Guddan Zee world update Saturday 11 February 2023


Guddan 11 February 2023: Guddan says I am always a step ahead of you. Durga says I will ruin her life. I will hurt her where it will hurt her the most. AJ sees off everyone. The guests say we have to leave now. AJ arranged such a good party. Durga says I won’t let you go without a return gift. But only if you will get the gift on auction. She unveils AJ’s trophy. Durga says this is gold trophybut its real worth is because it’s AJ’s trophy of the best chef. A man says 11 rupees. Guddan says you want to buy his years of efforts in 11 rupees? He worked so hard to be part of this competition. This is just gold for you but for us this is our pride. He says sorry Mr. AJ and Guddan. Vikrant says this isn’t a joke. Take this and leave. He says shame on you for selling AJ’s years of hard work.

We won’t buy anything. They all leave. Durga is angry.Guddan says this is yours only AJ. AJ holds it.Vikrant drinks in anger. He breaks the glass and says Guddan.. Durga says what are you doing? Vikrant says she defeats me every time. Durga says let’s do something that defeats her forever. Wait till tomorrow. I know how to shatter her confidence.

Scene 2
Vikrant and Perv play cricket and break AJ’s trophy. They break all the important things in the house. Perv says you play amazing shots. Vikrant says let’s take a shot of the idols now. They’re useless now. Everyone is angry. Perv bowls. Guddan tries to catch the ball but she misses it. AJ catches it. He throws it back and it hits Vikrant. AJ says how dare you? Do you have any shame? Guddan says go out and play. And play with us if you want to win. Vikrant says let’s play a match then. Let’s see who wins. Guddan says let’s talk about the prize too then. If you win we will be your servants for life. If I win, you will leave this house forever. Saru says look at her confidence like she won world cup. Guddan says do you accept my challenge? Durga says we accept it but we have some conditions as well. You’re already our servant. So you have to pay something else. If Vikrant wins, when you and AJ have a child you will give that child to Vikrant. That child will live with Vikrant. You won’t even see the face. Vikrant says wow Durga.

AJ says shame on you Durga. Dadi says Durga you don’t have to agree to anything. AJ says leave all this Guddan. Vikrant says she can’t accept the challenge. Guddan says I accept it. Don’t doubt my abilities. I am ready to win. Guddan can do anything and you will also see. I will win this game.AJ says how can you accept this challenge? Guddan says I won’t let you lose. Guddan says we are fighting for the child we already have. For Alisha. We have to save Alisha. I don’t want them in pressure. This is clear, it’s about our kids.

And their future. Won’t you do anything for me? AJ says you know I would. Guddan says I would win it don’t worry. Chess always scared me but Cricket, I used to do such sixers. Alisha comes. She says Vikrant is making you do all this. Your future child. Guddan says you are equally important to us. This match is for you and our future child. I will need you all in the match. Everyone is with Guddan. AJ puts hand on everyone’s hand. Guddan says we will win for sure.Durga says these are the contract papers. Vikrant will win the challenge and you will lose the custody of your future child.


It will belong to Vikrant only. If you win Vikrant will leave this house forever. Perv says would she sign? AJ gives Guddan the pen. Guddan signs it. Saru says she signed her destructions. Guddan asks Vikrant to sign as well. He says be prepared. First, you lost Alisha, then your house and now your future child. Bring your tissue box with you. Guddan says there is a fine difference between confidence and overconfidence. It will defeat you tomorrow. It’s impossible to defeat Guddan in Cricket. AJ says see you in the ground tomorrow.

Scene 2
The match starts. Bhushan says welcome to this interesting match. There are a lot of lives based on this match. Kaushliya would be the empire of this match. Let’s welcome team Vikrant and team Guddan. The stands stand in front of each other. Vardan says let’s do the toss. Kaushliya does the toss. AJ says Guddan you’re the captain. Go ahead. Saru says they will lose for sure. Vikrant’s team wins the match. Durga says you have already started losing. Dadi says we will win for sure. AJ says yes. Vikrant says we will bat first. Vikrant says take the ball. You will need this coin after losing it. AJ says don’t worry Guddan. He says we can save both our children.

The match starts. Guddan asks Dadi to be wicketkeeper. She says AJ will bowl the first over. We have to give our best performance. We will play without any pressure. AJ says best of luck, AJ says Guddan you will start the bowling. I know you will do the best. I have complete faith on you. Guddan says you are the best husband. Your trust can make me win anything. I will win it for you. You’re my luck.Revati and Vikrant come to bat. Bhushan says they are ready. Revati says dadi better see your joints. Dadi says I have been doing wicketkeeping before you were born. Revait says Guddan you will lose it.

Guddan says forgot how you used to pose with my trophies? Your team will lose for sure. Vikrant comes to bat. Guddan bowls and it’s a six on first bowl. Bhusha says Vikrant has had a six on the first ball. AJ says it’s okay. Guddan bowl again and it’s a dot. Revati comes on the crease. Guddan says I will take all revenge now. Guddan says you used to win because you were in my team always. Now you are on the other side. Revati gets out of the first ball. Durga is upset. Bhushan says team Guddan is very happy. Guddan says Revati, bye. Durga says Revati I asked you not to play in emotions. Saru you will go next. Don’t be overconfident. Saru says I play well. Revati is angry. Perv says take water. Now my sister will have sixers. Dadi says Guddan bold her as well. AJ says let’s get back.

Saru comes to the crease. Vikrant says don’t be smart and just play a slow ball. Saru is caught by Laxmi. They celebrate. Bhushan says Saru is our as well. Revati says see your sister. Loser. Perv says I am going now. I have practiced for so long. Saru says she is playing Guddan match. We will lose. Perv says I have this bat. We won’t lose. Durga says how? Perv says there is a spring in the bat. Ball will go way far with this.

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