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Can you see me 14 may 2022: Gopal informs Pihu that her mother’s life is in danger and shows her visual where Anandita tries to shoot herself. Pihu runs to Anandita and sees her sleeping on bed and doctor giving her injection. Doctor tells Vikram that he gave her injection and thank god that gun misfired. Pihu says Gopal saves mamma again. Doctor asks Vikram if he saw suicidal tendency in Anandita. Vikram says no, she is a jovial person and they just got married. Vikram thinks how did Anandita get a gun. Daadi walks in and says Anandita told her that she is hearing Subodh’s voice since a few days. Vikram says he does not believe her and will ask Anandita once she gets up.

Daadi thinks before Anandita informs Vijay truth, she will kill Anandita.Pihu checks Shona’s orphanage file and thinks where in this file has Shona’s mamma’s info. Shona snatches file and tears it shouting who asked her to find out her mamma’s details. Pihu gets sad. Gopal walks in and asks her to collect all papers as sometimes clue will be hidden. Pihu asks if he is tricking her to clean floor. He says no.Daadi calls Mohini. Vikram gets angry seeing her. Daadi says Mohini saved Anandita by arranging doctor and she is needed to take care of Pihu.

Vikram says he is there. Daadi says if that is the case, Anandita would not have tried to harm herself. Mohini holds Vikram’s legs and pleads to forgive her. Vikram does and leaves. Daadi asks Mohini if she brought Subodh’s voice CD. Mohini says yes and plays CD while Anandita is asleep. Anandita panics in sleep. Pihu feels her mamma is in danger and rushes to her. She sees Vikram pampering Anandita and calming her down. Mohini slips and Vikram hears sound, but Mohini hides.

Pihu then goes to Shona and seeing her asleep asks why she does not want to meet her mamma. Shona wakes up, and Pihu apologizes for waking her up. Shona as usual arrogantly yells at her.Mohini plays Subodh’s voice CD again. Anandita panics and runs towards stairs. Vikram sees her and asks not to run, else she will slip and fall. She slips and falls down and wakes up. Vikram asks if she is fine. She asks when did he come, today is Subodh’s birthday, but he is not at home. She then sees Daadi and asks when did she come, her son is not home, asks Vikram why did not he inform that he brought maaaji. Daadi says Andita has lost memory and is stuck when Subodh was alive.

Doctor treats Anandita and informs Vikram that he gave her sleeping injection and made her sleep, she got amenesia and has gone 2 years back where she was not married to Vikram and her first husband Subodh was alive. Vikram asks if he can do something. Doctor says it will worsen Anandita’s situation, so he should act as 2 years’ before. Pihu prays Gopal that her mnamma prays her so much, but she is in pain, please get her well soon. Shona asks her not to cry as she is also her friend along with Gopal. Pihu says mamma lost 2 years’ memory, so if Shona can behave like Pihu with mamma. Shona mimics Pihu and says she will behave as well mannered and leaves to play. Pihu says Shona is helping her, so she should help Shona by finding Shona’s mamma soon.

Mohini says Daadi they will make Anandita hear Subodh’s voice for some more days. Daadi says that plan is finished, now Anandita lost memory is a boon for them. Mohini says she did not understand. Daadi says Anandita still considers Subodh as wife and Vikram considers Anandita as wife, they should make something that Anandita hates Vikram and gets suspicious on him. Neelam informs them that Anandita has created havoc again. They both walk out and see Anandita insisting to go out and meet Subodh herself. Vikram says how will Subodh bhai come, he is…Anandita asks what… what are they hiding from her.


Daadi says Subodh went out of station and informed her. Anandita says if it is a small work, Subodh would have informed her, they are all lying, even if they are right, why did not they inform her before. Daadi says she fell from stairs and got injured, so they did not feel right to inform her, she should not worry as Subodh must have gone where network is not available, she need not worry as Subodh is also my son. Vikram asks Anandita to obey maa and go to her room and rest. Anandita leaves.Pihu searches clue in Shona’s orphanage file. A paper flies. Gopal holds it and returns her. Pihu angrily asks if he is coming now.

Gopal says he is with her always. Pihu says she has one more friend Shona, every child needs mother and it is her duty to reunite child with mother. Gopal says then she is doing god’s work. Pihu asks to help her fix paper and asks him to read what is written. He reads a child is found in dustbin and handed over to orphanage. Pihu gets sad that a mother cannot be so ruthless. She sees letters on Shona’s cloth and says it is similar to what her mamma writes for her, so Shona’s mama also wrote it for her. She reminisces she saw these letters somewhere, but where.

Vikram speaks to Anandita over phone in Subodh’s voice and asks if she is fine, he heard she is hurt. She asks if he found time now to remember her. He says he is stuck with some work, so she can take care of herself till he returns. She says he should come and take care of her and says she feels someone else is speaking as Subodh, if he is really Subodh. He says I love you Anandita, take care till he comes and disconnects call. Daadi smirks at Mohini.

Shona returns to her room and hides file seeing Shona. Shona asks what is she hiding and continues her arrogance. Once she leaves, Pihu hides file under bed. Gopal comes. Pihu asks why he looks sad. Gopal says nobody called him since morning, he is bored, let us play hide and seek. Pihu says she is busy and wants to find out Shona’s mamma’s details soon. He acts as angry, she cheers him up. She then picks her favorite frock which her mamma gifted and finds same letters on it, thinks where to find about it. Gopal plays flute. Pihu sees a cloth brand advertisement in magazine and same letters on Shona’s cloth and reads it as Avanti K Sehgal, thinks if this woman is Shona’s mother.

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