His mistress child update Friday 1 December 2023

His mistress child 1 December 2023: The episode starts with Yashoda reaching temple where Ashok is and asking someone about the ashram’s location. Person says its on the backside of the ashram. She hurriedly climbs temple steps. Ashok’s guru performs pooja and asks Ashok to go and bring water from a lake before starting a process of offering him dhiskha. He walks towards the lake carrying a pot. Yashoda reaches there and calls his name.

Ashok turns and is shocked to see her. Yashoda breaks down emotionally and asks if he doesn’t remember his children and parents, he should return home with her. Ashok’s guru hears her and stops her from going near Ashok. He tells Ashok that he has to become a sadhu by will and not by force and should choose between family and dhiksha now.

Yashoda continues to plead Ashok to return home as his children and parents are suffering without him and they need him. Ashok calls her devi and asks her to stay away from him. He starts walking. Yashoda follows him. Ashok says her husband was a coward who couldn’t follow his duties and she should forget him and move on. He says she is a yodha.warrior who doesn’t need a cowardice support like him. Yashoda stands there and tells him that she will not move from here till he returns and answers her questions. Ashok walks away without answering her.

Arvind notices Astha and Nupur sitting in a living area and drags them to Amma and Babuji’s room while they plead to leave them. Amma gets angry on him. Arvind says he warned them not to get out of the room, but they did. Amma warns him to be in his limits as this house belongs to even them and soon Ashok will return and claim his share. Krishna worries for Astha, Nupur, Amma and Babuji knowing Arvind’s nature.

Shamshera brings food and says let’s have it as he is hungry. Krishna asks his phone. Shamshera says Yashoda must be busy searching for Ashok, so he shouldn’t disturb her. Krishna says he wants to call someone else and calls Amma. He asks Amma. Amma sensing his concern says Astha and Nupur are fine Krishna says he wants to know about Babuji. Amma says even he is fine.

Bansal and Kamini brainwash Arvind and says once Ashok returns, he will snatch everything from them. Arvind says he will not let Ashok enter this house. Babuji learning about Arvind misbehaving with Astha and Nupur warns Arvind that half of the house and it’s belongings belong to Ashok and he can’t deny Yashoda and her children’s rights in this house. Arvind says Yashoda killed his baby. Babuji says Ashok is a lawyer and will find out truth, he will punish the person who killed Arvind’s baby. Bansal tells Arvind that Ashok will not spare them once he returns. Yashoda continues to wait for Ashok and thinks he has to return at any cost and answer her questions.

Yashoda breaking down remembering her children. She questions god why did he he make her a woman, what shall she do now without her husband. Ashok’s guru walks to her and says she should have some patience. He says sadhu society doesn’t force anyone to become a sadhu, it’s an individual’s choice to become a sadhu. Yashoda asks what about a woman who needs her husband, children who need their father, parents who need their son. Guru says Ashok hasn’t become a complete sadhu yet, he will come to her door once begging, and if she doesn’t give him charity, he can’t become a complete sadhu; it’s up to her now whether she will let Ashok go or hold him. Yashoda says she already took a decision, she would rather die than giving charity

to Ashok; Ashok can’t build a sadhu world for himself after destroying her martial world. She goes to a roadside tea shop and buys tea.

Krishna buys grocery for home. Shamshera joins him. Yashoda calls him. Shamshera gives phone to Krishna. Krishna picks call and asks if she met Ashok. Yashoda says she met him, but he doesn’t want to return home and took dhiksha. Krishna is shocked and asks what does that mean. Yashoda says it means Ashok is gone from their lives forever. He asks her to convince Ashok and bring him back home. Yashoda says he is determined not to return home and asks him not to inform his grandparents and sisters about it as she will return home tomorrow and will explain them in her own words.

Krishna asks how is she. Yashoda ignores his questions and asks how is his grandparents, sister, shop, etc. Krishna says they are all fine and asks again how is she. She says she is fine and disconnects call. Shamshera thinks why Ashok is so bad and rejected such a good family to become a sadhu, he can never be happy. Krishna asks him not to curse Ashok, let him be happy wherever he is.

Babuji tells Astha and Nupur that he will scold Ashok once he returns tomorrow. Nupuru says he shouldn’t scold Ashok, they will request him to stay back forever. Babuji agrees. Krishna returns home with Shamshera. Amma asks Shamshera if he got Yashoda’s call. Krishna says her phone is not reachable. Shamshera says Yashoda’s phone battery must have drained and she must not yet met Ashok yet. Krishna asks Amma and Babuji to return home with Astha and Nupur, Yashoda may directly come there with Ashok tomorrow morning. Astha and Nupur also insist and walk away with Babuji.

Krishna breaks down recalling Yashoda’s words and thinks how can Ashok be so ruthless, how can he take disksha and decide never to return to his wife, children, and parents; he feels really bad for Yashoda. Amma walks to her and comforts him. He cries hugging her tightly and says her son is very bad.

Kamini and Bansal get tensed thinking their secret will be exposed if Ashok returns home. Arvind asks them to have some patience. Babuji with children and Amma returns home. Kamini asks if Ashok is coming tomorrow. Babuji says he will come for sure with Yashoda. They all 3 panic more. Amma recalls Krishna’s words and feels sad. Ashok gets a nightmare of Yashoda confronting him and doesn’t get sleep.

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