Guddan Zee world update Wednesday 16 November 2022


Guddan and AJ come to store room They see a tag of a saree shop. AJ and Guddan come to the shopkeeper. they ask who did you sell this saree too? He says I can’t tell you customer information. Guddan says this is about my dignity and life. He says okay I can show you registrations. They see the list but there is no known name in the list. He says another woman came she asked to make this saree. She was wearing a veil and didn’t tell her name. I only know her address. It is the address of Jindal house. AJ leaves in anger. Guddan says what happened. AJ says someone from family tried killing Durga. I have to talk to everyone straight up front. Gudan says maybe someone else gave our address? AJ says we have to talk.

AJ and guddan come home. AJ asks everyone to come in hall. He gets a call and says what.. He says phupha ji’s bus met an accident. Shantani says what are you saying. this can’t happen. She faints. AJ holds her. Guddan says please ask about his condition. AJ gets another call. He says it was from the hospital. He passed away. shantani screams and cries. She says he was coming to meet me. Everyone tries to console her. Guddan hugs her.

Scene 2
Phupha ji’s funeral is oing on. Angat gives water to everyone. Women take off Shantani’s bangles. She cries and says don’t do it. A woman says this is ritual and you always favored it. Guddan says stop. Can’t you see how upset she is? Woman says this is ritual. Guddan I respect them but she doesn’t want to take them off. Durga says we have to do this. This is a ritual. She says let’s go bua ji. Shantani says she knows rituals more than us. She will take her time to remove sindur and mangal sutra. I wont let anyone take that right from her and force it on her. Durga says don’t do this drama. She doesn’t believe in all this either. Guddan holds her hand and says I will be her friend. She sits with Shantani and hugs her. Guddan says control yourself. Phupha ji comes home. Everyone is dazed. Shantani hugs him. He says I missed my bus because I was buying mangoes for you. Guddan takes off the garland.

Shantani says its time for me to leave. Guddan touches her feet.. She says I dont’ want to give you blessings. I want to hug you like a friend. Guddan smiles.Shantani hugs Bua. She says take off this palu. Shantani says you changed me with your thoughts. No one could understand me the way you did. You were my friend when I was in tears. My thoughts were wrong. You made me proud. You taught me a lesson. Friendship can run a house. Shantani says to AJ I was wrong. Guddan could never harm Durga. I know you will find the culprit soon. She leaves.

Kaushaliya and Revati say we have to elave too. Angat goes to see them off. Dadi hugs Guddan. She says you changed their process. Angat says to Revati take care. Perv looks at them. Angat calls Revati and says I already miss you. Perv hits him. Revati hears all this. Revati says are you okay? Perv leaves. He picks phone and says nothing my phone fell.

Scene 2
AJ comes to Guddan. She is in tears. AJ says what happened? She says this sareee.. Bua je liked such sarees. I miss her. How do I fold it. AJ says stop. He helps her with folding the saree. Guddan says I couldn’t believe I did all this. If you weren’t with me I wont.. He says you would still be able to do it. He swipes her tears and says give them to me forever. Guddan says yuo have to trust me for life and my family. We can’t blame our family. AJ says we dont’ have any proof. Guddan says that veil must be with that person. We shouldn’t be doubting anyone in this house. AJ says if we have to take an action we will.


Guddan sneaks into Durga’s room. She says the veil isn’t there. He says lets look in other room. She checks Laxmi’s room. Someone in veil comes to Perv’s room and hits him. He runs. Guddan and AJ sees the person. He comes to to it’s Angat. AJ and Guddan are dazed.AJ says Angat shouldn’t have done this. Guddan says where are you going. AJ says to talk to him. Guddan says I can’t trust this. We saw this that doesn’t mean.. AJ says he isn’t mentally well. we have to speak to him. Guddan says please try to understand. We can’t blame him.

He would be heartbroken. We can’t take this step. AJ says I know I have to speak to hinm. Don’t defend him. All I know are facts. Guddan says give me time till tomorrow morning. He says okay.Guddan is folding clothes. guddan says should I speak to Angat? Angat says Guddan come with me. He takes her upstairs. The room is all decorated. Guddan says what is all this? HE says will aJ like it? I have decorated it for you two. Guddan says what is this on your will aJ like it? I have decorated it for you two. Guddan says what is this on your

forehead? He says I slipped. AJ comes in. Angat says bhai do you like it? I wanted you two come back in your room happy. Guddan says thank you Angat. This is beautiful. He leaves. Angat says you said you will speak to him tomorrow. Guddan says why can’t you see truth in his eyes. AJ says you are wrong this time. your trust on him will break soon.Angat sees a cake in his room. He says Revati. Is that you. She coms and says you recognized my cake? He hugs her and says yes. She says I have to go. He says so early? She says you lied to me that you are fine. They cut the cake and make each other eat. Perv says come close. He takes their photos. Angat says what are you doing here. He says what you doing here? Do you have any shame Revati? You keep changing guys.

Angat hits him and says how dare you. Revati slaps him and says you are so disgusting. We love each other. We don’t have anything to hide. Angat hits Perv. Angat puts gun on Perv. Pervn says what are you doing. ANgat says I love Revati. If you say a word against her.. AJ comes and says what is happening here. Revati says I am sorry. I didn’t want everyone to know this way but we love each other. Durga says wow.. So we should name this house Gupta house? Perv shows them video. He says this isn’t true love. AJ slaps him and says you can’t insult a woman like that in this house. Durga says few days ago Angat loved Guddan and now Revati. Dadi says there is nothing wrong. Durga says Revati can’t be part of this house. Guddan says don’t doubt Angat. He calls me bhabhi and respects me. Angat has changed and I trust him. AJ goes upstairs.

Saru says this would be your plan. Dadi says this is my house and if they love each other I have no problem in getting them married. REavti says I am sorry didi. Guddan hugs her and says I am very happy.

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