His mistress child update Sunday 10 December 2023

His mistress child 10 December 2023: The Episode starts with Krishna keeping the photo frame in the newspaper. Yashoda says so you have decided that you will not stay here. She asks did you talk to your Mala anytime and tells that nobody knows the truth what had happened then, only Ashok ji and Mala knew about it. She asks if you heard Mala speaking bad about this family. Krishna says no and says she used to stop me if I say anything. Yashoda says Mala was sure that you be accepted here, and says when the time has come to rectified everyone’s mistake, you will be leaving. He looks at Amma and babu ji.

Amma sees him teary eyes and asks him not to think, says everything will be fine. Babu ji regrets to have written Servant on his forehead, and for throwing him out many times, insulting and humiliating him infront of people, and says now if I want him to hug me, then it is not right, even he has emotions and heart like us, it is good that he will not stay here, atleast he will not see me crying secretly. Amma says there is nobody than our own, and tells that Krishna is their grand son for whom they were longing for long. She says what is his mistake, mistake was done by Ashok and Mala, but he is compensating for their mistake. She says the society’s norms are strange, someone does mistake and others gets punished. Babu ji says you are right, and tells that he did a mistake by not understanding this, and says tomorrow Krishna will leave. Amma asks where he will go? She helps Babu ji gets up.

Krishna hears them and gets emotional. Kamini gets angry hearing them and comes to Bansal, says all their plans will be ruining. She says if babu ji starts his drama, then Krishna will leave. Bansal says then our papers will get wasted. He tears the papers and plans evil.

Krishna recalls Dada ji’s harsh words for her and the humiliation which he has faced all through since he came here. He says I know that I am doing wrong and tells his mother’s photo that they have done wrong, and hurt him so badly that he dont want to call him dada ji. Amma comes there and asks if you was on your Dada’s place, then what you would have done, if seen Krishna for the first time. Krishna cries and says I would have hugged Krishna tighly….Amma says this society will not allow you, as it would have exiled you and your family. She says it is easy to make relations, but it is difficult to fulfill and handle it. She says I know that wrong thing have happened with you, but that old man can bear this punishment in his age, and says I am not forcing you to change your decision, just keeping my words infront of you. She says we will agree to your decision whatever it will be. Krishna cries.

Bansal tells Kamini that if babu ji had died in hospital, then this wouldn’t have happened? Kamini says you are talking bad about my Babu ji. Bansal asks Arvind if he is saying wrong. Arvind says Krishna will leave in the morning. Kamini provokes Arvind and says Arvind’s son Sonu’s future will be ruined. Arvind says I will not let anything happen to us. Bansal says if something happens to Krishna, as accidents do happen.

Aastha tells that Krishna shall leave tomorrow, as he is everyone’s problem in the house, once he is gone, everyone will be fine. Babu ji is sad in the room and says how we will get what we want. He goes out and looks at Krishna. He sits on his bed and keeps his hand on Krishna’s head. Amma and Yashoda look at Babu ji from outside. Babu ji says I know that you will not forgive me, you are my blood and will have some of my qualities. He says I may not apologize to you tomorrow and that’s why came to apologize to you, for all the sins which I did. He asks him to forgive him else he will have burden on his soul.

 Suresh looking at sleeping Krishna and says he knows Krishna loves him a lot or else why would Krishna risk his life to save him. He says he will stay away from Krishna if Krishna wants to stay away from him, Krishna should always be happy. Yashoda and Malti gets emotional watching them hiding. Suresh leaves Krishna’s room. Krishna cries with closed eyes recalling Suresh’s words. Next morning, Suresh sitting in a lawn looks at Krishna’s room door. Kamini and her team while having breakfast discus that Krishna may leave the house today. Malti serves breakfast to Astha and Nupur and asks Suresh to come and have breakfast and then medicines. Suresh says he is not hungry. Arvind taunts that he would obviously not hungry as his savior is leaving the house.

Suresh angrily stares at him. Arvind warns him not to stare at him as he is no more afraid of him and asks him to apply rose water to eyes to sharpen his vision. Suresh asks if he will not stop misbehaving with him. Arvind says he hasn’t yet started misbehaving with him properly and says he is going to the shop as he doesn’t have time to waste on him.

Suresh says he wants to look at the shop’s accounts book. Arvind gets angry and tries to attack Suresh. Krishna interferes and warns Arvind to dare not touch his grandfather. Arvind asks if he didn’t leave the house yet. Krishna say it’s his grandfather’s house and he will leave from there if his grandfather asks him to leave. He warns Arvind of criminal proceedings if he touches his father. Arvind leaves from there angrily. Krishna tells Suresh that he is not that stone hearted to see him in pain and calls him dadaji/grandfather. Suresh gets emotional and asks him repeatedly to call him dadaji. Krishna calls him dadaji. Suresh asks him to sit on his lap. Krishna asks him to sit and not exert himself. Suresh says he is very happy today.

Krishna asks Astha to accept him in her family. Astha pushes him away and warns Yashoda not to force her again. She runs away from there. Kamini and Bansal also tell Krishna that they will never accept him in their family and will always consider him as illegitimate child. Suresh asks Krishna to forget it. Malti says she will go and speak to Astha. Arvind, Kamini, and Bansal visit Randhir’s office and asks him to find a solution to tackle Krishna as soon he is starting to control them. Randhir suggests them to kill both Krishna and Yashoda. Arvind refuses to kill Yashoda. Randhir says bran also gets churned with wheat, he should think practically and not get emotional. He explains his plan that he will ask his loyal to kidnap Krishna and when Yashoda reaches to protect Krishna, they will kill even her.

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