My desire update Sunday 28 August 2022

My desire 28 August 2022: Rudra continues describing his feelings for Preesha and tells her that he wanted to propose her before going on a dinner date, but Saransh interfered, reminiscing the incident. He continues that he wanted to propose her after dinner date, but Rahul brainwashed him and repeatedly linked her with Yuvraj, forcing him to believe Rahul; he fought with his father for her and always supported her, but with the continuous unfavorable events, he doubted her; he brought her from her parent’s house to be wit her, he loves her a lot, etc. He hugs her and says he loves her and she is like oxygen for him and he cannot live without him.

He says he will continue to love her forever, maybe she may not forgive her, but he will not leave her and will not try to do a mistake again. He says he is feeling light as he proposed her finally and shouts I love you, he is in love; he took 3 months to express his feelings for her and now its her turn. She asks what. He says her feelings for hi and she shouldn’t take 3 months like him. He romantically holds her and asks if he should help. She runs away. He asks if she loves him or not. She runs into a canopy and gets happy reminiscing Rudra’s words. A romantic song plays in the background. She feels a hand on her shoulder and says he wanted to hear her reply, even she loves him, I love you. Yuvraj from behind says I love you too Preesha. She turns and stands shocked seeing him.

He acts as happy and says he knew she loves him like he does. He shouts Preesha loves him. She shouts if he has gone mad, what is he doing here. He asks if she was telling I love you for him. She says even if he is a last person on earth, she will not love him. He says she used to love him once, now she is changing like a chameleon for nalla Khurana. Preesha warns him to dare not speak against her husband. He says if Rudra wouln’t have married her by trick, he would have married her and would have killed him already. Preesha slaps him. He says he tolerates her slaps repeatedly as she loves him. He says she is hoping from the one who insults and troubles her repeatedly; Rudra married her for Saransh and will leave her soon. Preesha warns him to stay away from her. He contniues pleading to accept her.

Rudra enters and pulls him away by neck and warns him to stay away from his wife. Yuvraj warns him that this is not his father’s house and he will break his mouth if he touches him again; he calls him wife stealer and his wife just proposed him, etc. Rudra trashes him brutally and says Preesha is innocent and would have loved him before, but she loves him now; Rahul told him everything and he should stay away from Preesha from hereon. He walks away with Preesha. Yuvraj thinks these lovers will never change. Rudra tells Preesha that she came far away, he parked his car far away and walks towards it holding her hand. Tere Liye Main Jahan Se….song… plays in the background. He says she shouldn’t shy and reply him. She asks what reply. He asks if she loves him or not.

Rudra insists Preesha to stop shying away and tell him I love you. She shyingly frees herself and walks away saying let us go home or else they will get ill. Jo Tum na ho to hum bhi hum nahi…song.. plays in the background. He says she will make him wait for long and walks home looking at her. Preesha says she will go and check if Saransh is asleep. He says if Saransh has slept, can she return to him. She asks if he has any work. He says they are husband and wife and should sleep together, pins her to pillar and says till now she didn’t say him I love you. She thinks he troubled her so much, she will also make him wait. He insists her to say I love you. She says I.. I.. I don’t know what he wants do.

He challenges that he will make her say I love you. She says let us see and goes to check Saransh. Rudra thinks wherever she goes, she has to return to him.Balraj with his lawyer visits police station giving Sharda’s bail orders to inspector insists him to free Sharda now. Inspector asks not to get angry as he was just doing his duty and following evidences. Balraj walks away with Sharda.Back at home, Preesha walks into Rudra’s room and shies seeing him coming out of bathroom wearing only towel. He says she is his wife and can see him, he is wearing towel anyways. He holds her and insists to tell I love you.

She says mummy will come anytime. He says that is why she should say I love you soon. She says I.. I..I will wait for you. Saransh calls them saying Daadi came. Rudra thinks nobody can separate Preesha from him. A woman is seen who looks at Rudra, Preesha, and Saransh’s photos and determines to separate them. Preesha and Rudra walk to living room. Ahana starts her drama, hugs Sharda saying she is happy seeing her back home and prayed whole night for her. Sharda stands stunned. Saransh then hugs Sharda and says he is glad to see her back. She says she returned because of his miracle. He asks what did he do. Rudra says his angel’s video. Saransh says let us do it again. Preesha says Daadi tired now and even he has class to attend.

Khurana family sits for breakfast. Balraj thanks Saransh for his help, irking Ahana and Mishka. GPS and Vasu enter. Preesha happily goes and hugs them and asks reason for coming at this time. They say everything is fine, Rudra called them. Rudra walks to them and says good they came as he wanted to tell something important in front of whole family. He says wrongly doubted Preesha’s character seeing edited videos by Rahul. Ahana asks what is the proof. He says Rahul himself is the proof and he wanted to destroy him and grow ahead in business. Rudra continues that Preesha continued crying and tried to explain him by love and anger, but he trusted Rahul and punished Preesha.

He apologizes GPS and Vasu for barging into their home inebriated and creating drama. Vasu says forget everything as he found truth now. GPS says good he trusts Preesha again. He says he cannot forget torturing Preesha while she was helping him and his family and always stood with them, he made a sin and is ready to accept whatever punishment she gives, but he wants to give her the respect and place she deserves. He holds her hand says she told men are always considered superior and even if he tortures wife, wife has to touch his feet; if wife is pious like Seeta maiya, husband has to touch her feet instead. He kneels down and holds her feet while family stands in shock.

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