Guddan Zee world update Monday 5 December 2022

Guddan 5 December 2022: Guddan says you thought you would come here and ask me to kill my husband and I would? You thought I would harm him for your blackmail AJ says no one can save you from me now. He hits Perv. Guddan says I will solve his problem today. Guddan brings a belt and hits him. She says how dare you to kidnap my papa. How dare you ask me to hurt my husband. Perv says forgive me please Guddan hits him. She says won’t you wanna know how is he alive?

AJ asked Gudda you look worried. She showed him the gun AJ asked where did you get it? Guddan told him Perv gave her that gun. She told him he has kidnapped bhushan and asked me to shoot you. AJ asked her to think of an idea. She said I would put in fake bullets and use ketchup. AJ said I am impressed. Guddan hits Perv and says people like you have no shame Perv says please save me AJ. AJ says hit her more.Bhushan comes in with the police. Inspector says she wants to kill me. Guddan slaps him and says don’t dare to enter this house again. Police take him.

Guddan asks Bhushan are you okay? He says I have a daughter like you. I would always be fine. Dadi says Guddan once again you saved this family. Thank you for saving AJ. AJ says no one can harm me till Guddan is there. Guddan says I do all this because of your faith in me. She holds his hand and says together we can overcome all the problems. Guddan says Antra.. Won’t you do our engagement?

Scene 2
Antra takes Guddan to room. She helps Guddan in getting ready. Guddan says AJ said everything right about you. He would always appreciate you. Antra says and now he appreciates you. you saved him from loneliness. Thank you. Promise me you would always keep him happy? He looks strict, but he is a very nice guy. Guddan says I promise. Antra says I am your elder sister now. I won’t let anyone bring tears in your eyes. Guddan says I don’t know how to thank you? Antra says let’s go. AJ is waiting for you.Dadi says I am so happy. Antra accepted your relationship. AJ says I was scared. But she handled it so well. Dadi says promise me you will give Guddan all the happiness and respect she deserves. Aj says I promise you. I will always be with her. No tear would ever come to her.

Everyone is in hall. AJ comes with dadi. Antra brings Guddan. AJ looks at her and smiles. Bhushan says he kept his promise. Kaushaliay says I told you. Dadi says it’s her faith. Bhushan says my Guddan can do anything. She proved it. Dadi says no more delays AJ. Make Guddan wear the ring. AJ holds guddan’s hand. Antra says stop AJ. you two have made no promises. I would be sure that AJ would be kept happy by his wife. Dadi says you are right. AJ says I promise you I will always stand by you. Any problem has to cross me before coming to you. Guddan says I trust you more than God. I will keep you happy and will always be with you. AJ makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps. Guddan makes him wear the ring too. antra makes them eat sweets too. She says I hope you two always stay happy. No problem should ever come between you two.

Scene 3
Guddan coems to her room. She recalls her moments with AJ. The song sang hoon tere plays. She reads a note, meets me on the terrace. There is a surprise. Guddan comes to the terrace. AJ is feeling dizzy. He looks at Guddan (her back in towards him). AJ says why did you call me here? She hugs him. AJ faints.AJ wakes up in bed. He is shirtless. He touches Guddan. She is shirtless too. AJ says Guddan get up.. it’s Antra. AJ is shocked.AJ sees its Antra sleeping next to him not Guddan. He says you.. Antra says yes it’s me not her. He says I was with Guddan last night. guddan wakes up in her room. Her head hurts. Dadi says you woke up. She says my head hurts. dadi says get ready. You and AJ have to do arti together. Guddan says where is AJ? She says I don’t know. Guddan says I was going to the terrace last night. AJ never came here?

AJ says this can’t be possible. Antra says you came here and you pulled me. Guddan never came here. we spent the moments that a husband and wife do on the wedding night. Dadi and Guddan come there. Dadi drops the arti. They are shocked. Guddan sits down and picks the arti. She leaves. AJ says Guddan stop. Guddan comes in. She recalls what Antra said. AJ says there is nothing between me and Antra. There is nothing. I don’t know how all this happened. That was a misunderstanding. Antra says what happened between you and me.. You call it a misunderstanding? I wish it was. I wish it were Guddan. I wish you let me go and didn’t hold my hand.

I wish I could run when you were taking me in your arms. I couldn’t stop myself. Dadi says AJ tell me all this is true. You can never do this to Guddan. AJ says it all happened. But.. I didn’t remember anything. I don’t remember anything. ANtra says it was a mistake. He doesn’t feel anything for me. Please forgive him. Guddan we all make mistakes, he did too. He accepted you for all your mistakes but please forgive him too. Dadi says Guddan won’t forgive him. You told me you will never break her trust, You will never hurt her AJ says please Guddan. It was a mistake. Dadi says it is a sin. Neither would Guddan forgive you nor I. She takes Guddan inside. Laxmi says Guddan didn’t deserve it. Angat says I am disgusted. What you did with Guddan is so wrong. Everyone leaves him alone.

Laxmi is crying. Durga says crying for your MIL’s luck? Your FIL’s deeds? I told you he would never make Guddan his. He chose Antra over Guddan. Saru says I feel so bad for Guddan. AJ wants both of them. He stooped so low. She could never get that spot. Durga says would Guddan be able to forgive him adn forget that AJ was with Antra all night?Guddan recalls everything and cries. DAdi comes and touches her feet. She says forgive me. Guddan hugs her and says what are you doing. It wasn’t your mistake. she says it is. My son did such a sin. Forgive me. Guddan says please don’t say all this. Dadi says AJ will be punished for his sin. She leaves.

AJ recalls everything. AJ is worried. He throws things in anger. He recalls what dadi said. AJ says how could I do this? How could I break your trust? I don’t deserve you. I hurt you. I gave you pain. I don’t deserve your love and trust. Antra comes there. she says never thought we would come to a place where you would punish yourself for touching me. We were given examples of. I couldn’t stop myself. she will understand. Where love is, there is forgiveness. I will ask for forgiveness from her for you. He says I know. It was my mistake. I don’t deserve her pardon. How should I ask for it? She might even forgive me but how do I tell her? She didn’t deserve it.

Durga says to ANtra you were with your husband. you didn’t desvere it. Everyone is on Guddan’s side. AJ blares siren. Durga says AJ is blaring siren after so long. It’s dadi. Dadi says everyone gets justice in this house. AJ’s punishment is that he should be married to Antra.Dadi says everyone gets justice in this house. But when the one who announces the verdict does sin, he also gets punished. She asks pandit ji to come. Pandit ji says 15 days time. She says after 15 days, Antra and AJ are getting married. For his sin, he cheated on his wife. He broke her trust. He doesn’t deserve to be called her husband. It wasn’t Antra’s mistake. So for her dignity, you have to marry Antra. No one can change the decision. Guddan says he is my husband. I will speak to him. Dadi says no. You can’t live this unfair life in this house. AJ says I can’t do this ma. I love Guddan.

I can’t marry Antra. Dadi says this is your punishment. You have cheated on Guddan. Stay away from her if you think you did wrong. You couldn’t be a husband. You gave her right to someone else. Do you have answers? no right? Then go back from her life. AJ kneels. He says I am the culprit but please don’t part us. Dadi says you can’t get away with your sin. Guddan says dadi, please. Antra says don’t punish him for life. Dadi says you will see my dead face if you don’t marry her. You deserve this.Antra says to Guddan I am sorry. I should have stopped all this. I will speak to ma. This wedding won’t happen. Guddan throws chunri on her and says AJ is the only mine. You can’t come between us. I know he didn’t do any sin.

Nothing happened between you two. This chunri was with me and then I fainted. Then AJ fainted too. I woke up and you were wearing it. You thought won’t know? I know was silent to absorb it. It wasn’t AJ’s mistake. It was all your plan. AJ loved you all his life and you did this to him? How many faces are behind this? Antra laughs. She says I am impressed. People call you stupid. You saw my real face. I am impressed. Good job. It was all my plan. I intoxicated those sweets for you two. Once you fainted, I took your chunri. And yes, AJ was right. Nothing happened after he fainted. So now you know my secret. AJ said you called me here for a surprise. AJ pulled her and fainted. Antra hugged him. Antra says he saw your face in mine. Antra said you need rest. AJ said Gudan.. My head hurts. Antra took off their clothes. She said tomorrow, our life would be the same as it was. Antra slept next to him. Guddan says you stooped so low. Antra says I want to show you your worth.

I can do anything to have AJ.. When I came back you should have left this house. AJ is mine and will always. This property and wealth is also mine. You came between us. Guddan says you were doing this for money? Why don’t you ask him for it. Love isn’t done for money. Antra says if Antra loved AJ why would she leave? Guddan says so it was a drama. She says AJ was a struggler. His big brother died. So he adopted his three sons and made us their parents. I didn’t want all of it. I wanted money and love. SO I left and pretended my death. But now AJ has al that I wanted. Now you got to know the truth? Guddan says you will never have this. I won’t let you marry aJ. I will expose you. Antra says you will shout and everyone will agree? Antra says I am an older player than you. I will marry him. Stop me if you can.

Antra says this mangalsutra would be mine. Guddan says I won’t even let you have a look at it.

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