I do update Monday 29 August 2022

I do 29 August 2022: Ahil catches hold of the new bride, and pinning her against the pillar, he asks her whats she upto, with this new marriage fiasco. she taunts him and says that she did the right thing, as sanam is now someone else’s jannat, and she is just ensuring that. He vehemently protests that sanam is only his. She taunts that sanam is now jannat, and she is the only sanam in ahil’s life now. he asks her to stop this nonsense. she threatens that she would not spare either sanam or him, if he tries to get sanam to remember her past. He asks her to do whatever she wnts to, as he shall tell her and shall do so erightaway. she gets agitated, and grabs his hand, and asks him to come out and do so now only. He is tensed, as she drags him out.

Outside, sanam and shaad both compose their messages as the plan. Just then, shaad sends the message, but sanam has it just composed. Ahil arrives along with the new bride. Ahil is tensed, as the new bride faces sanam. He remembers how memory loss can have an adverse effect on sanam. The new bride instigates him to say, what he wanted to and tell sanam the truth. Shaad is boggled. Ahil tries to change the topic. the new bride says that then she shall say it, and the fact is that ahil wants to have a special talk with jannat. before sanam can ask what, ahil squeezes the new bride’s hands, and she changes saying that ahil wants to present her the wedding dress.

Ahil has no option but to comply. The new bride says that she shall go and get the dress, in which jannat leaves this house, happily married. shaad okays. Sanam is tensed and boggled too. Ahil eyes her tersely. Shashi comes and asks why are they standing here, as the photo session is happening there, and asks them to come along. They comply. Sanam is visibly uncomfortable, and moves aside. Ahil too stealthily follows after her.

Sanam enters a room and latif and gazalla come after her, wondering whats she doing in that room. Remembering the new bride’s threats, they decide to close the door, and lock her inside only. While they are discuissing, ahil enters without their knowledge. they stick to their plan, and lock the door from outside. Inside, sanam is boggled as she sits with her phone, reading the message, that they began as strangers, but now he wants to spend every walk of his life with her, and accepts this marriage. She is distraught and in tears. She says that the heart doesnt agree to this marriage, as if its wrong, and wonders why is she thinking so, as their relation is the most, pure and the strongest, as the husband and wife, and wonders why the hesitation.

Ahil sees her and by her facial expression, he presumes that maybe sanam isnt happy, and maybe thats the true victory of his love. He asks why is she here. she says that she just wanted sometime alone, and wants to be left alone. He says that he is himself scared of loneliness, and asks if she can spare her company for him. She is boggled but complies modestly. He sits, and she thinks that he even sat down. As if reading her thoughts, he says that best talks are held when sitting across, and presses her to start talking, while she vehemently denies that she has nothing to talk. He says that problems are evident on her face, and wishes to discuss them with her, and she says that he wasnt there after the announcement of the marriage.

He is surprised. She clarifies that she wasnt searching. He says that mkeans there’s a problem, and asks her to sharee it with him, considering him as a stranger. she is tensed. She continues to demand that she doesnt have a probhlem nor does she want to talk to him. She gets up and begins to go out, and finds the door locked. He asks her not to be worried. But she goes berserk, that they both are married. Sanam is hesitant as to what people shall think, that he is locked here with her, especially shaad. He is furious but suppresses it barely. he asks what does she mean.

she says that it would send a wrong message. He says that he would have had that trust on his sanam, that if she is locked inside, then it would have been due to helplessness, and not by choice, as she locves him the most.Outside, in the garden, the new bride is happy with gazalla and latif’s plan of having locked sanam, and is impressed with them. She then asks if they saw ahil. They deny. She asks them to go and find out. they hurriedly comply. She is tensed. They come back and inform that they didnt find him. She wonders if he is with sanam, in the room. they deny vehemently, and say that they shall show too. They go in.

Point blank, Ahil asks sanam if she loves shaad. she asks whats this question about. he asks her to answer point blank. she says that it doesnt need validation, and she doesnt need to answer the ridiculous question, to which the answer is evident, as shaad is her husband, and for a wife, a husband is paramount, and praises him galore. he says that what the heart fells, it finds its way through the words, then why is she so hesitant in professing her love. She is tensed. He asks if she loves, as she didnt answer. she hurriedly says that she does. He is hurt, and then she adds that there’s some fault, as it isnt the fairytale love. He is happy. the screen freezes on both their tensed faces.

Ahil is relieved to find sanam questioning her love for shaad. She is tensed too. just then, she hears footsteps, and gets tensed that people shall think wrong things about them. he asks her another question, point blank and honest, if she actually feels bad to be here, and is suffocated being alone with him. She is boggled, and says no. he thinks that he wanted to hear just that, and then hollers for latif to open the door. Latif, gazalla and the new bride are shocked to hear ahil’s voice along with jannat, and they themselves return back the bracelets again to the new bride. He says to sanam that he lied conveniently, and hopes she shall support him. She asks why would she. She says that she is shaad’s wife and hence would support him. He is hurt.

Latif opens the door, and sanam runs out to hug shaad, and he too caresses her back, boggled though. the new bride eyes her with satisfaction, as ahil stands distraught and apaalled. Shaad asks what happened. She says that she got locked and got tensed, and takes him away to talk. Shaad thanks them for everything, and retires andd takes their leave, as its getting late. saanam too wishes goodbye, and then awkwardly faces ahil and turns away, when due to some reason she is unable too to take her eyes off ahil. finally they leave. the new bride eyes him angrily. Ahil walks past.

Later, in the night, Shashi smiles, while viewing the pics, thinkinghat shaad’s love shall distract him from his motive of catching her somehow. meanwhile, the new bride eyes the pics, in which ahil is looking at sanam, even though posing with her, and gets angry. She says that if aanam cant stay, nor can her memories, and destroys all the pics. Meanwhile, shashi notices tanveer’s pic in the background of one, through the magnifying glasses that she asks from saif, and wonders who is this lady, who looks so much like her. She wonders whats all this, and what connection she has with ahil and the haveli. she eyes herself in the mirror and takes off her glasses and wigs, to notice the striking resemblance.

She says that she doesnt care who started the story, but she shall end it.

The new bride eyes the burning pics, with a sadistic relief. Ahil comes inside, and is shocked to see sanam;s pics burning. Ahil is distraught as he eyes the burnt pics, trying hard to douse the fire. He rummages through the ashes, to salvage any pics, while the new bride watches amusedly. he finally grabs one of sanam’s half burnt pics, the only recognisable ones, and clutches it tight. with his burnt fingers. she says that now only ashes shall remain in his hands. She says that today sanam and his memories were burnt to ashes, and tomorrow, their love story shall be burnt to ashes. He confronts her with anger.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
As he freshens up and comes out of the bathroom, Shaad gets jannat’s message, and gets worried. She says that since her new life, she has always found him by her side, and today too, he stands by her side, and hence she accepts the proposal to marry him. he is unable to believe what he just read and presumes that she loves him immensely. he ishappy beyond imagination and belief. He keeps reminding himself, that she loves him. Through the window, sanam sees him happy, and eyes him tensedly.

Later, while sanam is asleep, shaad writes a letter, with the hope, that jannat has accepted his love, and now she accepts his reality too through the letter, and places it by her bedside.

Scne 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The next morning, Sanam prays to the lord, that he always shows the right path to his disciples, and hopes that she too finds the correct way out of this dilemma. She says that she is still at unrest, and that she didnt even wait for shaad to get up, to come here, and wonders whats it that keeps dragging her here. Ahil eyes her standing, and is mesmerised. sanam instinctiveluy turns around and finds him standing. They both eye each other, while ahil is overwhelmed. he comes to her excitedly. Abruptly, Sanam tells ahil that shaad asked her about her acceptance, and she complied to the marriage, and ahil is taken aback.

He is devastated to hear this. he asks why is she telling this. she says that she wanted to clear any misunderstanding that might have crept in his mind, after the talk they had locked up in the storeroom. He is apalled, as she confronts him curtly. She then walks past him, while he eyes her with tears welled up in his eyes. she too is extremely at discomfort, but pretends to be calm. He prays to the lord, while just then, the new bride comes in taunting behind him, that she never thought ahil’s love would meet such a brutal fateful end. She mocks him, if she should bare his heart to sanam. He gets irritated. she reminds him that today is the marriage, and that she hopes he shall be there for the ritual, as he has to select the dress for shaad’s bride.

She leaves. he thinks that its his sanam, and not shaad’s bride, and that he needs one chance to prove his love. the screen freezes on his face.

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