Guddan Zee world update Tuesday 6 December 2022


Guddan 6 December 2022: Guddan says no one can marry my husband. I will take your pride from you. I will expose you and then i will see how ma ji will ask AJ to marry you.Gudan wonders if AJ would trust her. AJ says to dadi you know I love Guddan. How can I.. Dadi says you deserve this punishment. You have hurt her so much. You have to marry Antra. AJ says I won’t marry her. I can’t do that. Dadi says then throttle and kill me. I won’t let Antra and Guddan’s lives ruined. Guddan says what are you doing dadi. Dadi says ask him he has to marry her. Gudan says AJ didn’t do any sin. I know you are doing all this for me. but if he didn’t do anything why should he be punished. Dadi says don’t hide his sins. Gudan says he isn’t the culprit.

Guddan says  it is.. Antra comes downstairs and slits her wrist. AJ runs towards her. He says what did you do. She says I shouldn’t have come here. It was all my mistake. I didn’t want this. let me go. AJ says no Antra. Antra says I will die. AJ says I won’t’ let you die. AJ picks her and rushes to the hospital. Guddan says in heart she can stoop so low. I have to expose her.AJ is in hospital. He recalls everything that has happened. A truck drives towards him. Guddan saves him Guddan says what were you doing. Couldn’t you see? I know you were in trouble. We will solve this problem. He says you still care? You still trust? I don’t deserve your trust. I should be punished. It was all my mistake. Guddan says no it was not your mistake.


AJ says you always see good in me. Stop hiding my mistakes. If my punishment is to stay away from you, then be it. This is what I deserve. AJ leaves. Guddan says I am with my husband. I won’t let him punish himself.Guddan comes to the hospital. She says to dadi I want to talk to you. Durga says she is worried. Antra is in hospital. Nurse says she is conscious but still trying to harm herself. Antra screams I want to die. Dadi comes there. Antra says I will kill myself. Dadi says it wasn’t your mistake. Antra says Gudan thinks I trapped him and came in between them. I can’t live like this. Let me die. Dadi says no she doesn’t think that. Please tell her Guddan. She shouldn’t be punished for his sins. Dadi says to tell him it was AJ’s mistake.

Guddan says yes, an innocent person shouldn’t pay the price. Antra hugs her and says thank you. ANtra hugs her and says thank you. You will see AJ would marry me. You won’t’ be able to do anything. Find another guy for yourself. Antra says you relived me.AJ comes in. AJ has a red chunri in had. Guddan says you can’t do this. AJ makes Antra wear it. AJ says ma you wanted this right? I have accepted my punishment. I am ready to repent all my life. I am ready to marry Antra. Guddan is dazed. AJ says only I would pay for my mistake. AJ leaves. antra smirk at Guddan.

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