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I do 15 May 2022: Asma and her parentys are greeted by azhar’s parents with much excitement. they engage in friendly banter, while sanam gets snacks, and latif takes all the credit for it. sanam too plays along with latif letting her take the credit. As they go to put it on the tray, they find ahil coming, all dressed for the fucntion. while latif eyes him lustily, sanam is surprised. Ahil comes upfront and finds sanam standing in the way. They confront each other finally, and he gives her a jerk which gets her dupatta to get entangled in his cufflinks.

Ahil thinks that she doesnt have any mannerisms, while sanam thinks that he did so intentionally, venting out his anger at having lost in front of her. they both turn around, while they eye the entangled dupatta. She comes to him shyly, while he eyes her, as she begins to try to take the dupatta. She tries to get it out, being uncomfortable in his steely gaze. finally he does so himself and lets her dupatta go, telling her that he doesnt want anymore of this nonsense. she is shocked. Ahil leaves.

Ahil is very angry that azhar hasnt come yet, while his parents try to convince him that he must be in the hospital for operation. rehaan offers to go, and azhar’s parents are tensed that azhar might ruin it all, and they might lose a wonderful family to get money from. Sanam wonders who they are talking about, as she overhears their conversation. His father offers to try him one last time, but azhar is too busy gambling , while his friends see that he’s getting lucky and ask him to continue so that they can get their money back.

Asma is tensed that he hasnt come yet, and maybe he doesnt want to get engaged. His parents try to cover it up. sanam comes and gets a glass of water to asma and comforts her that azhar would come. asma says that she’s anxious that something might go wrong. sanam says that its just pre engagement jitters. Ahil asks them to shut up, and tells rehaan to go and get him, while his parents are tensed. a sudden car stopping at their gate, draws everyone’s attention towards the gate, hoping that its azhar. While all are dressed and ready for the engagement party, tanveer makes a stylish appearance, startling them all, while ahil is very happy.

Sanam wonders who is this now. latif asks sanam to get snacks ready, as beguim is here. sanam begins to go towards the kitchen, while tanveer tries to get a better look at her face, and is startled when she does. Ahil rushes to her, overwhelmed with emotions, saying that he should have come to pick her up. Tanveer asks him not to bother, as she wanted to pleasantly surprise him. sanam tries to get a better look at her, but is unable to. ahil calls his sisters, and they too hug tanveer emotionally. Nazia says that she’s very happy as she was waiting to come back.

tanveer says that she too was waiting to come back and hug her children. Azhar’s parents too congratulate her. tanveer says that for her, every evening in this haveli has been memorable. sanam finds them coming and tries to see tanveer but is unable to.Tanveer complimentds asma on her beauty while she sits shyly. she tells asma that she is a part of their family officially from today. She wishes her all the happinerss in the world. She gives her own bracelet as a gift to her, while azhar’s parents eye it greedily. she asks about azhar and is told that he is shortly arriving.

Haya opens the door and finds that a vendor has come for selling utensils, in lieu of clothes. she goes and gets the bundle of clothes that munisa kept. haya also finds the same dupatta that rahat had kept earlier, and mistakes it for the old clothes, and gives it to the vendor, to get utensils in exchange. she takes the utensil and the vendor leaves.Later, Rahat asks munia whewre’s that dupatta, and munisa points it to haya, saying that she doesnt know anything about it. rahat goes to haya and asks her about the same.

He is oblivious that she cant hear or speak, and when she doesnt, he gets irritated and lashes out at her, saying that she doesnt even know the importance of that dupatta for her. He leaves, while haya breaks into tears.Dilshad comes and finds haya, disturbed and upset. she rushes to hay and asks her what happened, while haya tries to compose herself. Haya makes an excuse that she is missing sanam. dilshad says that she got very tensed finding her crying. She says that she too m,isses sanam, but cant come as its her new job. Haya pleads that they should go for sometime and meet her there, where she works. dilshad finally agrees and hugs haya.

while sanam is in the kitchen, she gets dilshad’s call and gets excited. dilshad says that she knows that sanam is busy and wants to come to meet her along with haya. Sanam is surprised that they want to come here. sanam informs them of the engagement party. She is surprised and distracted to find that ahil is serving water to his mother, and wonders how much he loves her. Dilshad asks her if she is listening to what she is saying, and sanam finally agrees to let them come here and meet her. Dilshad asks the address from sanam, and is shocked when she tells the address of the same haveli where she used to stay with asad and zoya, and where tanveer massacred all of them, as being in the lane beside the Mosque.

sanam tells her that its that haveli only, and dilshad is apalled at the irony of fate that destiny got them here and sanam to work in the haveli thats rightfully hers. The screen freezes on Dilshad’s shocked face.Tanveer tells them that destiny may have distanced her from the haveli, but she never distanced herself. She says that everytime she thinks of this haveli, she is reminded of an incident. ahil is disturbed thinking about his childhood. tanveer says that she missed them badly. ZafaR asks why she didnt come to meet them if she missed them. Shazia says that the truth is she never remembered them.

tanveer is disturbed while ahil is tensed, and asks tanveer not to think bad about shazia’s opinion, as she is still immature. tanveer says that shazia is right, as a mother’s identity is with her children, ans the destiny forced her to stay away from her children when they needed her the most. she gets teary, while ahil asks her to stop crying and celebrate instead. Latif points out that asma and azhar are missing. they are tensed.Asma is waiting outside, when rehaan comes in and tells that he is just a servant here, an orphan who was given life by tanveer.

asma asks him not to call himself an orphan, as god looks after them. They introduce themselves formally. He asks her not to be tensed for azhar as he would come soon. asma again voices her concerns for azhar’s strange behaviour and that she is sure that he is hiding something. rehaan says that such question and anxieties are normal as pre wedding jitters, and asks her not to think having out her heart in this marriage.

Meanwhile, azhar ducks inside, having been rendered pennyless in the gambling. Sanam is shocked and finds him like this, and turns around. She asks him to get ready soon, and come down, while she leaves having been called by latif. as she comes down, she meets asma who asks for azhar’s number so that she may call him. Sanam tells her that he is home and is getting ready. asma is relieved and happy. Asma asks if she would come to the engagement. Before she can answer, ahil asks her to go and get tanveer’s room arranged as she would have to rest. Sanam goes to tanveer’s room and looks around. She compliments the beauty of the room, while oblivious that ahil is getting tanveer here. She starts lighting up incense candles.

She finds a pic of tanveer, and looks at it disturbed a little, thinking that it feels that she knows this lady. ahil comes with tanveer and sanam turns around so as not to be seen. tanveer leaves to freshen up so that she can rest later. Ahil confronts sanam, while she fumbles through, as ahil asks if the work is done. tanveer is very happy that ahil is taking care of her so much. Sanam is curious to see her face. Ahil asks her to work downstairs, while she excuses herself to go and see dilshad. she tries to tell him that they are coming here, but ahil doesnt listen, and reminds her that he owns her, when she says that he cant do this to her.

tanveer asks him to let go, as its a very good day today and ahil is happy too, and that she too should celebrate. ahil instantly agrees, shocking sanam. She turns around to go, after having thanked her.Meanwhile, dilshad steps outside, still recovering from the shock of sanam working in the same haveli that they used to stay. she opens the door shockingly, remembering the last time she had come here, and the memories flash in front of her, the good, the bad and the really bad ones. Dilshad turns around and begins to leave, while haya asks her to meet sanam first. She tells haya that they would sanam somewhere else.

As haya is shocked, Dilshad is surprised to hear sanam’s screams calling out to her. sanam rushes to hug haya and they exchange greetings, while dilshad is still in a daze. She asks sanam if she works here. sanam goes on a rant as to how beautiful the house is.Inside the house, azhar comes and apologises for being late, and then after tanveer’s permission, the engagement ceremony begins. When its asma’s turn to put on the ring, she notices the grease on his hand, and wonders that she had gone for the operation. He makes an excuse of it having gotten from the room, and not the OT. She complies, after he cleans his hand.

While haya and sanam chat, Dilshad is taken aback by past memories of her family there. Sanam asks her to come and sit down, and asks whats she thinking here. Dilshad asks who stays here. she tells about ahil’s parenst having bought it 18 years back. Dilshad thanks the lord that new people have come to stay here, oblivious that tanveer is inside. She asks sanam if she is happy. Sanam remembers ahil’s atrocities, but says that she is happy here. dilshad hastens to go, surprising her. Sanam tries to stop her, while she gets dizzy and has a coughing bout. sanam asks her to come inside and rest for sometime.

Inside, tanveer continues to be taken care by ahil, who she finally dismisses for attending to the other guests. After he is gone, She is taken back to the haunting memories of the massacre that she created 18 years back.Sanam enters the house along with dilshad and haya, while dilshad still is terribly uneasy. She hastens to leave again and is visibly uncomfortable, while sanam insists her to sit, ranting about begum’s praises. she goes to get a glass of water for them. Tanveer is super frustrated and walking in the lobby, and sanam comes from the other end, both oblivious of the other’s presence.Finally tanveer senses something and turns towards sanam’s direction, and is surprised. The screen freezes on her face.

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