His mistress child update Saturday 9 December 2023

His mistress child 9 December 2023: The episode starts with Malti assuring Suresh that Yashoda will convince Krishna to stay at their house. Suresh says only Yashoda can convince Krishna; he did really wrong to Krishna under society’s pressure, but Krishna risked his life to save him while his own children betrayed him; he somehow wants to revive a grandfather-grandson relationship. Yashoda hears their conversation and says she can’t do anything as Krishna put forth a condition in front of them. Suresh asks what kind of condition. Yashoda recalls that he will get well in 3 days and within 3 days if he accepts Suressh as his grandfather, he will stay at Gupta House or else he will stay at her rented house and will run a tea shop to take care of Astha and Nupur’s expenses, will study well, and will make Yashoda feel proud.

Out of flashback, Yashoda tells Suresh that he has to convince Krishna or else Krishna will leave his house on 4th day.Suresh thanks Yashoda for making him realize value of Krishna in his life, he always wanted to win over Krishna and now will accept defeat and win Krishna’s heart, his years of search for his heir has ended, they shall head towards home now. Yashoda gets Suresh discharged and reaches Gupta house with her children, Suresh, and Malti. Neighbors ask Suresh how is he now. Suresh says he is fine and walks towards the door. Arvind stops him and says he has to accept his conditions before entering his house. Suresh asks what kind of condition. Arvind says only he and Malti can enter this house and not Yashoda’s family. Suresh asks if he has to take permission to enter his own house. Randhir says it was his house before but not anymore after Suresh wrote a will in Arvind’s favor and transferred house in his name. Arvind asks Suresh not to create any drama and silently walk inside the house.

Suresh assures Yashoda that he will set everything right and asks Randhir how will he stop him legally. Randhir says he will file a petition that Arvind and his family’s lives are in danger with Yashoda and her family’s presence giving an example Mahua’s abortion. Krishna says even Yashoda will file a case. Randhir says she can’t as legally Ashok has to fight the case and only after his death, Yashoda can. Yashoda slaps him and warns him to dare not say that. Randhir says Suresh already cut his hands by signing a will, now Yashoda can’t file any case. Yashoda says though she doesn’t have any right on the house, her children have rights on it. She tells Suresh and Malti that she will enter this house only after winning the case.

Bansal says she can file a case and get relief from Ashok’s memories for some time as legal cases run for long. Ashok says Indian judiciary is very weak and she may take years to win the case. He asks Ashok to bring Suresh’s will papers while he takes other’s signatures on a letter. Nupur says Randhir has come here already well prepared. Suresh takes Kamini, Bansal, and Mahua’s signatures. Arvind searches for the papers and finds them missing. He asks Mahua, Kamini, and Bansal if they took papers. They say no. Suresh asks Malti to get those papers and says he is Arvind’s father and knows how to handle him. Malti gives papers to Yashoda and asks her to burn them. Arvind and his puppets stand shocked.

 Suresh giving property will papers to Yashoda and asking her to burn them. Arvind tries to snatch papers from Yashoda and shouts at her to dare not to burn the papers. Neighbors and Krishna catch Arvind. Yashda burns papers, leaving Arvind, Kamini, and Bansal frustrated. Randhir says without papers, they can’t do anything legally now. Suresh warns Arind, his puppets, and all neighbors that he will not tolerate anyone calling Krishna as illegitimate and takes Yashoda and her family inside the house. Krishna recalls Suresh hating him and throwing him out of the house earlier.

Kamini tells Ashok that they can kick out Yashoda and her children out of the house again and reclaim their rights. Randhir indirectly suggests to kill them by pushing them from the stairs

or road accident and make him look an accident. They all walk in and threaten Suresh that they will never accept illegitimate Krishna and Yashoda in their house. Arvind says Mahua and says she lost her child and mental stability because of Yashoda. Krishna says Yashoda is not responsible for Mahua’s loss and he will leave the house in 3 days. Arvind asks Yashoda to take some stuff from the kitchen as they will not let her to enter the kitchen. Arvind tries to walk into kitchen to throw things out.

Yashoda stops him and says if he throws the stuff out, it would be his loss as he would be without kitchen now and has to find his own kitchen. She threatens that she is a lawyer’s wife and an undergraduate law student who will be completing her degree soon and will teach them a lesson legally. Arvind and Kamini get afraid.

Suresh and Malti warn Arvind and Kamini to be in their limits or else they will have to leave the house. After some time, Kamini provokes Krishna and asks him to reveal his real motto behind his 3-day stay in Gupta house and says he is greedy behind money and wants to grab his property share.Krishna says he was never behind money and will never leave his mother Yashoda, but will stay away from her in his old rented house if he doesn’t like to stay here. Suresh walks in and warns Yashoda to Yashoda to stop her dirty tricks and takes Krishna from there. After some time, Yashoda offers medicine to Suresh. Suresh says he will feed medicine to Krishna first and walks to Krishna. Krishna warns him not to call him his grandson and refuses to have medicine from his hand. Suresh says even he will not have his medicine until Krishna has his medicine. Krishna asks Yashoda and Malti to explain Suresh. They both say they don’t want to interfere between grandson and grandfather.

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