Guddan Zee world update Wednesday 7 December 2022


Guddan 7 December 2022: Gudan comes to AJ and says you said yes to marry her> You think you can marry her and do what you want. He says this is the truth. If you can’t see it what can I do? She says every coin has two sides. AJ says the world has bad people too and they should be paying for their mistakes. I hate myself. Stop making me feel embarrassed by trusting me. What I did was wrong. He leaves. Guddan says I won’t cry anymore. I know what to do.Antra says to Guddan I will be the bride. This room would be mine and AJ’s. We don’t need an outside here. Guddan brings her photo. She places it on the wall. Antra says have you lost your mind/ Move it.

Guddan says don’t even dare to remove it. I will live in AJ’s heart, life and room. You will be out of it. You will see.Guddan says don’t’ do this drama. I will show you your way. Antra says do what you want. Aj and I will be married soon. I should be preparing. Guddan says Dhoni says sometimes the last ball does wonders too. So until you get married anything can happen. Antra says get out now. Guddan says AJ won’t ever come here. I told him you are in stress. I told her a woman can understand a woman. So he is sleeping in a guest house and asked me to sleep here. Antra says Get out. guddan says I am sleeping. Goodnight. Antra says you think I would sleep next to you? Gudan says when AJ had a problem he would sleep on the sofa. Antra says I will show you tomorrow morning. Guddan says in heart I won’t let our relationship break AJ.

Sceene 2
Next morning, bhushan
comes with police. He says call AJ. He fooled my daughter. Arrest him. He is marrying antra when his wife is guddan. Anta says your dad was so easy. Guddan says I am not dazed. but you can’t worry me with this. Guddan says no one will touch AJ. He didn’t do anything. My papa was provoked by wrong people. I have no issues from my husband. Bhushan says no arrest him. Inspector says we can’t if you daughter said so. They leave. AJ says please listen. Bhushan says he can fool you Guddan, not me. He is leaving you to marry his first wife. It was my mistake that I trusted you with my daughter. Your husband is your enemy.

You are standing with your husband alone. Why didn’t this family help you? Their relations are a lie, your husband is a liar. AJ says papa.. Bhushan says don’t touch me he is about to slap him. Bhushan says you made me this. I only gave you blessings from this hand. You promised to protect her rights. She is in trouble because of you. A father can’t see his daughter in trouble.AJ holds his hand and says hit me. I am your culprit. Bhushan says yes you are. I won’t let my guddan suffer. sHe would leave this house and come with me from now on. Let’s go Guddan. She can’t stay here. Guddan sasy I can’t leave this house papa. Sorry papa. This ouse has given me greh parvesh. This is my family. Bhushan says am I not your family? can’t you see what sin your husband did. Guddan says he didn’t do anything please try to understand. Bhushan says if you don’t want to come with me then break relation with us.


Never meet us again. Choose one. Revati says what are you saying Kaushaliya says don’t take wrong decision in anger. Bhushan says no one would speak. Decide Guddan. Guddan says you would reak relation with you Guddan? He says it is in your hands. Guddan touches his feet and says give me blessings that I can.

He says I can’t do this today. AJ says if the husband isn’t yours then there is no family in in-laws. I am not your dad anymore. He leaves. Kaushaliya and Revati try to stop him but he takes them. Guddan is in tears. AJ leaves.AJ packs Guddan’s bags. Guddan says what are you doing? He says your papa is right. I am your culprit. I couldn’t be with you. I couldn’t be your husband. You don’t have to leave your family because of me.

You have to go and this is right for you. Guddan says done? Tell me if you are my husband. Are you or not? He says of crouse, Guddan says that’s the most important thing. I will fix the rest. I did everything with my heart. Papa cares for me. That’s why he is mad at me. When he sees me he would hug me. Papa can never be mad at me. AJ says what are you made of. Why are you trusting me? Don’t do all this. I am your sinner. He leaves. Guddan holds his hand. AJ leaves.

ANtra says I thought I was crazy. But you.. You’re still trying. Guddan says you shouldn’t have involved my family. Now see what I do.

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