray on the ground. She picks up the laddoo and stands in front of him, asking him to eat it in the happiness of her victory. azhar’s parents are shocked. sanam asks him to eat the result of her nightlong effort. she takes his hand and places it on his palm. ahil is renedered speechless, while all others are shocked. he turns the palm around and throws it on the floor. She takes his hand, and in a similar manner, that he had taken her, she takes him to the foyer. they both confront each other. Sanam takes the bottle in front of him and shatters it against the pillar, with venomous rage, shocking ahil and others too. While ahil stands mute, she leaves from there.

Azhar’s parents are talking to asma, wherein they are discussing about their engagement. they pass by and overhear azhar talking on gambling. he checks himself in time and offers to drop asma home. Asma points out about their engagement in the evening and asks if he is nervous. He behaves strangely and says that he has a sore threat. Asma suggests him some meds, and he gets uncomfortable about the topic where its going. He drops her till the gate. azhar wonders how he would go for gambling in the evening. he calls up his friends saying that he would have to leave early today, as its his engagement.

Dilshad assures haya that sanam would come to meet her, and when she doesnt agree, dilshad promises that they shall go to meet sanam tomorrow. Dilshad tries to help her with putting clothes to dry. but haya asks her to rest. Just then, munisa comes in and shows her palms, saying that they are itching, and demands to go to the doctor. Dilshad offers to do the dishes, and tells munisa to see a doctor. Munisa thanks her. haya understands her trap. they both go inside. Haya gets to drying the clothes, unaware that rahat is watching her, from his window. Finally their eyes meet, she gets shy and nervous. She continues to dry the clothes, but curiosity gets the best of her, and she keeps trying to peep whether he is still watcjhing and gets caught red handed, as their eyes get locked in an eyelock. She then finds that he is gone, and continues to do her stuff.

In bhis room, Rahat stumbles across a box, in his almirah and gets overwhelmed with nostalgia. He gets the box out and places it on the table and opens it. He rummages through the things, a scroll, bracelets, a dupatta. in his nostalgia he doesnt realise it drops in the coffee mug. he comes out with it, asking for munisa but is faced with haya, who turns around seeing him. He oblivious to the fact that she is deaf and dumb, tells her to tell munisa that he wants the dupatta washed and cleaned. He leraves. haya too leaves, while the dupatta stands stranded.

Zoya prays to the lord to help her so that she may get out of the debt of ahil, as it has become a burden on her, and she wants to get rid of it soon, as she doesnt want to cower down, or break, and asks for the strength to be able to face him, but with truth and honesty, and not like him, as dilshad says that even enemity should be genuine. She also prays for dilshad’s and haya’s protection and give her ther strength to never bow before the lie, and wants to stay in his shelter. Zoya comes out and finds herself face to face with shaziua, and asks her why she gets happy by putting people in trouble, and asks why she does it. she says that she doesnt like people who are overly fake, and suggests that she is just like nazia.

Sanam tells her that maybe its all a misunderstanding, and that maybe her conception about people is wrong. But shazia asks her to buzz off and leaves. While sanam is walking in the lobby, a sudden noise alarms her. she wonders where the noise is coming from, and understands that its coming from the room thats been prohibited to go to. she is tensed. She progresses towards it wondering what the noise is. Just then, azhar’s mother comes in asking what is she doing. sanam says that she was doing nothing. She orders sanam, to starts preparations for the engagement. Sanam is about to leave, but then remembers about the noise, and again turns towards it.

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