Guddan Zee world update Tuesday 15 November 2022


Guddan 15 November 2022: Guddan says there is no friendship now. There would be anger only. Durga says what is all this. Guddan says I am your MIL. You can’t question me. Go and prepare to welcome me. If you can’t do that then leave the house. Everyone is dazed. AJ comes. He says I brought her back here. this is Guddan’s house. She can decide anything for this house. Guddan says durga prepare for my greh parvesh.All DILs prepare for guddan’s welcome. Laxmi washes Guddan’s feet. Durga does it two. Guddan says some news rules for you all. You will call me sasu ma now. No more name.

Guddan says and no more allegations against me until its proved. And if someone doesn’t understand they can leave the house. Durga says but.. Guddan says I am not done yet. You will handle the house. No mistakes.Guddan says to Laxmi you will do my personal work and saru will do kitchen chores. Hope you all understand your duties. I am on Shantani’s thoughts now. If you fail, shantni will fail too.Guddan and AJ do the arti together. Guddan walks in the poolside. She is about to slip. AJ says you will succeed in your plan. Using shantan’s thoughts against her. Guddan says I have never spoken this rudy to anyone ever. AJ says sometimes we have to. AJ says I am with you in all this. Gudan says I wont step back.

Dadi says to Shantani please stop being angry. Guddan is being what you wanted her to be. Shantni says doesn’t mean she can run this house. Guddan says dadi is elder than you in age relation. You can’t misbehave with her. You have to give Saru and laxmi a right lesson. Dadi got a juice for you. Drink it. Shantani says bhabhi I am sorry. She goes upstairs. Dadi says why did you do this. Guddan says we have to do this. We have to make her hate her mindset. Laxmi says she went in anger.Shantani breaks things in anger and says she will teach me my rules. Saru says she is very clever. durga says AJ is always with her. We have to do something.

Shantnai says your plans always fail. Now do what I ask you. she will be a jacket even if she wears lion’s fur.Guddan does arti in the morning. AJ leaves for office. Guddan makes DILs Work. Durga and saru are busy in house chores. Guddan says hurry up. Guddan comes to kitchen everything is ready. Guddan says what are you two doing? you can’t sit next to your MIL. Go sit on the floor. You will eat there. They sit on the floor and eat there. Guddan says Saru you haven’t even done budgeting right. You failed. You both failed in your first test. Prepare to make flour of 10 KG wheat and no machines.

Guddan says you have to make flour from this wheat. Don’t delay more than what I ask Guddan says Laxmi you will keep an eye on durga and saru.Guddan coems to room and says am I doing right? She falls. AJ holds her. He says you said you are an actor? Guddan says I am. I am acting very well. He says I was busy in work. She sits with him. AJ shows her store footage. He says will find a proof in it.Guddan and AJ hear noise. They are watching the footage. AJ says these clothes will help us find the right culprit.

Saru and Durga are working. Saru says I am so tired. sahntani says do it before six. She will scold you again. durga says we are trying. Shantani says work shouldn’t stop at any cost. We can’t give Guddan a chance.Guddan comes and asks Laxmi where have they reached? Laxmi says they have only 4 hours left. Guddan says so time is being wasted. As punishment you have more weight.Durga says this is unfair. How can you do this Guddan. Guddan says call me sasu ma. Shantani tell her how to speak to MIL. Shantani says because of you two she is ashaming my thought. Do it at any cost. You are so useless. Shantani also works with them.Guddan says see dadi how bua ji is working and helping them. This is first way of their friendship. It will show her how MIL and DIL can be friends too. Dadi says you so smart.

Scene 2
Revati isn’t well. Kaushaliya gives her milk.. She says no. Angat comes. He says how are you. Kaushaliya says ask her to her drink this please. I have to go to store. Angat says drink it or friendship over. She drinks it and says I wont let this friendship be over. Perv comes there and breaks glass. He says what is happening here? First Guddan and now you are here? Angat says we are just good friends. Perv says don’t do this drama. Revati says yes we are more than friends. I like you Angat. He says I like you too. Didn’t have courage. Perv leaves in anger.

Guddan comes and sees DILs sleeping. Shantani says I helped that doesn’t mean you had to sleep. Saru says we just did one bag. Guddan says you did two. You three did it together like friends. Guddan leaves.
Laxmi says you did it for them. Guddan made it for them when they were sleeping. Guddan says did you see how they were so tired but they hugged each other and they were so happy. Guddan says they will understand how important friendship is.Guddan says to AJ they hugged each other. It was so cute. Guddan says why are you worried. He says still unable to find who did this. Guddan says you will, don’t worry.

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