Never say goodbye update Monday 25 July 2022

Never say goodbye 25 July 2022: The Episode starts with Atharv and everyone coming home. They see family members lying on ground unconscious. Atharv calls doctor. Vividha looks for Madhav. Guddi checks Ankit. They all look for Madhav. Vividha says I checked well, Madhav is not here. Ravish says even Kangana is not here. Ankit gets up and holds his head. They all ask Ankit where is Madhav. Ankit says she took him. Ravish asks who. Ankit says I don’t know her name. Vividha says Kangana is not at home, she did all this.

She says Atharv, she took my Madhav. She cries and says I can’t lose my son, please find him. He asks her to calm down. She says I can’t lose both my children in one day. Atharv says let me just check, there will be recording in camera. He gets the hidden camera and checks. They see some girl attacking Ankit. Vividha says its Kangana. Guddi sees the blood on ground and gets shocked. She says blood. They all get shocked and follow the blood marks, going upstairs to Vividha’s room. Atharv opens the cupboard and sees Madhav lying unconscious inside, with blood in his hands.

They all get shocked. They make Madhav lie on the bed and ask him to open his eyes. Kangana comes there. Vividha sees her and gets angry. Kangana sees Madhav. Vividha slaps Kangana. She asks why did you do this with my son, I permitted you to stay here, you will never change, Madhav is your son, why did you do this. Kangana looks on.Madhav says mumma, its not my blood, its Kangana’s blood. Kangana gets shaken up. Madhav says some bad people came. Kangana walks to Madhav and asks are you fine. She falls over Ravish. Ravish holds her. Kangana’s back bleeds. They all get shocked.

Later, Atharv and Ravish talk to everyone. Ravish tells them police informed about some new gang, who entered Delhi, they run away to their city after committing the crime, they are dangerous people, they see if house is vacant, if house has few members, they attack the family members, they add something in food first. Ankit says that’s why I got dizzy by having food, I went out for sometime, then a man came there with a butter milk pot. FB shows the man asking Ankit to have butter milk and insisting a lot. Ankit thinks the man needs money and pays some money. He returns home. The man looks at him and smiles. FB ends.

Ankit says I had food and buttermilk in breakfast, I fainted in kitchen, when I got conscious, I could not see anything well, when I came out, I saw a girl, she has hit something on my head and I fainted there, I thought its Kangana, but I m sorry Kangana I misunderstood you. Ravish says our fate was good, the gang kidnaps little children from home and sell them, Kangana risked her life and saved Madhav.Sujata says yes, don’t know how she faced that dangerous gang. Kangana says when I saw the girl attacking Ankit…. FB shows Kangana asking the girl what does she want. The men come behind. Kangana takes Madhav. The men try to snatch Madhav from her.

Kangana pulls Madhav’s hand. The man teases Kangana. Kangana fights with them. The girl stabs Kangana’s back. Kangana pushes the girl and runs upstairs with Madhav. They follow Kangana. FB ends. Kangana says they thought we have run away from window and left. Sujata says then we came there, they attacked us, we heard something in semi conscious state. FB shows the men saying police jeep is around, we should leave. Sujata sees the men leaving. FB ends. Sujata says if you were not here today Kangana, don’t know what would have happened. Vividha says Kangana, please forgive me, I scolded you and raised hand on you, you gave a new life to my son. Kangana says what are you saying, it was my duty.

Its night, Vividha says when I saw blood in Madhav’s hands, my biggest fear came in front of me, I died many times in that one moment, we can’t be careless. Atharv says I felt I should have been there in Madhav’s place, I should have got Madhav’s wounds, thank Lord nothing happened to our child. She says you were right, I will get trapped in this search, I promised I won’t be careless but what shall I do, shall I stop this search, we were running behind a dream and here we got careless about Madhav. Atharv says no, we will not stop this search, we started this, but I lost, when we got close to our child, we can’t stop this, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Madhav, we will take care of Madhav more, we have to save that child, even if that girl is ours or not.

Atharv saying we will save that girl. Vividha promises Madhav that this won’t happen again. She recalls the girl she has seen. Its morning, Ravish gets inspector’s call. Guddi comes to him. He passes by Guddi and does not see her. He says we have to get that jeep, its imp. Kangana stumbles. He sees her and says I will call you back. He takes care of Kangana and makes her sit. He asks is she fine. He asks Guddi to get water for Kangana. Kangana sees Guddi. Guddi leaves.

Atharv, Vividha and Madhav are in kitchen. Vividha calls Madhav brave to tell them truth. Guddi comes there. Vividha asks what will you have. Guddi says no one needs to think or worry for me.Vividha says what happened to her now. Guddi takes water for Kangana. Vividha asks Madhav to go and sit on table, she will get breakfast. Atharv takes her. He asks Madhav is his school bad ready. He sees the family together. Dadi says the girl has hit on my head, but did not know my head will not break. Everyone smile. Vividha gets breakfast. She asks everyone to come. She says Madhav, I will come to pick you after school hours. Atharv says I will drop him. Ravish gets inspector’s call and says yes, I asked you to find out, thanks. Vividha asks whose call was it. Atharv asks did he say anything.

Ravish says jeep is found. Vividha asks what about the man. Ravish says that jeep met with an accident, jeep got burnt. They get shocked. They all reach the accident spot. Constable says you can’t go ahead of here. Vividha says we know the man kidnapping that girl. Atharv says let us check the jeep. Ravish tells inspector that he is involved in this case. Atharv asks about the man and girl. Inspector says we just got one burnt body, we can’t identify it, its some adult man’s dead body. They get shocked. Constable checks jeep and gets the shoes.

Ravish recalls the shoes. Vividha recalls Kailash and says while dying, he cheated me again, he did not return my daughter, he did not had courage to come infront of me, where is my daughter Atharv. Atharv asks did you not get any girl. Inspector says sorry, we did not get any girl here.Ankit says they are not answering the calls. Atharv, Vividha and Ravish come home. Madhav asks why are you crying mumma. Dadi asks what happened. Sujata asks why are you all silent, say something, did you find the girl. Guddi asks what happened. Vividha says he is gone, he cheated us while dying. Guddi asks what do you mean.

Vividha says Kailash has won, while dying. Everyone cry. Dadi cries for Kailash. Vividha says he was so important for us, right Guddi, now he has cheated us and left us in this situation, he did not return my daughter to me, don’t know where is she, with whom and how. She asks how shall I mourn for such man.Dadi says Kailash was dead for Uma before, but we have to inform her. She says he went by cheating us. They all get sad. Dadi says whatever it is, my son has died. Atharv asks her to calm down. Atharv sees some big gift. Ravish and Atharv lift it and open. They get shocked seeing a girl inside.

Vividha smiles seeing her and says my daughter. The girl moves her away. Atharv takes her. The girl beats him. Vividha asks her not to do this. The girl bites Vividha and runs. They all look for the girl. Ankit says she is nowhere. Dadi asks where can she go. Guddi says I did not get her anywhere. They all look around. Atharv and Vividha see the vegetables on floor. They see the girl hiding under the table.

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