I do update Tuesday 30 August 2022

I do 30 August 2022: Shashi is eyeing tanveer’s pic, thinking that even if their faces resemble, their destinies dont. gazalla comers and asks whats she doing here. she makes an excuse. shashi enquires how did she die, and gazalla fumbles, and then leaves hastily. Shashi says that whatever be the reason, there’s some connection between tanveer and her, and their striking facial resemblance, and is determined to find out the answer. She thinks that while the whole house gets busy in selection of dress, she shall find out more about tanveer.

The new bride is upset that the shopkeeper didnt get the models to portray the dress, for easy selection. the shopkeeper apologises for the goofup, and asks if they can do it tomorrow. She says that they should get it done today only, and that they should choose the dress today only for the bride. she offers latif for trying on the dresses. Gazalla too gets excited.

Meanwhile, Sanam is tensed to know from shaad, that they shall stay here till the end of the marriage, as she feels that they are being unnecessarily extra hospitable. Shaad says that when he woke up in the morning, the payment of hotel bills had already been done, and he doesnt know who did it. she has her doubts on ahil, and says that there must be some motive behind it. The new bride says that she got it done, as she comes in. Ahil joins them. She says that she wants to savour every moment with them, and that every ritual is here only, then why bother staying at the hotel. She also talks about the inter-border relation, between shaad and ahil. she says that ahil would send off jannat from this house, just like he shall do with nazia.

Ahil is shocked and enraged but complies, while sanam too id tensed. she goes to sanam, and says that she never got a sister, and hence wants to make one in her, and says that she herself wants to dress her up. sanam is tensed, but shaad asks her to comply. She nods. The new bride hugs her, while eyeing ahil, evilly, who is furious. He leaves from there. Sanam is taken away by the new bride. shaad is left behind. They join for the selection of dress. the new bride asks the shopkeeper to select a dress for jannat too, which ahil shall select himself. the dress selection continues. the new bride asks if jannat liked anything. she asks the shopkeeper to show some more. He complies.

The new bride taunts ahil not to forget about his wife, in selecting for jannat. Sanam is tensed and wonders where is shaad. Shaad arrives with the letter thinking that maybe sanam shall understand everything after she reads it. the new bride tells shaad that ahil didnt select anything, and asks him to do the honours. he gets down, and sanam too engages in it. Ahil watches them distraught. Nazia asks saif also to select something for her, but he is least interested. he is lost in the new bride’s thoughts. She leaves angrily. the new bhride asks ahil to choose one particular dress for his jannat. He is tensed. saif gets to the new bride and says that he selected this dress for her, and asks if she liked it.

she ignores him and he grabs her hand stealthily. she is nervous. saif gets up and leaves.Meanwhile, shashi snoops around in the rooms, to find out any clue. She finds a key, and wonders where’s the lock. She gets to going out, but hears a noise and hides behind the curtains. She finds saif entering, along with the new bride. she thanks him shyly for the dress, and he says that she would have to wear and show this. she is tensed. he romances with her, asking her to change soon. she agrees, and then says thsat he shall have to help seductively. he hurridly complies. Saif and the new bride try and get physical, while shashi watches them stealthily from afar, thinking that saif always does the wrong thing at the wrong time.

She notices nazia coming and decdies that she shall have to do something. She takes some pebbles from the vase, and throws them on the floor. Walking on them, nazia twists her ankle and falls on the floor in the corridor, wincing in pain. They hear nazia’s voice, and she sends saif outside, who leaves hastily, while she herself locks herself in the wardrobe. Nazia wonders what was saif doing in this room. Ahil finds nazia in such a state. Shashi watches all this. he takes nazia and brings her inside, and makes her sit on the bed. he then goes towards the cupboard for the medicine, oblivious that she is hiding in it. The new bride is however thoroughly scared. before he opens, he remembers that its somewhere else. nazia then tells ahil tht she knows what he is going through and how his wounds shall not heal.

Ahil says that to have a sister like her, nothing harm can happen. he says that he trusts god and his miracles. he says that all would be okay, and gets to applying medicine. nazia thanks him. he takes her and then they both leave the room. shashi and the new bride both come out of hididng, and are tensed to confront each other. the screen freezes on their faces.Aahil chooses red lehenga for Sanam but she chooses the green one picked by Shaad.

Shaad slips in the letter in Sanam green lehenga. Sanam 2 takes the green lehenga from Sanam and finds the letter in it.
Sanam 2 reads the letter and decides to write another letter which says that Shaad and Sanam are already married.
Sanam 2 slips the letter in the red Lehenga that Sanam finally chooses to wear in her wedding.Shaad sees Aahil upset and consoles him.

Shashi Kapoor manages to enter Tanveer’s room and finds her diary where she writes about her lost daughter.
Shashi Kapoor realises that she is Tanveer’s daughter and vows to take revenge for her mother’s death.

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