His mistress child update Sunday 24 September 2023

His mistress child 24 September 2023: The Episode starts with Krishna taking heavy breaths angrily. Nupur goes behind him and asks what has happened to you, if you are fine, if Mummy had scolded you. Krishna cries and thinks of Ashok. He recalls Ashok making him eat the food, and telling that he is like his father, and shopping clothes for him. He cries badly. Nupur asks what happened? She goes downstairs. Krishna recalls Ashok telling him that he will not get angry with his father. He recalls telling them that they will push his father down from the terrace. Yashoda says I just made him understand. Nupur comes there and tells that Krishna is crying badly. Mahua says if people hears him crying then will think that we have done something to him. Amma and Babu ji tell that they will ask Krishna.

Yashoda asks them to leave Krishna alone for sometime. Sonu hears them. Arvind asks them to do as Bhabhi says. Mahua says they have right to know why is he crying. He asks Yashoda to go to him, and says I will not let anyone go to Krishna. Yashoda goes to him. Babu ji says you have gone against me and supporting your Bhabhi. Krishna says my truth will be heard by everyone. He says Sir ji is just Ashok Gupta for me, who betrayed my mother and hidden the truth when I was infront of him. He says everyone will know about this.

Arvind says may be Ashok Bhaiyya ran away due to your rules, respect etc. He says if you had talked to Ashok Bhaiyya as his parents then he wouldn’t have left them. Yashoda stops Krishna. Krishna says he will get Ashok Gupta punished, and tells that he will tell truth to everyone. Yashoda says he is not just your father, but also Aastha and Nupur’s father, and this house’s son. She asks him to wait until he returns, and then punish him whatever he wants, and tells that he is alone not angry with him, but even she is angry with him. She asks him to wait till then. Krishna says I loved my mother and she left me, and then I loved you and your husband turned out the man I hate the most. Yashoda gives him locket and asks him to keep it with himself, as it is his mother’s last safe keeping. Krishna breaks the locket and throws Ashok’s photo part of locket.

He says your husband and Aastha and Nupur’s father, however is he. He is my bad father, and he betrayed my mother and you. He says I will wait for him and punish him. Yashoda picks the locket part, and says I am your wife, and you are part of my life, I hope you would understand it.

Sonu comes to Kamini and Bansal and tells them everything. He says he came empty handed and didn’t ask for money to have food. Bansal calls him near and pats on his face. Kamini wonders what had happened? Krishna is haunted with the truth. He cries. Yashoda says Ashok left her midway, what was my fault and that boy’s fault, whom I don’t like now. She says I am telling this to myself and asks him to return. She cries.

Next day, Mahua tells Babu ji, don’t know why he is let open, as he didn’t do any work since morning. yashoda says no work is left for him now and asks everyone to come to the dining table and have food. Ashok’s client comes there and says family is having food. Yashoda talks to the client. The client tells that he saw the video on social media and calls bhagoda. Yashoda says don’t say it, any wife will feel bad. Manoj comes there with Gayatri, and tells that he will fight the case. Dada ji gets angry. The client says if your daughter in laws were not here then I would have told you what your son did.

He says don’t know how he became a lawyer. Yashoda says I will give you all your money, but please go from here. Gayatri and Manoj go behind Yashoda, and asks what has happened? Yashoda says yesterday Krishna came to know that Ashok ji is his father. She says if he would have been here, then I wouldn’t have interfered between them, I made Krishna quiet with much difficulty. Krishna strikes Miss you Sir sketch of Ashok and says I was always right about my father, he was a coward person, if he ran away due to the fear of being caught? He thinks he hate him.

Gayatri telling Yashoda that she knows that Krishna’s responsibility is on her, but since he came to know about the truth, he shall not stay here, you shall make arrangements for him somewhere else. Manoj says all the house responsibility is on you now, you can’t make sure all the time that someone doesn’t say anything to him. He says even if you have to leave his hand. Yashoda says my hands can leave him, but how can Doosri Maa’s hands can leave him. She says Mala, Ashok ji and Krishna made me Doosri Maa of this boy, and I can’t leave him. Krishna tells that nobody can be his Doosri Maa. He says this house is of my father, and I can’t stay here. He says he was happy to stay here as a Servant and would have heard their scoldings, but would have never left them.

He says this house is of my father, so I will not stay here. Yashoda says this doosri maa will let the boy stay here, until his father returns. He looks at the clothes gifted by Ashok for the party, and throws it down. He throws the shoes also. He then packs his old clothes in the bag.

Yashoda thanks Gayatri and Manoj for coming there. She says I have many questions and I can’t talk to anyone except you both. She says I hope you will support me, in my decision to let Krishna stay here. She says sometimes I may get upset with Krishna and hate him, then you shall remind me of the promise given to Mala and Ashok ji. Gayatri says all the family members shall decide, and says you shall tell them the truth. Yashoda says they hate Krishna and treat him as Servant. Manoj says the situation is changed now. Yashoda says Kamini jiji tried to tell them, but they threw her out. She says what proof shall I give to tell them the truth. She says until Ashok ji returns, I will take care of Aastha, Nupur and Krishna. She says Krishna is my Sautan’s son, but also my husband’s son. Gayatri says you are really great. Manoj says Ashok is foolish to leave.

Krishna comes out of his room. Babu ji tells that he will go and get his medicine. Arvind says he will bring. Babu ji says he will bring. Arvind tells Mahua that he will drop her to her school. Mahua asks him to just worry about his bhai and bhabhi. When they all go from the hall, Krishna comes to the main door and thinks of his good times there. Yashoda asks Manoj and Gayatri to make Krishna understand and says he is very sad since yesterday. Krishna says this house has given me shelter, everyone shall be happy except that Ashok Gupta. He leaves.

Yashoda, Manoj and Gayatri come to the room, and the letter and the clothes thrown on the bed. Krishna recalls Ashok slapping him and his words. Yashoda reads Krishna’s letter in which he writes that he is leaving his things whatever they have given her. He says he don’t want to curse Ashok Gupta as he is her husband and Aastha and Nupur’s father. He says I lost my first mother and my second mother too. He writes I was born as inauspicious and will stay as inauspicious. He writes that he is leaving the house for forever. Yashoda gives the letter to Manoj and comes out. Arvind asks what happened? Yashoda says Krishna has left the house, so she is going to search him. Aastha says let him leave. Babu ji says he had come here for 6 months, but you both made him stay permanently. He says he stayed here, but my son left. He says now let him go and let us live peacefully. Yashoda says but. Amma says you shall be happy that he left on his own. Mahua smiles happily and says I don’t know what you told him yesterday, and says the result is good. She says everyone was worried since many days, and says if he had gone long back, then Bhaiyya wouldn’t have left. Aastha says when his father haven’t kept him, then why shall we keep him here. Nupur says if we shall learn things from bad person. Arvind says Nupur is right. Mahua says except Nupur, Bhabhi and you….everyone is happy. Manoj tries to say. Babu ji asks him not to interfere in their family members. Amma asks them to let the Krishna’s name fire set off. Mahua says Amma has always supported you, lets see if you respect Amma’s decision or will go to search Krishna.

Bansal comes home and tells Kamini that Krishna has left the house. Kamini asks how did this happen? Bansal says everyone used to trouble him a lot. Kamini says if he came to know that Ashok is his father. Bansal tells that the drama would have happened? She says may be he went silently. Bansal says it is good that they didn’t know about Krishna, else they would have accepted Krishna after some days, and then what would have happened with our Sonu. He says but Arvind and Mahua is also there. Kamini says I will not let Mahua have any child. She says lets see, what I do, once I enter that house. She asks him to help her.

Amma and Babu ji ask Yashoda to go to her room. Babu ji asks her to think about her husband Ashok. Nupur asks Yashoda to search Krishna.

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