My heart knows update Monday 25 July 2022

My heart knows 25 July 2022; The Episode starts with Moksh asking Kalyani about hero Anarkali. Kalyani says I didn’t see her since long. Avni tells Sarthak that they shall send Moksh far away so that their attention gets diverted and they don’t deliver the sarees on time. Sarthak asks where do you want to send him and tells that Moksh is Malhar’s son and my blood too. Shera hears them and thinks Kaka didn’t know what she has done. Avni thinks she won’t keep quiet.Electricity is set off by Avni. Kalyani tells that we don’t need to work on electric machines and tells that they will burn the lamps and will work with their hands.

Anupriya asks Godaveri to light the candles and tells that they will light the workshop as the Diwali. Har har maidan fateh song plays….The workers start doing work under Kalyani, Anupriya and Aao Saheb’s supervision. Shera searches for proofs in Avni’s room. Moksh is standing out to stop Avni and thinks he can’t let her go inside, and hits ball on Avni’s leg, asking her to catch. Avni gets angry and tells that she will hit the ball on him, but Moksh somehow manages. Shera finds the goons pics’ with Avni and thinks she is related to them.

Tommy is taken in the car by the goons, when he gains consciousness and hears them talking about Avni. He thinks when she did captive me? Avni comes to the hall and collides with Shera. An envelope falls down from her hand. Shera thinks what might be inside it. Kalyani, Anupriya and Aao Saheb come there holding the candle. Kalyani burns Avni’s dupatta and then gifts her pethni saree. She says we have made the sarees one day before.

Kalyani, Anupriya and others load the sarees in tempo and asks the driver to take it safely. Just then the driver came who was sent by Pathak. He asks them to give the sarees. Avni thinks why do you work hard when you couldn’t succeed. Kalyani looks at Avni. Anupriya and kalyani attack her. Avni record everything and threatens to send Anupriya to jail. Kalyani says she will see what she will do. Shera calls someone and tells that Tommy is kidnapped by someone. Avni’s brother gets down to have tea, when Tommy takes the keys and runs out. Kalyani comes to the Police station and files complaint against the tempo. The Inspector is not interested in the case. Kalyani asks for Pawar.

Inspector says he went out. He asks about the driver. Kalyani describes about the driver. Shera asks someone to find the truck. Kalyani gets a call and gets shocked. Pathak tells Anupriya and Aao Saheb that Sarthak said right, they are fraud. Anupriya says we made the sarees, but they are stolen. Avni says they both are liar and tells that they didn’t do any work, and thought to earn money by betrayal. Pathak says I won’t let them go easily and asks Sarthak to tell the clause. Sarthak reads the clause that Pathak can auction Nal Emporium if they don’t deliver the saree by 12 pm. Aao Saheb says you can’t do this. Anupriya says I have read the contract and tells that we have made the sarees. Avni accuses Anupriya. Anupriya says she feels that she has done this. Pathak asks them to deliver the sarees by 12 pm. Godaveri asks Kalyani what the Inspector will do.

Avni calls Inspector and tells that the girls who came to him, want to do sting operation on Police. Inspector asks lady constable to check their bags. Kalyani says we didn’t do anything. Lady constable finds the spy cam and asks them to go. Kalyani says we didn’t do anything. Anarkali comes there and asks Kalyani and Anupriya to come. Tommy falls down. Avni’s brother catches him. Tommy bites and kicks them and escapes climbing to the tempo.

Sarthak breaks a pot and asks Moksh to tell his Aai fi that she has lost. He says I will see who stops me from making you far from Kalyani. Moksh tells Anupriya that he will not go far from Aai fi. Avni tells that sarees are gone and will not be brought back. Pathak comes there and tells that we shall start the auction of the Nal Emporium. Anupriya says there is still 1 hour left, I have faith on my daughter that she will bring the tempo back. She prays to Ganapati to help Kalyani reach the truck.

Kalyani thinks she cannot let these men steal their hard earned money. Maushi (Shera as Anarkali) goes to teach the goons a good lesson, in spite of Kalyani’s resistance. Maushi instigates the goons and beats them badly. She speaks the tagline of Shera. Kalyani recognizes it. Maushi says she is Shera’s Mausi. Kalyani asks why she had not said anything earlier about it. Maushi says Shera sent her for their housekeeping and forbid her to tell anyone about it. Kalyani says actually Shera had fallen in love with her, but she cannot think of anyone except Malhar. Maushi asks if he demanded her to reciprocate? She sends Kalyani and Godha. Avni tries to save their tempo. The goon was about to hurt Avni with a knife, but Anupriya reaches and saves them.

Sarthak elevates Pathak’s tension that Anupriya and Kalyani have yet not returned with their sarees. Avni further ignites the matter. Pathak announces they must begin the auction, there is no point in waiting. Ao Saheb requests them to wait. Pathak insists on Ao Saheb to sign the papers. Aao Saheb thinks she must stop the auction by any means. Aao Saheb films a live social media video with Pathak requesting the masses to help them save their house from illegal auction. Aao saheb threatens to upload the film on social media. Pathak was not ready to take any risks on his reputation.

Maushi drove the tempo. Kalyani was praises for her. She taps Maushi ’s shoulder, and Shera loses the balance of the tempo. It goes puncture. Anupriya was tensed. Kalyani gets an idea, and they all carry the saree boxes on their shoulders. Goda and Anupriya had given up. Maushi carries two cartons at once.Avni gets a call that the tempo’s tyre was punctured. She was happy that Kalyani cannot bring the sarees here. She will make sure Kalyani does not reach here.

Sarthak assures Moksh he will take care of him, and Moksh will be happy with him. Moksh was annoyed that he wants his Ayi Fi. Sarthak sends Mr. Parthak to place the auction papers on the table there. Kalyani from the other side wets the auction papers. They turn to see Anupriya and Goda pull the saree cartons on a hand cart. Maushi followed.Anupriya and Kalyani cheerfully hug each other. They tell Pathak ji they had completed the project, but sarees were stolen. Maushi says she suspects someone from the family stole the sarees. Ao saheb insults Pathak and asks how he will pay back for their insult. The next day, Mr. Pathak gives Anupriya the first cheque. He apologizes her for the misbehavior and increase their investment by 50%.

Anupriya gives the cheque to Kalyani. Kalyani says this is Anupriya’s hard earned money. She hugs Mokshi, claiming him as her success. She looks towards Sarthak and says he broke one pot each, but now they are all useless. She breaks each of the pots from the pile.Avni comes to the room and was determined to fine who this Anarkali Maushi is.Anupriya was elated to sign the first cheques in her life. She presents the salary cheques to her workers.

Avni searches Maushi’s room. She was shocked to find hair wig, and men’s clothes underneath a few sarees.Anupriya stops Sarthak and says she has a truth for him. She realized this truth very late in life. A woman neither needs a man nor marriage to succeed in society. She trusted Sarthak but he disgraced her. But now times call for equality, equal respect, and equal shares.Avni recognizes the photo of Shera, and wonders if Shera is Anarkali Maushi.

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